Title: I Will Mourn You
Featuring: Brother Judas
Date: 10/1/2015
Show: Wrestleshow #46

As the video begins to play, we find ourselves inside of a dimly lit room. Standing up front is The Good Reverend, Good Book in hand. Behind him, Brother Judas stands at an angle. The Good Reverend raises his right hand before his southern accent can be heard.

"Brothers and sisters rejoice! For today, you no longer are held back by fear! For today, you are no longer disillusioned by the lies that they tell you... that you tell yourself!"

A pleasant look comes over his face.

"Yes brothers and sisters, for today you have been saved!"

Behind him, Brother Judas makes eye contact with the camera for just a brief moment. He snarls before looking away.

"All you have to do... is place your hand upon mine, close your eyes, and let HIM fill you with HIS love!"

He places his hand closer to the camera.

"Do it! Let your fears go! Let your stresses be freed! Do not fear HIM... do not fear us! For all will be forgiven!"

The Good Reverend lowers his hand slowly, his eyes turning dark.

"Except for you Brother Lisil.... For your fate has already been chosen."

Looking back at Judas, The Good Reverend continues.

"Brother Judas has been assigned the duty of bringing upon you HIS vengeance as you are nothing more than a false prophet... a Mir trickster."

Looking back at the camera, an intensity has come over him.

"Brother Lisil.. you should definitely fear us...."

Brother Judas' tilts his head to the side.

"For Brother Judas shall end your existence as a fabricator of lies."

The Good Reverend looks into the sky once again.

"But first.... Judas has been tasked with bringing down the fury in which will destroy the last remaining.... cog... in the machine."

He tilts his head back down, staring into the camera.

"Brother John, we do not wish to cause you harm. We do not envy the things that we must do in HIS word."

A sign of remorse can be seen across his face.

"On a personal level, I admire what you have achieved since arriving. But even I can not save you from HIS wrath once HIS mind is made up on who deserves judgement."

The Good Reverend turns back to Judas, looking up at him.

"For Brother Judas is only a vessel... HE shall fill Judas on Monday night as he carries out HIS will!"

He turns back toward the camera.

"When it has completed, and HIS will has been done, I will mourn you Brother John."

He nods his head.

"I will mourn you."

The screen fades to black.

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