Title: Duck Dynasty
Featuring: Duke Dibbins
Date: 10/6/2015
Location: Roadside
Show: Wrestleshow #47

A banjo plays in the distance as the scene comes into view.

We are on the side of the road, a major freeway even.

We hear a loud metallic clang…

Voice: Dag Nabbit! Dis damn tire is flat.

The camera turns and we see the semi familiar truck/trailer combo from Wrestleshow. It’s the Dibbins. Duke is outside on hands and knees messing with the passenger side front tire of the truck.

Luke is in a lawn chair, a beer in one hand, another resting on his fat gut. He has sunglasses on and a bit of sunscreen applied to each cheek. Relaxing in the sun, which is beating down hot.

Duke: Luke! Git yur happy ass o’er here and help ma!

Luke doesn't move. Infact he begins to snore, although it's unknown if legitimate or faux.

Duke continues to wrench the tire. Finally he gets a bolt loose and begins to twirl the crowbar around pulling on the threads of the bolts.

The smaller Dibbins is sweating profusely. He wipes at his forehead and takes a whiff of his nearest armpit. It stinks but he smiles through the frown. He looks at the camera.

Duke: Las Wrasslinshow dey tol us, the tag belts returd! Now dey tellin us dey found some tag team to face da Dibbins.  Dey said it was Dynasty.

He gets a mean look on his face.

Duke: If Willy and Si wanna get rowdy in da ring with da Dibbins den so be it! We will beat their rich Duck Dynasty callin asses! I mean we aint never had a duck fight, but we aint bout to lose! Willy, Si, Robert, Jace, whoever ya’ll bring to da ring next Wrasslinshow, it gon get bloody!

He goes back to the tire as the scene fades out.



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