Title: Winning Desires
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: October 2nd, 2015
Location: Her Hotel room
Show: Wrestleshow #46

Since her promo the other day, Sabrina felt like she needed to relax a bit before her match at Wrestleshow against Quinlan. She already saw the pyramids, which was off her bucket list officially and wanted to see what else Egypt has to offer before it was go time. What was there to do? What was there to see? The tourism committee had to give these people to do, but that didn’t matter to Sabrina.


However, her opponent had something to say about their match this week and she got word of it from someone who was watching the promos. Of course Quinlan had every right being upset and mention about what happened to him, but what made Sabrina upset about this was him mentioning her wish to win the match this week. That made her fired up and pissed off inside.


She was sitting her hotel room where there wasn’t a deck. She sat in front her computer to record her promo. She did this before the first time around when she came here and thought that this would be use. Sabrina looked at the webcam and pressed the “record” button.


Baker: It has come to my attention that I may or may not have offended my opponent with my statements about him the other day and changing his name.


Sabrina looks at the camera before looking at her fingers as she goes back to speaking.


Baker: It has also come to my attention that I’m not the first person that has mentioned this and I also heard that Quinlan mentions my wish for victory being “lackluster” and I don’t even have one to get a victory. Sir, I have to let you know something and what I’m going to say maybe brutal, but I don’t care.


She has a straight forward face.


Baker: I’m sorry for bringing this up, but I’m not sorry for bringing up the facts that are well-known. When I see something like that, I tell it straight forward and I don’t care what anyone has to say. If you don’t like it, than tough shit.


She still has her look on her face while moving her hair behind her shoulder.


Baker: Another thing that I want to bring up is the fact that I don’t have type of desires of winning this match that you and I have this week? That they are “non-existent”. You’re wrong on that, Sir and let me tell you this. My desires of winning this match is one hundred percent real and I will tell you why they are one hundred percent real.


She takes a sip of her water as her mouth becoming dry from the anger she has in her throat before going back to speak.


Baker: My wish of winning this match is like no other wish that I have. Getting my first win in the UTA is something that I have waited for since I got here in this promotion. It stings to hear someone that’s been in the news and that’s being having trouble finding a name for himself, say something along those lines!


She shakes her head again before getting a lump in her throat. Feeling the lump out in there from the anger.


Baker: Every time I go out there, the want of winning is in my heart. The want of getting the victory for myself is there and trying this four times now, FOUR TIMES that I tried to get this victory, the pressure is on and it’s drives me nuts knowing that I have to win this match. So much that I cannot sleep for the next couple of days until the next match happens!


She drinks the water again looking down.


Baker: I was going to give you respect, Quinlan. I really was going to say that I respect you for the fact that you are still here trying your best and doing the best you can, but that went out the window. I don’t respect you for you saying that because you don’t know ANYTHING!


She twirls a curl in her hair around as she keeps the straight face.


Baker: Quinlan, I want you to hear what I’m going to say. The fourth try of me getting my first win in the UTA will be the one I have to go all out on. Being in this match against you is the OPENING of what I said the other day with rebuilding my pyramid, and showing everyone that I’m far from being the “jobber” as everyone thinks of


She grabs the water again and takes a longer sip.


Baker: Everyone in Cairo will see a side of Sabrina Baker that they have never seen before and I don’t think anyone has seen this one yet. Quinlan, this side of me will be let out on you at Wrestleshow 46. Everyone sees me as the smiling good girl and the one’s that all pretty.


She shakes her head.


Baker: No more of that! No more of the “prettiness” and everything. Quinlan, the side of Sabrina Baker that you will get to meet is the violent side of breaking someone in half and making sure they are down on the ground! You said the wrong thing and the wrong thing that made me pissed off, yet you want everyone to know your name?


She stands up and moving her chair back.


Baker: The name that everyone is going to know is Quinlan, the guy that lost to Sabrina Baker and the guy that hid behind a mask still to even be in the news more of how much of a failure he really is! The only name that people will FINALLY know is mine when I get that win that I ever so want!


She gets a smirk on her face on before taking on last look at the computer screen.


Baker: At Wrestleshow, you better be ready because I’m coming at you hard and sending you back under the mask where you belong. Question my wish now, I dare you!

She hits the stop button on her computer and sends it.

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