Title: Learning from History to Envision the Future...
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 10/2/2015
Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Show: Wrestleshow #46

The screen fades up to a gritty set of shelves in a dimly lit room. Old books and scrolls are on the shelves with a heavy coating of dust on them. A man steps into the aisle between the sets of shelves and wipes away a rather large set of cobwebs, revealing that it is "Too Cool" Chris Hopper. He is wearing his leather duster over a button-down shirt and black dress pants. After clearing the web, he speaks.

Hopper:  One of the greatest centers of learning centuries ago was right here, in Alexandria, Egypt.

He continues speaking as he looks solemnly at the scrolls on the shelves.

Hopper:  The Egyptians understood the importance of history....both the recording and making of it.

He looks up.

Hopper:  Rooms like this one were filled with those seeking wisdom and guidance for ages and the city eventually became that center for the entire known world. Young people coming to this place and opening their minds to things they may never have known existed before.

He looks up at the height of the shelves.

Hopper:  It is fascinating, really. That the Egyptians were so adept at history, and yet never really learned from it. To me this fact symbolizes exactly where things are in UTA right now...

He turns right at the end of the shelf and opens a door, the light shines in brightly and almost whites out the camera's view for a second. As the camera follows Chris out of the room, we see the current library of Alexandria in all its splendor. There are multiple floors in view with the books visible all around. Chris turns to face the camera again.

Hopper:  This is the current state of the library and it is grander than it has ever been, but still relying on the foundation of the books hidden away in rooms just like that one right there. That means that the legacy of Alexandria is built on the cornerstone of history.

He grins.

Hopper:  In UTA, so much has been discussed about the younger people coming in and taking the company to new heights. For every John Sektor, there is a Mr. Fantastic that came before to help build. For every Eric Dane, there is a Frank Dylan James that laid early bricks.

He takes a few steps and then turns around again.

Hopper:  That is why the Legacy Title is vital....look at who is all involved.

He smiles.

Hopper:  Men who helped UTA become what it is now, like them or not, are part of this opportunity. People like myself and Fears have been here a long time. Zhalia has helped cement the idea of women as top contender in recent times. Even Ranier, for all his faults has helped put UTA on the map with his performances.

He nods confidently.

Hopper:  It is a strong foundation for which men like Bronson Box and Kendrix seek to advance. This chance for a shot at the Legacy Championship has it all: young and old, technicians and brawlers, men and women. And what it will yield, I believe will be nothing short of history.

He starts walking again as the camera moves as fast as it can to get next to him.

Hopper:  Funny thing about history is the same ironic fact the Egyptians learned.....if you don't take steps to change from what happened before, then it will happen again.

He begins walking up a flight of stairs, continuing to speak.

Hopper:  I can hear what people are saying about me these days....

He pauses as he actually winces a bit at clearing the top step of the row. He then turns to look directly into the camera.

Hopper:  They say I'm too old. They say my time has past. They claim I am clutching onto a sport that has past me by.

He pauses and raises an eyebrow as he looks off to the side, then he ticks his head to the side with a grin and goes back to talking.

Hopper:  I understand the sentiment, but I think it is more wishful thinking than reality.

He starts up another flight of stairs.

Hopper:  I could understand Bronson thinking this....he hasn't ever faced me in the ring. He doesn't know what six-feet, nine inches of grizzled veteran can do in a UTA ring. But he does understand one thing, and that is overconfidence.

He tops the stair case and turns to face the camera again.

Hopper:  You see, Bronson, wrestling is as much mental as it is physical. You step into the ring believing you can win is not the same as thinking nobody can beat you. Overconfidence is a scary thing and one thing I know for sure is that there have been times when I have been far too overconfident in UTA and it nearly cost me.

He begins counting off his fingers.

Hopper:  I had won some matches and thought I could do no wrong, and Gentleman Jack stretched me beyond belief and ended my win streak.

Another finger.

Hopper:  I felt my size advantage would win the day in a street fight against David Hightower. No way someone so tall loses in this kind of match, right?  But the dog had his day.

He puts his hands down.

Hopper:  Even last Wrestleshow, I walked out overconfident against Windsor and had moments where I got into real trouble. Overconfidence is the bane of every man's existence.

He chuckles.

Hopper:  Hubris. Ask Odyess how that turned out.

He chuckles again as he begins to walk toward the set of stacks on this third floor.

Hopper:  One thing I know is that Ranier will not suffer that fate. Claude and I have waged wars against each other. We have beaten the stuffings out of each other off and on for the past several months. We have a past and it definitely means the immediate future has meaning.

He stops and turns to face the camera again.

Hopper:  And I have learned from our history, Claude. Every time we square off, we each bring something different. It is gamesmanship at its finest and the fans love the battle as much as we do, I think. You remind me of a shorter version of the younger me...

He pauses before leaning back against a table and continuing.

Hopper:  You're brash, outspoken, talented....bordering on gifted. Arguably the best in the business. It is hard not to respect the hell out of what you have done in your career and what you bring to the ring.

He raises a finger.

Hopper:  But it is also hard to not desire to tear you limb from limb.

He chuckles.

Hopper:  Perhaps it is some of our similarities that make me want to beat you down so much. Maybe it is the fact you helped form Dynasty and the group has run ramp shod on UTA for nearly a year. There are so many reasons for distaste between us, but the greatest is the simple fact....

A deep breath.

Hopper:  We're always against each other with no clear "better man."

He shrugs.

Hopper:  We have each beaten the other, but at Wrestleshow the better man will be found out. The test of tests is handling each other's attacks with a third man in the mixture. Who can overcome and show themselves truly better?  My hope is that my training shines through and my experience aids me as the fans cheer me....and in the end my arm is raised and I advance.

His face shows a very confident look.

Hopper:  And when that happens, I will stand across from another worthy opponent.

He grins.

Hopper:  Abdul and Zhalia are great competitors and either one could be in that spot. They skills she possesses are among the best, and I do not know if her winning would be good for me. I don't want to go against my code and cannot see myself, regardless of what is on the other side, striking a woman.

He pauses as if in thought, obviously considering this possibility, but after a few seconds he shrugs it off and continues.

Hopper:  Abdul brings absolute offense and a desire to win in a way that is surprisingly reputable considering his own admissions. These is a special quality about someone so hellbent on winning. But he brings a set of skills I know am excited to test myself against at Wrestleshow.

He stops leaning on the table and stands up.

Hopper:  And with all due respect to Fears and Abdul, they are not who I want to see across the ring from me later in the Wrestleshow event.

The grin is gone and Chris' face is as serious as ever.

Hopper:  Kendrix.

He rubs his neck a little, showing effects from the chair shot last Wrestleshow.

Hopper:  You are the most wasteful man I have ever met.

He pauses to gather himself so he doesn't go nuts in the middle of a historic library.

Hopper:  You have all the skills and technical abilities you need to go far. Despite the fact you are an insufferable asshat, your charisma is even impressive and the fans react to you...

He grins.

Hopper:  They hate your ever-loving guts, but they react to you nonetheless.

The grin disappears.

Hopper:  You have the tools and even I said that you had a real future in this sport with all that you brought to bear. And yet chose to throw it away when you decided to put your lot with Dynasty. You gave away your identity and what made you special in order to just be "another one of those guys."

He shakes his head in disappointment.

Hopper:  (terrible English accent) Bad move, Bruv....bad move.

He cross his arms in front of his chest.

Hopper:  My head is still ringing from the chair shot last Wrestleshow. I don't remember anything from that night after you hit me. It is all a blur. The hospital, the hotel, the travel....I don't remember none of it. But I remember one thing....

He uncrosses his arms and points to the camera.

Hopper:  You, trying to be the big shot and make a name for yourself. Well congratulations, kid.  You got my attention. And I hope I get the chance to step into the ring against you again in a fair fight. I'm going to give it my all and then you will get a taste of what revenge truly tastes like.

He looks around a bit.

Hopper:  Yes, I have seen and lived the history....and I've learned from it. At Wrestleshow, I'm going to do my best and hopefully walk out of Cairo with a shot at the Legacy Title. I'm ready....

He grins again.

Hopper:  Are you?  I'll see you all Monday night.

The screen fades to black as Hopper turns to walk away.

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