Title: What is a Legacy?
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 10/1/2015
Location: .
Show: Wrestleshow #46

The screen is black, but a voice is heard. The voice is unmistakably recognized as "Too Cool" Chris Hopper.

Hopper V/O:  What is a Legacy?

The screen fades up to video of Hopper, years ago, standing on a turnbuckle with a belt raised over his head. The video is in a slow motion style with generic music playing in the background as he speaks again.

Hopper V/O:  Some see it as the adulation of adoring fans year after year, knowing they truly are behind every action, every word and every event. The result of doing what you do at the highest level possible and getting every butt to jump out of their seats in adulation.

The screen zooms in on this video footage, showing just Hopper holding the title above his head. We cannot make out the league or era, but can tell the title says "World Heavyweight" on it as the voice over continues.

Hopper V/O:  Many think a legacy is attaining title after title over a period of time. A "he who has the most toys at the end is the winner" approach to a career. There is an amazing rush to holding the gold over your head and knowing that you are the best, even if just for that particular night.

The screen fades to a glass showcase filled with all shapes and sizes of Championship belts. The gold gleams in the light of the camera as he speaks further.

Hopper V/O:  And being able to have that feeling happen again and again over the course of an entire career is something a legacy can be derived from. The absolute track record of excellence.

The image fades away and several pictures of Chris with his hand raised in victory throughout the years begin filling the screen as his voice over sounds off.

Hopper V/O:  There are a very few who see a true legacy as never tasting defeat...or at least not tasting it very often. Regardless of the match, the opponent, the situation, or any particular variable; a person with a legacy will come out on top.

The pictures have filled the screen and we see a very young Hopper in the upper left-hand corner and a picture of Hopper recently in UTA. Striking differences in his appearance over the years, with the age showing.

Hopper V/O:  What never goes away is the feeling of having your arm raised in victory. It never gets old. The same rush of adrenaline floods your system whether you are twenty or forty years old. That is the rush all of us seek when we step inside the squared circle.

The screen fades to a picture of Hopper standing with administrators of the Armed Forces Hospital in Saudi Arabia from just a few days ago.

Hopper V/O:  Legacy can also mean the chance to help others in many ways. Yes, philanthropy can be its own kind of legacy and it is one to be proud of. Though, admittedly much of what is done in this vain should not be put out for public consumption.

The screen fades to show a picture of Hopper in ring gear, a title belt in his right hand. He is standing in what looks like a computer program.

Hopper V/O:  But a legacy is not something given, it must be earned. It is a combination of all of the things that have been discussed.

Next to Hopper's body begins small print lists. One of them says "championships," and another says "awards," while still yet another says "won/loss record." They begin printing in the lists fast as if a computer is typing them quickly.

Hopper V/O:  One not necessarily greater than another, but the sum of their parts create a career that has a tradition of success and can be called a legacy. And it means nothing if the core of the person is tainted.

The typing stops and fades out of the picture.

Hopper V/O:  So strip it all away. The accolades...

The picture begins to slowly see different elements disappear. The title belt flies out of the screen first.

Hopper V/O:  Take away the championships....

Visible scars on Chris' body fade away rapidly.

Hopper V/O:  Remove the experience of wins and losses....

The wrestling tights morph into simple sweat pants on a decidedly younger version of the veteran.

Hopper V/O:  Go to before the ability to make a difference outside the ring. And what do you have?

This picture we see is probably very close to the young man who first stepped into the wrestling ring twenty years ago.

Hopper V/O:  Deep down, I'm still that kid right there.

The screen zooms in to that youthful face, slowly rotating around it.

Hopper V/O:  Full of hope and not jaded by the world around me. I want to believe the best in others and make all who know me like me and be proud of me. I am still the man who wants moral right to prevail and to make as many people cheer and get excited as I possibly can.

The picture zooms back out to the view of Chris's full body in his sweats.

Hopper V/O:  At my core, I'm still those things...

The picture ages rapidly to show the man we know today.

Hopper V/O:  And those values, given to me by my family growing up in Indiana, is what makes a legacy truly worthwhile. It is a strength of character that bolsters the success in a chosen field. I'm proud to be who I am, and I'm thankful to the fans that have stuck by my side through thick and thin...

The picture slowly begins to fade away.

Hopper V/O:  Even when my actions and words didn't match the very character deep within. When it comes to a legacy, there are plenty of ways to describe what it is...but in UTA, there is a symbol that represents it in grand fashion.

The screen is black.

Hopper V/O:  A symbol that says not only are you one of the best UTA has to offer, but it also means you are worthy of claiming a legacy for yourself whether it be accumulated over a career or what could be in the future...

The Legacy Championship Belt appears on the screen. The shining of the belt in the light adds brilliance to its picture as the voice over continues.

Hopper V/O:  The UTA Legacy Title. Worn by men who are all great competitors in one way or another. It takes someone special to challenge for such an honor. And at Wrestleshow, six of us will begin the night with a fair chance at becoming top contender for this prestigious championship

A small picture of Bronson Box appears next to the Legacy Title.

Hopper V/O:  Bronson Box is one of those men who has burst on the scene in UTA over the past few months. While his general attitude toward others in the ring and fans in general may leave a lot to be desired, he has proven himself to be a tough man in the ring.

The screen zooms a bit onto the picture of Box.

Hopper V/O:  He has the best moustache we have seen since Gentleman Jack, but that is just window dressing for the skilled competitor he is inside the squared circle. He is building a legacy to be sure, and this Monday he will look to further cement that with two wins in a single night.

The screen pans back and on the opposite side of the title belt appears a picture of CBR.

Hopper V/O:  Now THIS is a legacy. Ranier is one of the best workhorses UTA has ever had. He is extremely skilled in the ring and his skill is only matches by the willingness he has to do whatever it takes to win. I know first hand how tough he can be in the ring, having both defeated and been defeated by him in past encounters.

The screen zooms in on CBR's picture.

Hopper V/O:  He was technically the first Legacy Champion, and his legacy his secure within the UTA despite having it forever linked with Dynasty. On Monday, he looks to do what he has done multiple matches in one night and claim a contendership for the crown he lost.

The screen pans back to the wide view with both opponent's pictures visible with the title belt in the center.

Hopper V/O:  Both men are worth of contending for this honor, and I am proud to be entering battle against them for this coveted championship.

The picture of Hopper fades in between the other two men and superimposed over the title belt.

Hopper V/O:  This will not be a regular three-way match. There is animosity. Box is making himself known as someone who cares only about himself and winning. And CBR...

A pause.

Hopper V/O:  I think the world is clear on the history between myself and Ranier.

The pictures begin moving into place for a match header style of graphic. the three men's pictures zoom in to a shoulder and up view for each and their names appearing under them. The title belt goes to the bottom and becomes more prominent than before.

Hopper V/O:  At Wrestleshow, the world is going to see what a true legacy is built on as we each step in the ring and give it our all in order to advance, and gain the opportunity.....the privilege to vye for a chance to be top contender to the Legacy Title.

We see the image in full view and it shows exactly what is coming.

Hopper V/O:  I'm going to give it my best, and hopefully with the support of the fans and a little luck, this old dog will have a chance to once again add to what has been a great career.

The screen suddenly goes black.

Hopper V/O:  I'll see you both at Wrestleshow.

The screen stays black as the music that had been playing in the background ends.


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