Title: The splendor of Egypt
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 10/02/2015
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Show: Wrestleshow #46


I softly spoke as my eyes took in the sight before me from the balcony. Up here on the second floor of the Pyramids View hotel, living up to its name as the view was indeed tremendous.

“Cairo is certainly some sort of splendor unlike back home or even in the States, April.” I smiled and turned around to look at my friend and the handheld camera she had while sitting on the bed cross-legged, focusing on me and hopefully getting some of the view behind me. “People give Egypt either a bad outlook or a very old outlook, but it is still quite modern with our times. I am really thankful that we get to be here. If not for the UTA and its World tour I highly doubt I would have ever made it here.”

I smiled ear to ear and turned around to get one further look. With the sun going down and the lights lighting up street level, it truly was magnificent. Quite calming, even. Best method to keep my head straight and forget, for now, about Sean Jackson and how he treated my brother. He'd get his, but alas I have other things to get to and reluctantly I turn around and walk over to the bed, taking a dive head and stomach first.

Rolling over onto my back I look over at April on the other bed and grin, grabbing the pillow next to me and tossing it at her as she seems to be fiddling about with her tablet not realizing the handheld is still focused on the scenery instead of me.

“Hey!” She yelled back, which I figured that would get her attention and it did, followed by the pillow tossed right back at me. “It isn’t even turned on yet.” I caught the pillow and placed it behind my back before I leaned up against the headboard of the bed.

“I heard Kendrix is already over here doing some sight-seeing. I think it would be great if we could go check out the sights. I do not just mean the pyramids and nile and the like, but the markets. The street traffic. You know, the culture.” I smiled and interlocked my hands behind my head while I laid there.

It wasn’t often that I managed to find myself in other countries. Especially those with such history and culture shock’s. True Wrestleshow would be held here in Cairo while Victory would be back home. On one hand, that’s great for them - on the other however I couldn’t help but feel a tad jealous. After all, who doesn’t want to wrestle and entertain for her home?

Then again, was it really home? Growing up I had far less of the kind upbringing then people watching at home might think. But I had no intent on bringing that up to them.

The UTA ultimately had become my new home. And here I sat in a hotel overlooking the deserts and pyramids of Egypt. A year ago I was planning on making my debut in the UTA, and here I am now. A former and first ever Prodigy Champion, the woman that bested Santa Claus, Uncle Rocky and Bobby Dean in the same night! A multi-time Legacy Champion, and even held it with my sister the Second Coming. Not to mention the woman that went cranium to cranium with both the Mental Rapist and UTA Champion, Sean Jackson, and the legendary beasty Crimson Lord.

No matter how you look at it, I had quite the career in such a short time. Sure it had its bumpy starts. My debut match after all was against 2C. I also had to contend with Kush. These two gals were tough and caved my noggin in something good. I came out of that however with two friends and sisters for life, but here we are a year later, both long gone from the UTA.

I am back alone.

A fact that all my opponents, colleagues, friends, neighbors and the like know quite well.

“So you ready to do this? Or should I-”

I looked at April as she had set her tablet down on the bed. Was it a ipad? Or maybe that is a Surface? Hard to say as I never was that great with technology. “Fire her up.” I smirked and pushed back from the bed, swinging my legs out and letting them drape over the edge to the ground. Well nearly reaching the ground. These beds had some height to them after all.

“Alright then in three, two-” she gave me the finger countdown like you would see on a television set. It made sense honestly given April’s motivation and hopes of getting into the media. Heck I would get her a job with the UTA if she were not so damn shy around people she did not know.

Seeing the green light on the cam corner I smiled my usual bright teeth on full display.

“Hello UTA and my Zhaliphires! Guess where we are!” I shouted with glee, perhaps a bit loud but in order to convey the importance it just felt right. “Cairo Egypt. Home of the Egyptian culture. Tonight April and I are just lounging about and watching the desert winds. We came early to get some good sight seeing in before my match at Wrestleshow.”

I paused and swiped my hair over my right ear. I cut that sucker down so it was less annoying but still managed to hit the inner rim which was uncomfortable at times.

“Given that I have the potential of being in two matches on Monday night, I doubt I will have the energy Tuesday morning to really go out and have a look around. So best to get all that done prior. Plus we are flying out Tuesday evening for that Meet and Greet.” Meet and Greets are gold for us on the road. It gives another reason to get out of our comfort zone and truly get to know our fans. Some of us enjoyed it, others maybe not so much. “But all that is after Monday.”

I leaned forward and rested my elbows across my knees while looking over at April, and byway the lens of her camcorder. Raphael, she liked to call it. Probably because of the red strap.

“While I have been busy flying around Europe and the US, I have not really had time to check in on the UTA and their website. I know there have been some interesting videos posted recently.” Yeah interesting. Next I see Sean Jackson he best be running the opposite direction. “I know Kendrix is here, somewhere. Abdul however must still be back in Saudi Arabia. And that is all fine and good. Because here is the thing folks,” smiling I continued, “while one is a returning superstar, and the other is a new upstart star -- both are incredibly talented in the ring. I will waive off my usual spiel about having respect for them, because at this stage does it really need said?”

Grinning I shook my head, “Not at all. And I will not look past either of you two. However, I need this.” It was a statement that I needed to stress. Repeating the words seemed the best route. “I need this. This year has been full of up’s and down’s for me ever since All or Nothing. Friends hospitalized. Rivals hospitalized. Lack of respect returned despite my own given. It gets tiresome.” And truly it did. If only they knew. “And now with our roster divided, the women once more an afterthought there due to Eric Dane and John Sektor -- I need to take what opportunities are presented before me and grasp them firmly. They are rare, and often resulting in ‘almost’ had it."

Hah. Yeah right. The ‘almost effect’. I came close to being the Legacy champion last time around. Actually was a few times, but almost made it out as the champ. I had my hands on that Ace in the Hole briefcase, and almost had it. Almost… yeah.

“I closed out the year last year as the first ever Prodigy Champion, and plan to close out this year as a Champion as well. And with the Prodigy Championship and Tag Team championships shelved so as to protect the careers of the three holding them, that leaves the UTA World Championship, the Legacy and the Wildfire championships.” I had at one time actually sought the Wildfire, and maybe again down the road but not while the roster is divided. “And with Dynasty backing our champ, plus Sean Jackson in the wings,, the UTA championship is really out of reach. Although-” I smiled ear to ear, “I do greatly appreciate all the votes you guys are sending in on the UTA website’s official poll for who should get a UTA Championship shot! As of last check I was sitting at 47% of the total, while Eric Dane has 29%, and Sean Jackson with 11% out of whatever total votes in play. Trust me that, was quite the eye opener.”

And boy was it! It just went to show that I had my supporters. Smirking I continued.

“Definitely would be taking full advantage of that opportunity should it happen. But until then, my focus is on the Legacy Championship, and Sean but directly and immediately for Monday it is the Legacy title. He will get his later. Trust me on that.”

Leaning back and resting on the palms of my hands, I let myself fall until I was flat on the bed. Looking over my chest and at April who was doing her best impression of Sean from earlier. Trying to get me to laugh, and it worked, but I held it together. For now anyhow.

“I need this guys. Monday I plan to come at you both with everything I have. And if you have been paying attention, you would know that when I say this, I do mean it. If Crimson Lord was unable to scare me into hiding or put me down, trust in that I have no regrets about facing you both.” I leaned upwards, and propping myself up with my hands. “And then going on to face Chris, Claude or Bronson.”

Pushing forward and with a roll of my neck I slid forward off the bed and planted my feet down on the ground, standing before April. Looking down at the camera like it was the barrel of a gun.

“Lets face it folks. For the six of us, no matter who wins, we have five incredible competitors to compete against in order to make it to the creme de la creme in John Sektor. That means we need to be prepared. Ready to give our all against the true Machine in the UTA.”

Smiling I pulled back and looked over my left shoulder at the pyramids. Such splendor.

“And that,” I turned my head back, “is a match I am most looking forward to.”

Monday couldn’t come quick enough.

“I need this, and come Wrestleshow-” I focused forward and reigned my smile in. This wasn’t the time. Looking directly at the camera lens, I made my statement loud, direct, and clear. “I am taking it.”


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