Title: Redecorating
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 29th September 2015
Location: Valley of the Kings
Show: Wrestleshow #46

The scene opens to a silent, dark and poorly lit room.The silence is broken by footsteps echoing loudly on a marble floor. The sound of a match being lit is heard. The tiny flame that appears lights a lantern which reveals very little of the room. Being held by a short man in a plain white shirt and dark trousers, wearing an official looking lanyard over his neck, he gestures in the direction of the camera, tempting it closer. instantly the silence is broken by a familiar voice;

“Cheers maaattteee! You’re a good man...what’s your name bruv?!”

Walking up to the short man and into the light is none other than Jesse Fredericks Kendrix. Wearing a zipped up black hoodie, the hood resting over his head, jeans and timberland boots, Kendrix towers above the man and taps him on his shoulder;

Short Man: Ali, Mohammad Ali master JFK…

Grabbing the lantern out of Mohammad’s grasp he lets go of his shoulder, slightly taken aback;

Kendrix: You having a bubble bruv? Mohammad Ali? JFK’s pretty sure you’re not the greatest boxer of all time! Now jog on and leave JFK as agreed, yeah?!

Mohammad looks up at Kendrix with the palm of his hand out in front of him with an expectant smile on his face. Kendrix however, squints his eyes at the rep;

Kendrix: Nah, maaattteee! Mohammad gets paid when JFK is done, innit! You just stand out there and make sure nobody interrupts him. Then you get JFK’s spare change to feed your family, yeah?!

Kendrix points out at the entrance to the room, gesturing for Mohammad to leave. Unsure if he will get paid, Mohammad reluctantly fades into the darkness as he dejectedly walks beyond the camera shot and out of the room;

Kendrix: Bruv, come take a look at the paintings on these walls, absolutely incredible.

The cameraman follows Kendrix, holding the lantern up by his head, around the room. There are four walls, each lighting up from the darkness as Kendrix approaches them, circling a gold encased coffin in the middle of the room. Disrespectfully setting the lantern down on the coffin he reaches into his satchel and pulls out a laminated folder, staring down at it in his hands. Looking up at the camera to his side, he smugly smirks;

Kendrix: Kill it…

Darkness instantly fills the screen


The sound of a match being lit is heard. The shot opens directly on the lit lantern. As the camera slowly zooms out we see Kendrix come into view in the same room, sitting on top of the coffin, legs crossed as he lays the lantern by his side. Placing his hands on his knees he looks directly at the camera;

Kendrix: Listen, yeah?! JFK knows that all of you watching this are asking yourself, where on earth is that handsome man giving us the time of day from?

His redneck American accent has improved slightly...but it’s still pretty bad;

Kendrix: Believe it or not bellends, the future of the UTA is currently in the Valley of the Kings. But more impressive than that, he is currently inside the tomb of the most famous Pharaoh of all time...Tutankhamen.

Tilting his head slightly with his eyes open wide, eyebrows raised and lower lip stuck out, he appears pleased with himself. However, he suddenly jerks his head back upright with his eyes squinted, wagging his index finger from left to right;

Kendrix: No, not Tooting Common in good old South West London you morons, JFK said Tutankhamen...innit?!

Rolling his eyes at the idiocy of his audience watching at home, he places his hand back down on his knee;

Kendrix: The youngest ever Pharaoh who ruled Egypt from the ripe old age of eight years. Remarkable that a country as influential and inspiring as ancient Egypt, would give the reigns of their kingdom to one so young.

He holds the palms of his hands out wide;

Kendrix: JFK has nothing but respect for this way of thinking. As they say after all, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough...bruv!

Hopping off of his seated position to a standing one on the ground, he picks up the lantern and turns his body to face the camera. As it zooms out it appears that Kendrix had been sitting on the very coffin where the body of Tutankhamen has laid for centuries;

Kendrix: It’s a shame, that this way of thinking isn’t replicated in the UTA. The very company that has held JFK’s talents back for nine months...NINE MONTHS!

Shaking his head and puffing his cheeks out in disgust he looks back at the camera with a steely determination in his eyes;

Kendrix: For nine whole months JFK has proven to everyone that he is the biggest rising star of the UTA. The man who has been thrown in at the deep end, beating established superstar after established superstar. Legend after legend and joined the greatest group that this industry has ever seen.

He fist pumps his chest with his free hand in respect to his Dynasty brothers;

Kendrix: Yet during this time, JFK has not received the respect and opportunities that his talents deserve. While JFK defied the constant odds stacked against him, the UTA looked to push the likes of Alex Beckman and Lamond Alexander Robertson, young talent who arrived around the same time as yours truly, instead.

Exaggeratedly sticking his thumb up with a sarcastic looking grin on his face, he continues;

Kendrix: The Prodigy Champions. Beckman, billed as the unstoppable, unbeatable and unmovable machine...even though half of her victories were over local nobodies and she should have been disqualified in most of those cos JFK is pretty sure she used MMA closed fists in those matches...

He holds his free fist up to the side of his head and lowering it by his side as he begins to walk to the right of our shot, stopping at the wall in front of him. Turning to face the camera he continues;

Kendrix: And Lamond Alexander Robertson. The crowd favourite. The suck up. The Americans do have a soft spot for the Scots JFK supposes. The important thing is this, these two started out around the same time as JFK and they were given the opportunities that he wasn’t...but where are they both now?

The camera pans round behind Kendrix as he lifts the lantern up at the wall in front of him, revealing the last seen pictures of both Beckman and LAR posted up amongst the Egyptian paintings, arms broken and in agony;

Kendrix: Out of commission! While both were fast tracked to title glory, both proved that they were not strong enough to last the pace. TO SURVIVE! The UTA backed the wrong horses when the one THEY SHOULD...have backed was the one DYNASTY...correctly chose as their future!

Turning his head to the side and dismissively chuckling for a moment he returns his attention to the camera;

Kendrix: So what do the UTA do? Instead of giving JFK his rightful shot at the Prodigy title, they retire the belt...just because they have it in for him and the rest of Dynasty.

Pulling a resigned smile he walks backwards a couple of yards, gesturing for the camera to follow him;

Kendrix: But you all know JFK...he’s not one to complain! No, he just got on with his career. His victories, so impressive, that the UTA management couldn’t ignore him forever and begrudgingly putting him in the tournament for the number one contendership of the Legacy Title, where the name of the game at Wrestleshow Forty Six is fittingly...survival!

Rudely holding two fingers up at the camera, he continues;

Kendrix: Two rounds in one night, six competitors, two triple threat matches. JFK will first make his way past these two;

Turning to face the wall he holds the lantern in front of a picture of Abdul Ahad looking dejected after his return match in the UTA against CBR and Zhalia Fears trying to reach for the Ace in the Hole briefcase at Ring King;

Kendrix: Abdul, fresh off the back of a confidence boosting victory over the huge Luscious Jones and with the crowd firmly in your corner you will no doubt have the wind in your sails on Monday Night. But make no mistake sunshine, the crowd ain’t gonna be much use for you when you come up against JFK, cos quite frankly, he doesn’t give a damn about what they or Allah think.

Looking back at the picture of Zhalia, he taps it twice with the back of his hand before turning his focus back at the lens;

Kendrix: Zhalia, another former Prodigy champion. One of the longest reigning champions this company’s ever had. So dominant were you it was a title you never lost. JFK knows that he is in for one hell of a fight when you are on your game.

Momentarily looking away in apparent thought he looks back questionably at the camera;

Kendrix: But recently Zhalia, you’ve not exactly been on your game have you? JFK understands that you were definitely let out of Broadmoor prematurely but he’s not talking about that, if anything that’s what makes you so unpredictable.

He points his index finger and twirls it at the side of his head, simultaneously whistling a cuckoo sound;

Kendrix: You’re clearly not all there love, you seem distracted. And so you should be. After all, how can your head be in the game when your own flesh and blood is being mentally raped and goodness knows what else by that Judas, Sean Jackson around him.

Pulling a disgusted look on his face, his nose and lips scrunched up momentarily. He shakes his head and regains his focus;

Kendrix: Seems you and JFK have a common enemy. But the difference between you and JFK, Zhalia, is that JFK’s Jackson problem will be taken care of by Dynasty. Unfortunately for you however, you’re on your own. No 2C to help, just you. So be safe in the knowledge that JFK will take full advantage of your misplaced focus come Monday night as he victoriously moves into the next round.

Moving toward the back wall he holds the lantern in front of it, the camera focusing on the next picture;

Kendrix: Speaking of Victories...

The picture reveals Kendrix hitting the Bellend at Wrestleshow Forty Four on Bronson Box. Turning round the cameraman focuses his lens back on Kendrix;

Kendrix: The “WarGod” The most dangerous man in the business today. A man who strikes fear into every single man and woman he comes up against. A man who doesn’t hold back. JFK was good enough on that night to walk away victorious, but he still bears the marks on his chest from that battle. JFK knows that Bronson will be gunning for him should he make it through to the the next round.

Nodding his head slightly he continues;

Kendrix: But if you miraculously manage get there Bronson, will you be able to control your blood lust and thirst for revenge? Will you be able to stop JFK from manipulating you again into being your own worst enemy and failing to win gold around your waist once more?

Shrugging his shoulders, cheekily raising his eyebrows he slowly and silently mouths the words “I don’t think so”. Sidestepping to his left he lifts the lantern up once more on the same wall to reveal another picture...this time of Chris Hopper, lying face down in the middle of the ring with Kendrix looking down on him with a steel chair in his hand;

Kendrix: Hopper! You know, despite our little...disagreement at Wrestleshow forty five...JFK does actually have a ton of respect for you bruv…

Opening his mouth wide in apparent shock he continues;

Kendrix: That’s right, The King of Cool is a legend. The man has done it and seen it all, for multiple companies, in front of fans across the world. The man won title after title after title. The accolades go on and on and on;

Opening his mouth wide again he pats it down a couple of times, giving off an exaggerated yawn for good measure;

Kendrix: But that just there is the problem with you Hopper. You see, you just love to tell us all about what you’ve achieved in this game. JFK has news for you old man. That was all in the past. You’re like a broken record bruv. The reason you haven’t won any titles in the UTA is because your body isn’t capable of what it be able to!

He sticks his tongue out inside the bottom of his mouth to signify the obviousness of what he just said;

Kendrix: Hopper, do us all a favour, but more importantly, do yourself one. Take yourself out of the running for the Legacy Title, lie down for the pin, get disqualified, JFK doesn’t care how you lose. Just make sure that you don’t progress into the final round later in the evening...cos JFK will make sure he is there waiting for you and ready to dish out more of this at your door;

Pointing back at the photo he smugly nods his head at the thought of dishing out more suffering to Hopper. Turning around to face the wall he lifts the lantern up once more to reveal none other than a picture of his stable brother, Claude Baptiste Ranier, standing side by side with himself in the middle of a UTA ring;

Kendrix: Alriiiigghhhtt maaattteee! What can JFK say that hasn’t already been said about this great man? CBR is without question, the man! The most technically gifted wrestler in the world. His record speaks for himself. The man with the most wins to his name in the UTA.

He Holds his free hand flat across his chest, humbly upon his heart;

Kendrix: CBR is the man who pushed hard to bring JFK into Dynasty. Without him, the UTA would have missed out big time on this stroke of genius by the big man. What a historical moment it was for the company, as JFK was given the platform and support to grab the spotlight he deserves.

Looking back at the picture of CBR he respectfully nods his head in it’s direction before turning to face the camera once more;

Kendrix: Spoiler alert! JFK is in no doubt whatsoever that CBR will defeat Hopper and Box to move into the final round and face JFK after he himself takes out Zhalia Fears and Abdul Ahad. It’s going to be Dynasty vs Dynasty for a shot at John Sektor’s Legacy title. Make no mistake about it…

Pausing for a moment he tilts his head and strokes his beard in thought before looking up at the camera with intent in his eyes;

Kendrix: But bruv, you should know JFK as well as anyone. When it comes to the squared circle, whatever the circumstance, let alone a shot at the Legacy title...JFK will do whatever it takes to win...even if that means stepping over his own brother to do that. No one gets in JFK’s way, NO ONE!

Slamming the lantern down on the coffin in front of him, the light shimmers, revealing half of his face clearly, the other side is dimmed;

Kendrix: When it’s all said and done, at the end of the match, Dynasty are together, ALWAYS! JFK will help you up to your feet and give you a moment to come to...before shaking your hand and THANKING...CBR for all YOU have taught him. Because JFK wouldn’t have been able to make the next step in his career and fight for the Legacy title...without your help.

Removing his hood from his head, he throws his hands through his hair, letting his locks drop onto his shoulders;

Kendrix: At Wrestleshow Forty Six, inside the Covered Arena in Cairo...JFK defeats Zhalia Fears and Abdul Ahad and will go on to defeat the longest reigning champion in UTA history. It’s gonna be the MASTER against his APPRENTICE. And the world will see the master’s torch passed onto the future of the business.

Picking the lantern up and holding it by the side of his face, he reveals his trademark smirk;

Kendrix: The future has spoken...HIS near.


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