Title: Going Up
Featuring: Perfection
Date: 10/6/15
Location: London, England
Show: Victory XXXIX


The camera fades in facing Perfection who is sitting at the back of a limousine. He dawns his typical grey Armani suit with a white dress shirt and no tie. He’s recently arrived in London, England and is on his way to the Park Lane hotel. Perfection leans forward in his seat, arms resting on his knees as he begins to speak.

“Some would say this industry is built on opportunity, Ungratefuls. You're either handed that very opportunity and run with it or you come up short, fumbling it...never to recover the losses.”

James shakes his head in non-agreement.

“I don't believe in that. I don't believe I was given any opportunities, I DESERVED everything I have earned! No one came up to me and offered me the chance, I went out and grabbed it! I went out every single night and grabbed my opponent until there wasn't anything left in me- I TOOK my wins!”

Perfection runs his hand through his hair as a strand of blond has crossed in front of his face.

“That's not opportunity, that's me making MY own destiny! Yet, here I am, back at the drawing board. Back at the start and once again MAKING my destiny, taking what is mine...piece by piece, Ungratefuls. ”

His head turns and looks out the window, hand following to focus on the streets of London that pass by.

“And it all begins here in London, England. Your home country, Lew. That's where your opportunity began and it's where my self-made and undeniable destiny starts once again...It's where everyone can REBIRTH!”

Witherhold’s head turns back to the camera exposing a small smile.

“And who doesn't enjoy a good comeback story? Who doesn’t want to see me rip the title off La Flama Blanca or whoever holds it, once I've reclaimed my spot at the top? Who doesn't want to see the rise of Perfection?! I do, the Ungratefuls do, I would even gamble that you do as well, Lew!”

The camera adjusts to the other side of the limousine that hosts a bottle of Nolet’s Dry Reserve Gin. Perfection scoots over and opens the bottle, pouring some into a rocks glass to the brim. Clean is the only way he enjoys it.

“If you doubt me, if you’re in disbelief that they, at the corporate level, or them in the seats, don’t want’re dead wrong! Hell, even your former employer at VCW, James Ranger, believed in ME! He believed in me so firmly that during my suspension from UTA in twenty-fourteen and your championship run in VCW...he wanted to put the strap on ‘yours truly’!”

He lifts the glass about to drink but stops himself. The point he wants to get across is far more important.

“He wanted VCW to have life again! He saw the best, he saw there was only ONE wrestler in our industry that could lift the product to the level it needed to be in order to keep asses in!”

Now he can enjoy the drink, letting out a sigh of satisfaction.

“And I declined. As good as you are or even were, I was better...and I still am. Even now, although forced to work from the bottom of the food chain, I'll eat my way back to the top. I'm not one to complain about easy meals, Lew.”

Perfection sits upright and points the drink towards the camera swirling it.

“Again, I had the opportunity to be the lower tier 'best', kind of like how it is with Victory. Yet, my DESTINY was and is the UTA World Championship! My destiny IS being the best damn wrestler this company...the best wrestler that OUR industry, has ever seen!”

The limousine begins to come to a stop right in front of the Park Lane as Perfection again looks out the window, waiting for the chauffeur to open his door.

“Now, take at a look at YOU! Take a look at what has been HANDED to you! An opportunity for MY UTA World Championship and you fumbled the ball.”

The door finally opens and Perfection starts to exit. The camera stays inside moving closer to the door.

“I was never handed that opportunity, I had to earn it...I had to prove myself worthy! It was destiny. You think the powers that are would have given me the opportunity to beat the living piss out of Madman Szalinski for the UTA Championship?”

Before the camera can even exit following Perfection, James turns fully around blocking the path.

NO! I had to win a tournament to get there, no opportunities given. I was DESTINED to be the Champ by my own will, MY own talent! And while La Flama Blanca cherry picks his matches, again, I would have never had that OPPORTUNITY! I would have had to face the best this company could spit out in order to retain the top belt everyone wants and even when the strap wasn’t straddled on this damn fine waist, I still took on the challenges UTA could throw!”

He finally begins to walk towards the Park Lane doors allowing the camera to exit.

“I had to prove I was better every single night- not pad my title reign or record by beating underlings like Marie Van Claudio or Santa Clause, some hack enjoys to do that. I proved to your former boss I was the best, just like I proved before my contract expired I was, and just like I‘ll prove once again that I AM! It’s not just about being the best though, Lew.”

The chauffeur stands there waiting for a tip as James walks off in the distance the camera a few steps behind.

“It’s not just about beating you in my’s bigger than that..I’M bigger than that! I’m a household name in the UTA. When my picture crossed people’s screens last Victory announcing my return, ears perked up and eyes went wide...Twitter went wild...and fans knew the inevitable would happen!”

James stops in front of the door and hands the doorman a hundred dollar bill.

“Go get my bags.”

He turns around and looks at the camera.

“Another inevitable undefeated streak, Lew.”

Witherhold then adjusts his attention forward and enters the Park Lane, continuing to talk as he makes his way to the front desk.

“Another rise to the mountain and planting my flag at the summit! Another chance for the Ungratefuls to witness greatness unfold and have the chance to tell their children ‘remember you saw him, remember his name’. As much as the Ungratefuls despise me, they love me! As much as the industry wants to discard me, it NEEDS’!”

Perfection stops in the center of the lobby inhaling deeply through his nose before taking a drink.

“Hence why they threw you to the dog that is La Flama Blanca. Hence why they allowed you to believe you could get the job done, when in all honesty, you couldn’t pull the crowd in VCW or even get the job done against that tool Dick Fury if it came down to it! It’s not that you aren’t good, Lew.”

James' back is still turned to us as he bounces the glass to each of the words he speaks.

“You’re just not good enough.”

His march towards the reception desk continues onward.

“Not enough for the boss to want a strap on you then and not good enough for the boss to want a strap on you now...but I AM! I’ve proven that time...and time...and time...and time again! You will be the proof that I haven’t lost step. That ring rust is nothing more than imaginative and something I don’t have!”

The girl that’s attending guest check-ins smiles at James who immediately addresses her.

“Reservation under Witherhold.”

“Good evening Mr. Witherhold and welcome to the Park...”

“Just pull my room info.”

James leans against the counter and finishes his drink setting the empty glass on it. He gives us his attention once more.

“Losing to Mikey Unlikely, to that Dynasty meat-filler, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Losing to me, is more honorable though. You can hang your head high knowing that you faced an ACTUAL opponent and lost to a great! When I plant you smack-dab in the center of MY ring and lock in the Picture Perfect, you can have a few seconds of confidence before you tap that you did the best you could for the Ungratefuls.”

Perfection begins to tap his hand against the counter as the front desk host looks up at him.

“We have you in the Executive Deluxe Suite, sir. Here is your room key and you’ll find the elevators…”

“I know where the damn elevators are."

James takes his room key, leaving the glass at the desk and begins heading towards the elevators.

“But after you tap, Lew, I want you to look up at me. I want you to see the smile on my lips. I want all of the UTA to witness what real greatness looks like, what they were missing while I was gone, each and every time my hand is raised in victory!”

He pauses at the elevators reluctant to press the button to call them to the lobby level himself.

“Because sooner more so than later, Lew, my destiny will be had and it all starts with YOU!”

As Perfection stands there the doorman finally returns with a cart of his luggage.

“Going up, sir?”

Perfection smiles at the camera.

“Damn right I am.”


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