Title: Make Me Believe
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 10/06/15
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Show: Victory XXXIX

The TV clicks off, Will Haynes has just finished watching a copy of Wrestleshow. Truth be told, Haynes just wanted to see himself which should come as NO surprise. 

Haynes is wearing a pair of Nike Air shoes, they have a robotic silvery finish. He has Adidas track pant and a white thermal completing his casual outfit. He's got the AC a little higher than normal. He's being traveling a lot recently. In order to keep with the approaching fall back home, he's trying to recreate a moderate climate. After this stop it's off to London. Foggy? Rainy? Honestly he can't remember. Been a while since he's been in an international tour. Part of the reason he cared about this one.

Haynes: "I been tryin' t' make up for lost time. Been tryin' t' show that the UTA cares about each n' ever one of these international fans. Been tryin t' show the people that we care about them. I mean I met some cats who don't even speak our language, yet they knew about UTA. Had their favorites. Let me just tell you somethin', that's dedication."

Haynes pauses, nodding his head. It's true - he's been a machine, FULL pun intended, since coming back from the DL. Signings, photo ops, the whole nine yards. He was keeping himself occupied as best he could.

Haynes: "N' when I see dedication like that spit on, it gets me fired up. I don't wanna stand for it anymore. It's not what I want. It ain't who I am. 

N' I ain't gonna lie, not for one second. Mikey, wasn't that way either. He wasn't like that a second I spent with him on the road. He wasn't like that in Dubya Tee Eff Cee. N' that's what pisses me off, here. That's what gets under my skin."

Haynes strolls over to the mini fridge. Cracks it open and takes out one of the Fiji water bottles. He unscrews the top and gulps a bit of it down.

Haynes: "Cause if a thing, n' I mean one thing changed 'round here, Mikey. It's you."

Haynes points an acquisitive finger at the screen. 

Haynes: "You ain't the same guy you were before Team Danger put you out. You ain't the same as you were then than you are now. N' truth be told, I don't know how I got mixed up in the middle a' this.

"I wasn't the one that fed you t' Team Danger, n' Eric Dane. I wasn't the one that turned on you. I was there in the hospital LOOKIN' for you, Mikey.  You were in another world, completely. They had you on some strong stuff."

Haynes nods his head, he remembers it well. Coleslaw and Mikey occupied half a wing. It was after the fact that he heard Bobby Dean was there as well. That was fine with Haynes, if Bobby wanted to make amends that was on him.

Haynes: "I ain't sayin' go knock on Bobby's door, cause that guy is too nice t' tell it t' you like it is, but I'm sayin' you ain't go no reason t' bring this crap t' me.  

"None at all."

Another sip from the Fiji, Haynes by this point has lounged back into the bed, kicking the shoes off revealing black Nike long socks. He's relaxed. Mild manner. He's had some time to think on things. Find some zen, whatever it is you want to call it. 

Haynes: "Mikey when you came back, at the end of an epic match with Sean Jackson that blew the roof clean off Madison Square Garden, when you came back, I thought WE were back. I thought WE were gettin' the band back together.

Thought we were gonna kick some ass n' take some names."

Haynes shakes his head. A hard memory for him to recall - the Ring King tournament. Feels like a million years ago to him.

Haynes: "Guess not.

"After one a' the greatest wins of my UTA career, in one a' the biggest arenas on the planet, you gotta come in n' jack MY moment."

He stubs a thumb into his chest, puffing it out as he does so. He isn't pissed it was just supposed to be his. Madison Square Garden beating Sean Jackson, it was the stuff of UTA legend.

Haynes: "N' I gotta wonder, just me bein' curious here, but major problems. If you're the World's Greatest Entertainer - why jack MY MOMENT. Why piggy back on somethin' I did?"

The thumb again makes contact with the chest. This one is a little more passionate than the one before.

Haynes: "Why join' up with Dynasty? If you're the WORLD'S GREATEST, why do you need anyone at all?"

He asks the question that has been on his mind for weeks, months even. All that time sitting and thinking, picturing beating Dane, picturing beating Mikey - he came back around to one thing. Why?

Haynes: "Why do you need anyone, Mikey?

"You've got the talent. You've got the tools. You can be great.

"So what do you do? What do you do? You join up with the guys that are in charge of lowerin' the glass ceiling. A legion of thieves who only go as high as La Flama Blanca let's them.

"T' me, it makes NO SENSE."

Haynes shakes his head. It hasn't made sense since the beginning. 

Haynes: "Why did you need Dubya Tee Eff Cee, Mikey? Why did you need us? 

"You've got the bank roll now. You're some big shot movie star, Lord knows the money ain't hurtin'. You've got talent in spades. By the bunches. Why the hell did you come back n' align yourself with them? 


Haynes shrugs his shoulders. He won't get his answers, but he's not expecting to. He's hoping that he can spring up some doubt in Unlikely, throw him off his game before they head into this one. The London fans are said to be very excited. 

Haynes: "So make me understand, Mikey. Show me why you're better now than you've been before. Show me what's different between now n' All or Nothin'. Show me how you've grown. Show me how you've improved in your time off, how you trained hard for our match. Show me that work ethic that them boys in Dynasty distilled in you, Mikey. Show me!"

Haynes is getting a little more emotional here at the end then he assured himself he was at the start. But isn't that the way these things always go.

Haynes: "Cause I'll show you what I'm all about, Mikey, ain't no denyin' that. I'll show you the same drive n' motivation that I used to whoop not just Eric Dane's ass in the Ring King tournament, but also Sean Jackson's as well.

I'll show you the improvements I made t' my game as I fought tooth n' nail t' recover from my injuries. You didn't think I came back the same did ya? Hell no, got a whole new set a fancy things I been workin' on. Been tryin' to get stronger, quicker, leaner. I'm in fightin' shape, son. "

Haynes flexes for the camera, in parody fashion.

Haynes: "Mikey, I know you ain't gonna show me nothin'. I know that Dynasty has made you soft. It ain't no surprise, t' me. Why put in the work when your boys will just pour outta the back n' gift wrap you the win instead?"

Haynes throws his hands up in mock confusion.

Haynes: "Prove me wrong, Mikey. Make me believe. Cause right now I don't believe a thing - just like the rest a' Hollywood."

He smirks to himself. The wit of the THRILL is hit or miss but that one may have just found its mark. And the promo ends.


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