Title: Blue Monday
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 9/28/2015
Location: Johannasburg, South Africa
Show: Victory XXXIX

The scene picks up in the Dynasty locker room. Victory is over and Mary Jane stands texting someone on her phone. Mikey walks out of the shower area, with nothing but a towel around his waste, and water dripping from his head.

“Fucking Will Haynes.”

He mumbles under his breath. Mikey is still heated, but relaxed enough to go on about his business. He picks up a dufflebag and sets it on a nearby bench before unzipping it. He ducks behind a row of lockers and put on his underwear, and a pair of shorts.

“How is it that he thinks he can just jump into the ring during my match?”

MJ knows better, this question is rhetorical. Unlikely applies deodorant before finally drying his hair. She finishes her texting and sits down. Mikey sits down next to her. She wraps both arms around him and leans on him.

“Well if he thinks he is ready to come up against me, then he must have a deathwish. I took him out once, and I will not hesitate to do it again. SHIT!”


Mikey jumps up and throws his arms out in frustration. Mary Jane is surprised by his sudden movement. Unlikely begins to pace.

“The man is silent for weeks on end, then he tries to cheapshot me when I am not looking! Who the hell does that?”

Mary Jane finally has the balls to say it…

“Will Haynes.”

Mikey snaps when he hears the name, he kicks over the bench that his bag rests on and throws the shirt in his hand against a locker with force. He paces back and forth and finally slows a little.

“Well we have quite the surprise for Will, don’t we?”

She nods slowly, and the flicker of a smile lights up her lips. Mikey laughs out loud, still frustrated.

“He won’t know what the hell hit em!”

Mikey walks over and picks up the shirt, and throws it over his shoulders and onto his body. Mary Jane is back on her phone. Scrolling through something.

“Well I will see him face to face next week, if he’s man enough to sack up! I cannot wait to get him in the ring! See his face, when we drop this bombshell on him!”

He picks up the bench he knocked over and rests a foot on it. He crosses his arms over his leg.

“So who do I face next week?”

Mary Jane scrolls to the site. She clicks on upcoming shows and gets to the card. Suddenly her eyes go wide.

Mikey just waits to hear a name, finally she spills it.

“Will Haynes!”

Mikey chuckles.

“No M.J., I know I asked Haynes to meet me face to face in the ring, hell the whole world knows that, but who is my MATCH against?”

She just shakes her head, her mouth still agape. Slowly she turns the cell phone to face Mikey, who takes one look before his own eyes go wide.

“What the hell!? Why would they…. But I don’t want… Why now?...This doesn’t make any sense!? What the fuck is Michael Lorenzo thinking!? Will Haynes is not healthy enough to face me! The man is basically wheelchair bound! “

She doesn't know what to say to comfort her man, she doesn't want to disagree with him, even though we all saw Haynes jump the rail and slide into the ring.

Mikey grabs his bag, and starts slamming things into it. All his clothes, his boots etc. He zips it quickly, before walking over and grabbing his own Cell that was plugged into the wall. He clicks on his contacts, and finds Lorenzo’s phone number.

“Let’s get the out of this hellhole!”

He walks past M.J. towards the door, she follows behind as Mikey hits send on his phone and tries to reach Michael Lorenzo.

Fade Out

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