Title: The Debut
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 9/25/15
Location: A Dark Room
Show: Victory XXXVIII

The camera opens up, Jack Hunter is standing in a very dark room putting his head down.

Jack Hunter: My name is Jack Hunter.. I've gone through a lot to be here, but now i'm finally here, a wrestler.

Jack Hunter: UTA.. I'm here, and your gonna see a lot more of me. But now I start with my first victim, Skylar Montgomery. Skylar, your not a bad wrestler, but that's not gonna save you from getting an ass kicking tonight.

Jack Hunter: I street fighted when I was only 15, I have little bruises that can be shown every now and then.. But now, i'm a wrestler. And i'm not letting anything get in my way.

Jack starts to laugh hard while the camera statics fast and goes back.


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