Title: Miserable
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: October 6th, 2015
Location: London, England
Show: Victory XXXIX

Things were not going best for Marie Van Claudio. For someone that’s been looking to reach for destiny, she’s sure not getting far. After a loss to Amy Harrison back at the last Victory, she needed to get her act together because this was not the Marie that everyone wanted to see. This Marie reminded her of the Marie that came out couple of years ago when she first started wrestling. This shouldn’t be like her. Marie was not a loser as she was making herself turn out to be.


This week, there wasn’t  going to be any type of slacking off. This match for Marie was not going to be easy, but it was a match that she needs to get her eyes open for. Her opponent this week happens to be Cayle Murray. One of UTA’s rising stars, who was undefeated. Of course, the heat was on for Marie regarding this match, but this would be a good way to reboot her career if she was able to defeat him at Victory.


They are in London out of all places, which happens to be a place where the sun doesn’t come out. One word to describe this place. Miserable. Marie’s mood was miserable which describes where her career’s going as we speak. Marie was walking down one of the streets, with an umbrella in hand as she was looking at the puddles on the ground.


Van Claudio: Miserable. That seems like a perfect way to sum up my career as well with this “perfect” day.


She shakes her head as she keeps on waking with the umbrella, spinning it around in her hands.


Van Claudio: I thought last week was going to be the week I was going to put that thought to rest where I was up against Amy Harrison. I had her where I wanted to be and then lost it! I lost the match! That match was the one I should’ve won!


She gets pissed off as she keeps on walking, spinning the umbrella faster.


Van Claudio: I have to put that aside and focus on the next person that comes in my way. We happen to be in London for this week’s show and I know that most, if not, plenty of the UTA stars call this place home. Some of them were even brought up here wrestling wise, but that won’t stop me from ruining fun.


She gets a smirk on her face as her foots steps are getting shorter as she pauses for a brief moment.


Van Claudio: The fun for my opponent, who to be Cayle Murray, as he calls this place home even though he’s from Aberdeen, Scotland, which looks way different from London itself. I can see why he calls this place home, but the fun ends here.


She smirks a bit even more.


Van Claudio: See. I know that homecomings are a big deal when it comes to a wrestler. They want to show everyone that has watched them start out, succeed With you, you’ve succeeded and you have every right to show that, but this is where your “home coming” is not going to be all roses.


She takes a look again. Roses. They are nice, but they could also die.


Van Claudio: I happen to be one angry bitch and when I’m angry, I don’t play nice! I saw your little “praising” you did a couple of days back when you said I come from a wrestling family and that nine times out of ten, people just see me as the one that likes the yoga and has no direction.


She rolls her eyes about it.


Van Claudio: I don’t buy into your crap because every word that you said is nothing, but lies. You see me as a wrestler and the one that took La Flama Blanca to the limit. Yeah, I did take him to the limit by NEARLY becoming the champion, in which it’s called “UTA Champion” and not “UTC”.


She laughs at the comment of Cayle messing up. She flips her blonde hair.


Van Claudio: Deep down, you know the real truth. You see me as the one that cares about Yoga and think like everyone else.  I see lies easily and what you said….is all lies, Cayle. Just like this little hype that you got going on. It’s all nothing.


Marie goes back to walking faster with the rain falling down.


Van Claudio: You were undefeated at one point, and I have to say that the track recorded that you have is pretty impressive, but for me? I don’t give a shit because that’s irrelevant to me. I don’t care who you defeated, but let’s talk about your Wildfire championship match. The biggest match of your career.


She walks a little bit faster.


Van Claudio: Everyone wanted you to win against Colton, but you came up short. It’s pretty sad that something like that had to happen, but you failed to get that title. I don’t even like Colton and I’m still glad that he retained his championship!


Marie flips her hair under the umbrella.


Van Claudio: Don’t get me wrong, Murrray, you are pretty talented coming out of a family that has a wrestling background and I look forward to our match this week against each other, but you said something about you wanting to see the Em Vee Cee that could wrestle and that doesn’t take crap from anyone? Cayle, you are going to get that wish, but that wish is going to come with a price.


She keeps on walking around in the rain.


Van Claudio: The Price? It’s going to be a total beatdown. When you ask something from a Van Claudio, we like to give it. That’s what my mother said when she was teaching her children back home in Montreal. You raise your hand for something, you better have a good question for a good answer.


She stops to think for a second before going back speaking.


Van Claudio: Or maybe a line my father would say, you want the wrestler instead of a slacker. You will get the wrestler, but the wrestler will come at you full force and it’s the last thing you will ask for knowing what the person is like when you face off against them. Is this what you really want Cayle?


She keeps on walking.


Van Claudio: You will get the wrestler in me, but you better be prepared to pay for the price at Victory when I give you the worse beat down in your entire life that you NEVER felt before!


She goes back to walking as the rain comes down a little bit harder.


Van Claudio: Not to mention the taste of being a losing streak that will make you completely….miserable.  


She gets done with her talking and moves faster to get dry. The rain keeps falling faster and faster into the umbrella as the scene ends.

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