Title: Giant Humans
Featuring: John Sektor
Date: 10.02.15
Location: The River Nile, Egypt
Show: Wrestleshow #46

As the Egyptian sun burns without remorse, it's rays kiss the Nile river as it sparkles in the midday sun. A small motorboat hums along the river, close to the silt-sodden banks, with miles and miles of sand dunes in the backdrop. Aboard the boat is Legacy champion, John Sektor, dressed clad in a white vest and sandy colored shorts that would camouflage well with the terrain. He rests at the back of the boat, one arm mounting the stern whilst the other cradles the Legacy title over his shoulder. He has peaceful smile on his face as he stares at the surroundings through his mirrored aviators.

 "You know, I have to admit, Egypt has never been on my list of 'places to visit before I die,'" he admits, gently twisting his head as though he was wrong, "But when you see the vastness of this place, this river, and learn some of the history.." he pauses to puff out his cheeks. "You begin to appreciate just what a special place this is."

 "LOOKIE-LOOKIE!"  calls the driver of the boat, a scrawny Arabic man with a cloth on his head to protect him from the sun, and a dry-grey beards on his chin.

Sektor looks out to where the man is pointing. The reflection of the infamous pyramids form a beautiful montage on his aviators and he stares at them in awe.

 "Look at that," he gasps, shaking his head. "I've seen them in books. I've seen them on TV, but just like when I saw the Grand-Canyon, you REALLY have to see them through your own eyes to appreciate just how amazing they are."

Sektor stands up carefully to get a better look at the pyramids.

 "It's amazing to think, that these ancient Pyramids, were built by slaves. The pharaoh's would force the Jew's to carry these huge stones all the way from the bank of this river, to where those Pyramids stand today."

He shakes his head, struggling to comprehend how they did it in such conditions.

 "I find it difficult to train in this heat, and I'm built, fit and running on a full tank of gas. How they did it, I never know. I guess when you have no choice, it just comes down to the will to survive, right?"

He finds himself nodding his head, perhaps relating to that state of mind.

 "What's truly incredible, is that thanks to those slaves? Not only, do we now have these beautiful pyramids that are thousands of years old, but Egypt is still benefitting financially from these structures," he laughs. "Literally, the biggest income in economy here is tourism, people wanting to see these triangles in the sand.."

At that point, he points out towards the Pyramids and gasps with a slight laugh.

 "Reminds me of the wrestling industry," he suddenly blurts out, still laughing. "Now I'm not saying we wrestlers are slaves, but the wrestling industry started out as an idea. WRESTLERS made that idea come to life."

A couple of small waves hitting the front of the boat force him to lose his balance slightly, so The Gold Standard decides to sit back down in the stern.

 "James Wingate had a vision when he thought of the UTA. But it was wrestlers who have built it. And whilst we make good money, we still put our bodies through extreme punishment, travel unimaginable hours and make difficult sacrifice."

 Sektor pauses for a moment to watch some of the locals collect water from the bank of the river. To his surprise, a young boy waves at him. His hand slowly raises and begins to wave back, looking somewhat uncomfortable doing so.

 "You know, just as I have now found respect for those slaves who built the pyramids? I can only hope that I will continue to earn the respect of the fans, for not only carrying this," he says, tapping the Legacy title on his shoulder. "But for all contributions I have made in this industry. There are a few who perhaps don't understand that respect is a two way street. But it is certainly something that I am coming to terms with."

His sunglasses shield the look in his eyes, but beneath the surface is a man struggling to accept the wrongs he has done, but at the same time desperately wanting to make them right.

 "Now as I talk about slavery, it brings me onto my opponent this week," continues the champion, taking a drink of water to lubricate his drying mouth. "Brother Judas--a man whom was sold to slavery as a child. Put through, unimaginable, things. Pain, is no wonder he is the way he is, and looks, the way he looks."

Sektor's bottom lip pushes the top deep into the wilderness of his mustache, whilst he breathes heavily through his nose.

 "But, of course, the 'Good Reverend' came and saved him. He helped lead him to salvation and find his, path.."

Sektor raises an eyebrow to accompany his sarcasm.

 "Is, that, what he's doing?" he asks, sounding sceptical. "Or is he merely taking advantage of this, damaged, soul? Manipulating him to carry out his will..perhaps Brother Judas, is destined to be a slave for the rest of his life?"

Sektor shrugs his shoulders and holds them there for a second before letting them relax, not appearing to care what the reasons or motives of these men are.

 "You know what? Maybe it doesn't matter. The Good Reverend has given him a purpose in life, whatever that may be. Perhaps Brother Judas is content with that, and considering his childhood I certainly wouldn't blame him."

He watches as people continue to collect water from the river, carrying them in huge pales on their head and struggling to walk through the sand.

 "But what does this match mean to us, hm?" he asks, removing his aviators for a second to clean them on his vest. "To me? This match is a good opportunity for me to stretch my legs, with a title defence only a couple of weeks away on the horizon."

His eyes instinctively shoot the Egyptian horizon, where nothing can been seen except for sand and sky, with the trailing Pyramids now being left behind them.

 "It's a chance for me to test myself against a man who will undoubtedly cause me problems. You see when I stand across the ring from him, and stare into his cold-dead eyes? I won't just be wrestling that man," he whispers, shaking his head. "I'll be wrestling every, single, one of his demons along with him."

The corner of his mouth twitches slightly, as though he is excited by the extra element of danger that this match offers.

 "But that's me. What does it mean to them, hm?" asks the champion, his eyes squinting in the mid-day sun. "People use wrestling as a platform for all kinds of opportunities, not just for the sport itself. Why are they hear? And what is this 'truth' they're desperately trying to tell everyone about?"

His eyes continue to squint from a mixture of the direct sun and the unanswered questions racing through his suspicious mind.

 "Since they've resurfaced in the UTA, I have yet to see any real statement be made from these people. They play their little subliminal messages, but I'll be honest here..I haven't a clue what their intentions are, and what they hope to achieve."

His lip curls, looking genuinely confused as he slowly replaces his aviators. His sniffs up and takes another look around at the scenery.

 "Perhaps the time is now, hm? I mean, what better way to make a statement, than by doing so with the Legacy champion?" he suggests with a smile, shrugging it off as only a possibility. "I dunno. This is what nearly two decades of this corrupt industry does to ya, it makes you paranoid.."

Sektor chuckles to himself, cracking his neck from side to side as he begins to feel a little tense from his suspicions.

 "All I have are the facts that are in front of me. Which are, that I have to face a man over a foot taller than me and it's gonna suck!"

He stretches his back now, as though the thought of wrestling this monster of a man is enough to awaken the ache's and pains he has collected over the years.

 "You know, there is a myth here about giant humans in Egypt. Some believe that is the reason behind how the pyramids were built. Seems almost incomprehensible that these men of such size, strength and power could be slaves. But I guess we have Brother Judas who can attest to the fact that it is possible.."

Sektor soon begins to smile, taking a deep breath and beginning to look more relaxed.

 "However, I tend to prefer the other theory. That these drawings found of giant humans, are nothing more than a symbolic portrayal of just how dominant the Kings of this world once were. So let me ask you something, Reverend," he asks, for the first time demonstrating some malice in his tone. "Out of your Boy Judas and I. Which one is the slave, and which one is the King?"

At this point he stands up, staring down at the Legacy championship over his shoulder and patting it, giving his audience the most obvious hint one can give as to what the correct answer is.

 "I mean no disrespect when I say this, Reverend, but in this world some people are born to be Kings and some are born to be slaves to society. I am certainly not the latter," he explains, shaking his head slowly from side to side. "I am a leader. I am an Alpha. I am a King..a..a CHAMPION!"

He let's that final word hang in there for a few seconds, running his fingers over the thick bristles of his moustache before looking to continue.

 "It doesn't matter what message you are trying to deliver, Rev. I will bring this match back down to earth with cold, hard, scientific facts," he growls, leaning forward so that he can make himself clear to whoever is listening. "I will find a way to beat your 'Giant human.' I will continue my path towards greatness, towards cementing my Legacy here in the UTA. And THAT.."

He pauses, smirking out of one side of his mouth.

  " my truth!"

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