Title: A Long Awaited Return
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 9/29/15
Location: Los Angeles, California
Show: Victory XXXIX


We fade into a private whirlpool area of The Raven Spa in Los Angeles. Inside sits the returning UTA great, Perfection and two brunette females on each side of him. A bottle of champagne in an iced bucket is in perfect view next to the female on his left. She leans over to it, grabbing two glasses and fills each, handing one to our host.

“In all honesty....who would’ve thought I would return?”

Perfection, James Witherhold, the former two time UTA champion, Tag Team Champion, and Wildfire Champion smiles at the camera.

“Trust me, Ungratefuls, contract negotiations are a tricky business. The management sees it one way…you see it another. Before you know it you’re off the air sitting in a lavish living room for a few months enjoying the time off.”  

James nods his head convincingly.

“You hold out, waiting for the big pay day. You double down on yourself…and guess what, if it wasn’t for who I am it would have never paid off!”

He moves his free hand from behind one of the women and then wags a single index finger.

“The lack of talent on the UTA roster…on Victory specifically…makes for a large payday.”

His shoulders shrug just lightly.

“Otherwise, why would I return to THIS!?”

Witherhold clears his throat.

“Why would I return to MY ring? MY ring…that has given me such injustice? The very ring I bleed for…that I…have broken my body for, that I have done everything for!”

He stares at the camera.

“Your…entertainment? Your satisfaction?  YOUR…fun? No…in fact…HELL NOUngratefuls!”

That long awaited pearly white smile crosses his lips. 

“Even though I know you’ve missed…ME! MY ring presence, MY authoritative stance in MY ring...I missed the almighty dollar more! They…the pretenders…choose to wrestle in what is, has been, MINE…and they do less than...well, GREAT- which...I…AM! I know… trust me, I do; you’ve settled for LESS! Less than...well…”

A smirk crosses his lips as he also lets out a small huff.


Lifting the glass he takes a small sip of the champagne and immediately spits it out.

“What the hell is this?!”

Both girls look at him confused.

“Clearly neither of you understand quality or taste! Get this garbage out of here!”

The brunette who poured the drink begins to rise from the whirlpool fixing her bikini bottom as Perfection sets the glass behind him. She grabs the bucket and exits the scene. James turns his attention to the other.

“That means you too!”

The other looks down and complies, also exiting.

“Never send an amateur to do a professional’s job, Ungratefuls. Much like James Wingate has done in my absence. But it’s all okay now. No longer will I ALLOW you to settle for sub-par, no longer shall I sit by the side and allow you to witness…”

He points to himself.

“Less than…Perfection.”

He then adjusts his finger towards the camera, pointing at it aggressively.

“And who can blame you for accepting what will never be me? Who can blame you for yawning the last few months at this piss poor production on Victory? I can’t. You have to settle for what James Wingate, the powers that be, fed you- force feeding actually. Because as much as they, the powers that are, shoved ME away and attempted to lock me in a lower than face value contract, I have TRIED so hard to come back…you doubt me?”

Perfection shakes his finger in a pressing matter.

“Well, let me educate you…I attempted to work out our differences. I in fact negotiated in good faith only to be told ‘no’ and ‘you can accept what we give you or you can walk’! So, I did just that- I walked. Why shouldn’t I? If we know anything about ‘yours truly’ it’s that I NEVER submit to James Wingate!”

UTA’s future Hall of Famer crosses his arms in front of his chest, smirking like the cocky bastard he is.

“I’m not some idiot…I’m…not...YOU! I am not a man that allows himself to enter that ring…MY ring injured and with a contract that doesn’t reflect the hours and talent I’ve pumped into this company! I’m not a man to give you…Ungratefuls…less than my all! And though…THOUGH…you may see otherwise, my return is for YOUR OWN GOOD!”

He stands up in the whirlpool and walks towards the camera, it begins to go back.

“Now…we need to clear the air since my gag order. Two matches before my contract expired, I tapped out at the pay-per-view against Pin Smith. Clear as day, for all of you to see. Not because I wanted to, because I had to! I want you, ANY one of you Ungratefuls, to work every day with C-B-R, Sean Jackson, or even the dodging UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca and see if you can keep your health!”

James walks up the stairs onto the whirlpool tiled deck and towards a wall which hangs a bathrobe with a large cursive “P” on the back.

“I guarantee you….GUARN-GOD-DAMN-TEE-YOU, that you couldn’t! Did I, overdo myself? You’re damn right I did! Months ago I did…but it was for…YOU….you Ungratefuls, that don’t give a damn about anything other than sitting in your waste, clapping idiotically at your televisions!”

Perfection slips the robe on, tightening the sash before turning around towards the camera again.

“So my arm wasn’t enough? The same arm that was broken by that walking lard Yoshii and almost re-broken in my last pay-per-view appearance, my neck should have been next? My leg, hell, maybe even my spine- no! In fact, why don’t you take a good look at that two-face in the mirror and have a ‘coming to Perfection’, because when I give you an inch, obviously, you want a foot!”

His eyelids close just enough to peer at the camera.

“And it’s not just you…Ungratefuls.”

Lip curling as both his hands wave back and forth while also putting on his shower shoes.

“Noooo…its management too! After that match with Pin I expressed the fact I wasn’t one-hundred percent and they still shoved me into a match with Chris Hopper…and the inventible happened. He got a win. It wasn’t me that time. It was corporate that pushed me into a match that was against my favor only to offer me a garbage deal following! It’s the management that suspended me twice for NOTHING, that sidelined me for NOTHING, that decided I should start at the bottom now that I’m back…”

Now he steps even closer to the camera his voice raising as in the distance we can see the two females enter back into the shot stopping dead in their tracks knowing not to impede.

WHEN I WAS THE ONE WHO BUILT THIS! Who put money in the pockets of the despicable management!”

Perfection points to himself in a fit of anger.

“Spit on me…I RISE! Look down upon me, I RISE! Crush me, as you have tried…and I still AM the very foundation you’ve build upon! Because why? Simple, when I rise, James Wingate, the UTA locker room…it RISES! I built this company on my BACK! I’ve MADE stars that SHOULDN’T have been stars! Shoot Kings, Madman…hell, even La Flama Blanca!”

He begins to pat himself on the back.

“All off THIS VERY BACK! It was NEVER you…it...was…ME!”

Now he once again points towards himself.

“I MADE Dynasty! The strongest stable to ever grace your damn locker room, and guess what? I’m not there anymore. Why? For one, management doesn’t want me to impede on what I built. For two, it’s not the same group that I left it as. Desperation to fill the void I left…leads to a death spiral! Package that with James Wingate and he would rather take credit for what I hand picked…and what was at the time I was involved, the best of the BEST! I did it without anything to guide me, James! I looked at talent!

Talent, the single thing that has been missing from the UTA for quite something and we all know it. We know we’ve needed Perfection to grace us and he is selling us every bit we want to buy.


The two girls slowly approach again and decide to sit at a marble table in-between them and Perfection. James looks over his shoulder to see them and begins his approach.

“What do you know about that? What does the UTA management know about anything?! Other than letting me go thinking they didn’t need my presence to drive ratings only to see them fall and NEED me to return?! You’ve tried so many times to build WANT in your product…when the only want is ‘your’s truly’!”

One of the girls pulls a chair out and Perfection takes a seat, his left leg crossing over his right and hands folding in his lap.

“Actually, let’s take a rewind! Your picks in the past, James, to ‘drive’ UTA other than me? Chance Von Crank? Has-beens? Mr. Fantastic, Crimson Lord? Those were YOUR big choices!? That was your idea of the future?! No…NO!”

POP! The new bottle of champagne is opened up and a glass being filled for the greatest wrestler in UTA’s history.

“I’m your future, always have been…in fact, I am your past and present as well! And... I’ll continue to be…otherwise you wouldn’t want me back! Otherwise you wouldn’t have personally called me…BEGGED ME…to return and faxed me a lucrative contract!”

The female that slid the chair for Perfection begins to massage his shoulders.

“UTA is on the path of the Titanic…”

He cheers the glass towards the camera before taking a sip, nodding in approval towards the girls. Great selection.

“And once again…before you’re forced to shut down due to ratings…I’ll save you from the iceberg. That’s guaranteed!”


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