Featuring: Luke Dibbins
Date: 10/6/2015
Location: Roadside Part II
Show: Wrestleshow #47

A banjo plays somewhere out in the distance.

The scene fades in to a flat tire on the side of the road. Steel belting can be seen jutting out from the side of the tire, and a tire iron is lying next to it. The sun is high in the sky, scorching down massive heat on the road in the October month.

A stained, oily rag now falls onto the tire and the scene pans up to show a man standing there. He's wearing a pair of dirty blue jeans, a stained plaid shirt with the name LUKE on a patch over the pocket, a trucker hat, a pair of cowboy boots, and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He has some spotty facial hair and has quite the dumb look on his face. Currently, the dumb look also has a look of annoyance on it.

Luke: DUKEY! We have ta get ta thay ...uhh rasslin playe ayn' ay do nahwt know if we can get there in tahm. get out av thay ...uhh truck ayn' help me out here! get out av thay ...uhh trailuurr ya lazy bastard.

Luke grabs the good spare donut and walks it over to the wheel well and places it on. He grabs the tire iron and tightens the lug nuts, then tosses the tire iron into the back of the truck bed.

He nods his head in approvement, and then grabs the bad tire with the steel belting hanging out. He picks it up and walks to the door of the trailer and kicks it with a free foot.

Luke: Hey dukey, ay weysh y'all'd get yuurr ass out av that there trailuurr. ay know y'all ain't a-sleepin' owr nothing. We gotta go find them uta tag titles ayn' put them around our waist. But first we have ta take on them two dummies Kendrix ayn' that there dummy pabst blue ribbon rip-off CBR. ay don't know what those there boys think about us, but we're gonna kick thay'r ass. Amirite?!

Silence is all that is heard coming from the trailer. Then a loud, yet muffled fart. Luke shakes his head.

Luke: Whel then don't answuurr me. Ay'll fineysh fixin' this here up, ay'm a-goin' ta turn this here tire back in so it can be recycled.

Luke now tosses the tire into the grass on the side of the road. After all, it did say it was a 'green tire'. Luke now walks back over to the truck, climbs in, and then cranks over the engine. The truck now sputters off, hauling the trailer behind it as the scene fades out.

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