Title: 0-2, not good
Featuring: Lucius Jones
Date: 10/3/15
Location: Hotel
Show: Wrestleshow #46

The scene opens inside a hotel.  We’re not shown which one specifically as to protect the privacy and security of the talent of United Toughness Association.  We slowly pan into the hotel’s bar and lounge.  In the corner booth we can see a figure in the darkness.  As we get close we can see a black gentleman. He’s wearing a white t-shirt, black hoodie and black jeans.  Thrown over his head is a black hood.  He’s got a beer sitting on the table infront of him.


Damn, two matches since my return to the UTA and two matches lost.  It’s starting to appear as though this return to the squared circle was ill advised.  Maybe I should've just kept my black ass bouncing and making that money the street way.


He man reaches up and flips his hood off his head revealing none other than Doctor Lovegood Lucius Jones.  Lucius runs a hand over his face stroking his mustache before taking a swig from his beer.  He motions up towards the bartender.


They got a nigga going all over the world though, you know what it’s like to fuck a Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Egyptian bitch in a matter of a couple weeks in three different countries.  Of course your punk ass don’t know what it’s like or else you’d be Doctor Lovegood.


The bartender swings by the table dropping off another beer infront of Lucius.  We don’t recognize the label, most likely a local flavor.  Lucius leans back into his booth and just looks out over the lounge.  The building is sort of dead at the moment but it was only the calm before the storm as it always comes to life once it gets late.


So trying to make the best of this situation we find ourselves holed up in the hotel.  Done been told it’s not safe to be going around town.  Now normally ain't a damn thing scare a real nigga like me but these fuckers...these fuckers right here nigga, they ain't right, they on that kill a nigga for looking at their woman shit.  


Doctor shakes his head as he thinks about the way people are around here. It just didn’t pay to be a pimp around here.


Now it wasn’t anything new for the Doctor to deal with an unhappy significant other but normally that just ended up in a round or two of fisticuffs as it were.  Not with these people though, not just like a fist fight or blat blat two to the chest, nah nigga they cutting off heads and shit.  I don’t know about yo punk ass but no matter how bad ass Doctor Lovegood is, Lucius Jones likes his head on top of these here wide ass shoulders ya feel me?


The Doctor looks up and sees a group coming into the lounge.  A few hunnies and thier guy friends.  Well that wouldn’t do, Lucius wasn’t above taken a bitch niggas lady but he did refrain from shitting where he eats, ya feel me?


Now the hotel hasn’t been all bad, I can’t find shit on this television but the other tourists have been interesting to converse with and ain't even got to take these hos far to get it in.  Although this last group was a bust most groups has shown a few potential prey for our own black panther to pounce upon.  Course I make them take me to their rooms because can't have one of them psycho bitches coming back to my room and going world star on each other.


Speaking of we spot a bad bitch coming on into the lounge, long black hair, bronze skin, and curves in all the right places.  I’m pretty sure I played with that one already but hey ain't nothing wrong with a repeat performance when the bitch is bangin playa.


Bump it, none of that shit matter though, what matter right now my lil niggas is the fact that your hero, the chocolate statue of masculinity the god damn nubian god that is Doctor Lovegood is oh and two.  We can’t be having this shit, we got to correct this shit and get back in the win column.


Now let’s not front that Ahmed nigga may be a little off in the head but he ain't nothing to sleep on in the ring.  He made ya boi Lucius tap out like a lil bitch.  I’m going to own up to that shit, but we ain't going to have a replay of that shit ya best believe that.


Doctor Lovegood whips out his phone and scrolls through a few items before he pulls up a picture of Scott Stevens.  He looks over a little information as he reminds himself which of these damn honkeys he was fighting this week.  They all look alike so it was hard to keep it straight at times.


This week I get to fight Captain Whitebread Scott Stevens, fucka aint even traveling with the rest of the crew, heard that nigga got himself locked up.  However he on that bullshit program that lets him out of prison long enough to compete then he got to go back like a mother fucking honor program.  That shit had me trippin nigga, I’m like, you ain't got no damn niggas on that shit, we’d of gone to the show, the music hit and bitches be looking for us because a nigga done dipped out the back like bitches i’m in the middle of nowhere, ain't even in the goddamn usa, I’m free!


It’s at this moment that Lovegood notices the note about Stevens explaining what High Octane is and the deal with alcatraz.  He just pops up an eyebrow and looks at the phone like it was suddenly written in a foreign language.


What you mean he’s not really in jail?  Oh that some sort of other wrestling groups bullshit, well fuck nigga I thought damn bitch was hard and could relate to a nigga but turns out he’s just playing pretend.  Damn boy if you were wanting to know what it’s like to be a nigga you could just ask, ya boi Lucius would of dropped that knowledge on ya.


Course even if you keep playing pretend in yo lil would be prison you couldn’t understand but can’t blame ya, everybody wants to be a nigga.  So don’t take the ass whippin coming your way personal because it aint my nigga it’s just business.  Doctor gots to get paid just like everybody else and the only way I’m going to really get that paper is by going through the likes of you and all these other bitch niggas.


Lucius slips his phone back into his hoodie as he finishes off his second beer.  About that time he sees another group of women coming into the lounge.  This one is a mixture of winners and butters but Lucius is all about that charity sometimes so none of them were fully off the table.


I’d let you watch me work those bitches, but I’d hate for you to feel inferior lil niggas, so let’s just say that by the end of tonight Doctor Lovegood will be working on his cardio with at least three of them hos.  They got a serious vitamin d deficiency and I’m about to write the lot of them a prescription for all they can handle.


So real quick UTA, to all my lil niggas keep hustlin and make that money just like your hero Doctor Lovegood, and to all you goddess waiting for your house call to come always remember The Doctor is traveling all around so you never know when it’ll come so always….tight.


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