Title: One Chance
Featuring: B.R. Ellis
Date: 10/08/15
Location: Ahead of the Man Ahead of the Gauntlet
Show: Victory XXXIX

I've never been one to care about wins or loses really. I didn't get into this industry for that. No, my goal has always been to entertain. Whether it was the little kid who's parents took him to his first show, or the grandfather in the middle of the crowd who has been a fan all of his life.

That is why I do this.

It's been a long time since I was in front of cameras. 2009 I believe was the last time, when I somehow had gotten a contract to work in DREAM. After that went under it was high school gyms, bingo halls, and flea markets. But not once was I ever discouraged No, because I got to entertain.

Not too long ago I ran into Jamie Sawyers who I had worked with back in DREAM. We were catching up and talking about the good old days. A few days after, I got the call that would change my life. It seems that Jamie had passed my name along and the UTA was looking for talent for their upcoming tour.

Fast forward a month or so and I am one and one. A win over the legendary Skylar Montgomery and then a very close match with the King of Pain himself, Stephen Greer. It was good to work with Greer as I had always liked his work with Team Danger in DREAM. It is what it is though.

Signing with the UTA has been great. It's allowed me to entertain so many more people at once. It has also afforded me the opportunity to watch some of the greats do their thing night after night. People who had paid their dues asnd made their way up to the top.

People like Eric Dane.

He was probably just as surprised as I was when Michael Lorenzo let my name slip out of his mouth to be a participant in the gauntlet match. Me facing Eric Dane? It had to be a joke right? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one to sell my skills short. I've been doing this a long time. But Eric Dane has earned his way to where he is today and more than likely the next UTA Champion.

I had to let it sink in. I really did. I would be facing the guy who is fighting for his chance to dethrone La Flama Blanca. Well, or Zhalia Fears if she happens to beat him first. Either way, me and Eric Dane in the ring at the same time.

A lot of people would see this and think there is absolutely no way they can prevail. Hell, a lot of people are saying that about me. But, while my number one goal is to entertain, I am also an opportunist. This may be my only shot during my time in the UTA that a win would allow me the chance to challenge for a championship belt.

Damn everything if I am going to let this chance blessed upon me slip through my fingers. Not going to happen. Instead, I am ready. I am ready to walk out there on that stage, down that ramp, and enter the ring with a man who has been on top of the industry for the last twenty years.

I plan to then show Eric Dane that I am in fact not a joke. That I am in fact not someone to just shrug off. Eric Dane is going to have to earn that title shot when he meets me at Victory because God as my witness I am going to show him just how bad I want it.

Eric, I'm not going to push a shopping cart full of weapons to the ring in hopes of dancing in shattered fluorescent bulbs. Now will I street fighted you until I have little bruises all over my body. You wont find me flaunting my tits and trying to get you to sniff a piece of ass that has been used more than Madman Szalinski's cum rag.

No, I am going to bring to you a fight like you have never had before. We both have the same amount of time in the business, and while our choices may have taken us down different paths, here we are. Right here, in the now. One of us will move on and get a chance to headline the pay per view for the title, and the other, well.. he'll have to watch from the back wondering what could have been.

For the first time in your career, I promise that I will do everything in my power to ensure it is you watching on that little monitor wondering where your life went wrong. That it will be you who finds himself alone in a hotel room late at night crying into a bottle of Whiskey. That it will be you who realizes that it is over and you let you chance slip through your fingers.

Eric Dane, right now you may be The Only Star, but after our match people will refer to me as The New Star. The man who took Eric Dane to a place no one had before. The headlines will call out the winner of our bout and the article will detail the battle in which we had. Victory will truly then be THE show once we leave it all in that ring Eric.

So yea, at the end of the day it's up to you if you want to choose to still look at this match as a joke. It's up to you if you want to not take facing me serious. If that's your propagative, then who am I to stand in the way of that? Just don't complain when you open your eyes and look to the sky to see the referee hold three fingers up and call for the bell.

Will you pick up your ball and go home? Probably. But it's OK, because up until now you have done what you set out to do when you came to the UTA. You have proved that you are still great after all of these years. The loss will be crushing to your inflated ego. While I feel bad that we will be losing a true legend such as yourself when you realize that you aren't the guy because of me, it'll all be made up when those cameras flash and I enter the ring in Tokyo.

Eric, lets do this man. Lets go out there and show the world who the rock stars are. Lets go make history. Because at the end of the day we both only have this one chance to do something great. I'll see you at Victory.

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