Title: Rebuilding Pyramids
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: September 30th, 2015
Location: Cario, Egypt
Show: Wrestleshow #46

“I’ve seen a lot of places.”


“Mexico, Puerto Rico and now Egypt”


“However, I’ve have not been capable of being lucky in the end”


“I’m still winless”


Those were the thoughts that were going through Sabrina’s mind. Once again, Sabrina wasn’t lucky enough to get her first win in the UTA. A win that she wants to get for her career going in this place. Kendrix got the best of her in a match that everyone enjoyed watching because it was her best showing, but a best showing for her isn’t good enough. A win is good enough for her.


With being in Egypt, she’s looking forward to competing here for the very first time, but she is going against another star that’s been having trouble for the past couple of months. He was even in the news a couple of times regarding his status or having some type of stories dropped. Sabrina was wondering how she was going to go in this match, but one thing for sure, she wouldn’t be changing her name.


The scene starts with Sabrina taking some time out of her busy day and enjoying the scenes that are around. The pyramids are one thing that people talk about and how everyone has to see them. She took time out of her busy schedule to visit them. As she was looking at them, she opened her mouth and began to speak.


Baker: I always wondered what it was like building those pyramids many years ago.


She smiled a little bit and used the hair tie that was around her arm to put her hair up. It was a little bit humid outside, and didn’t want her long hair to be in the way. She went to walk around, keeping her eyes on them.


Baker: They say in wrestling that you have to build your way up to the top. You have to learn the surroundings around you and importantly, it takes time to get where you want to be. I can imagine the struggles that these builders put themselves through.


Sabrina sighs a bit as she keeps her eyes on time.


Baker: I can relate to them. I can relate to the fact that the struggle of winning in the UTA has been real and it’s going to take some time to  get where I want to be, but I’m sure my opponent for this week can relate to what is going on.


Sabrina puts her hands to her side as she goes in her pocket to pull out her smart phone while flipping through it.


Baker: My opponent this week happens to be Quinlan. A talented wrestler that’s been trying to get his…..well….does he even have a name to begin with?


Sabrina shrugs her shoulders before putting her phone away.


Baker: Taking the name problem aside here, I think that Quinlan’s a talented wrestler, someone that’s building his own pyramid, but every time something big comes his way, he just happens to fall and changes who he is.


Sabrina rolls her eyes as puts her hair back.


Baker: Don’t get me wrong, some of his matches against Cecilworth Farthington, my sister in law, Eric Dane and so forth were impressive, but he fails to reach on who his identity is.


Her face turns into a serious look as she goes back to speaking.


Baker: I know that Quinlan is probably going to say that I don’t have any room to talk about struggles and how I haven’t been able to win matches, which will probably be correct, but Quinlan, there is a difference between you and me.


She takes a deep breath. She doesn’t want to be rude, but she has to be real with what she is going to say.


Baker: The difference? I don’t need to hide under a mask to get my career going the WAY I want it to go!


Her eyes pop out of her head as she seems to be angry.


Baker: If my history is correct, you debuted under the name “Mitchell Quinlan” some many Victory’s ago, dating back to the first ever one. While you did lose the match against FKA the wrestler, you ran away and didn’t appear to a year later where you were under a mask and using the name “Santcus.” While it was a perfect and everyone was getting behind you, calling you the next big star, you happened to fuck it up and having yourself be in the news for the wrong things.


She goes onto her phone again to read, Sabrina eyes UTA Magazine for the Wrestleshow Roster.


Baker: Here we go; the biggest head itch was your old name in Santcus and it was said that there was a lot of potential and promise in you! You let that go to waste and now you are stuck using this name once again!


She calms down a bit before getting a serious tone on her face.


Baker: For the past couple of weeks since I’ve been in this wonderful promotion, I lost a couple of matches, I had my doubts and I had worries that UTA wouldn’t need a “loser” like me to be in this promotion. Everything hasn’t been the way I wanted,  but I didn’t have to go and change my name like you did!


She flips her hair as she keeps her eyes on the pyramids.


Baker: Quinlan, this is the match that we both need to show that we belong here. This is the place to get our names out there and this is the match that I need to defeat you in! I need to defeat you to let EVERYONE know that Sabrina Baker is here to stay while you are somebody that’s still struggling to find a name!


Sabrina sighs one more time as she turns around.


Baker: Beating you in the ring this week at Wrestleshow will be the process of me rebuilding my pyramid to the top while you will be figuring out where to begin again! Good luck this week Quinlan… are definitely going to need it!


Sabrina takes one more look at the pyramids behind her as she walks back to her hotel. There was that fire that needed to be lit in her in hopes that she gets her first win.  

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