Title: Take The Show By Force! / Home Advantage!
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 30/09/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XXXIX

Lew and crew are seen packing their things yet again. Lew seems bummed out, but has a smile fixed to his face.

Jordan: Yo, Lew. What's going with you recently?

Lew: Me? What an odd thing to come out with when we're just sorting out of stuff to pack.

Hayley: Jords is right, Lew. You've been sulking for the last few days since your loss against Mikey Unlikely...but you've had a smile planted on your face. Is everything alright?

L: Yeah, everything's alright. Whilst I do admit, you guys are correct in detecting a slight ray of disappointment about me, which is indeed, connected to Monday's Victory, I do feel like something good is about to come around. Maybe not immediately, but soon. Very soon.

H: Oh? Tell us about Monday.

J: Yeah, can you believe that Will Haynes is back!?

H: Incredible!

L: Great timing, great situation to do it in too. Things will definitely turn upside down now.

H: Is that another personality you'll be after to aid your efforts?

L: He will definitely be a great person to join forces with. Seeings as WTFC was Haynes and Unlikely's deal, it'll be great to see him get revenge on the person who put him out for a while. Seeings as Unlikely is Dynasty's bitch now, I'm sure Haynes would be on board with taking them out. Along with many others.

J: Looks like more potential members for your anti-Dynasty force are showing promise.

L: Ha! Depends really. It's totally an idea in the making. I've not spoken to anyone yet.

H: Want us to clear that up for you?

L: No, no need. It'll be better if I actually made connections myself. The other wrestler's would see the pure, authentic, legit feeling to it if they saw the fire in my eyes.

J: Which Unlikely...Blanca...Dynasty...the UTA just don't see in you.

Hayley's emotion turns sour and faces Jordan.

H: The hell, Jordan?

L: Calm down, Hayley. Jordan is right. To an extent.

H: How so? Your own manager is insulting you!

J: How? I'm being honest.

L: Look. Jordan is right in the respect that I've lost my touch. All my 'winner' speeches are just that. Speeches, words. We've covered my style, many times. A self defense based martial art has no place in the entertainment industry...on top of that, karate can't really do much against ring based styles. They all are ring based fighters, where as I merely adopted the ring fighting into my karate. Mikey beat me because he is an entertainer, a wrestler. I'm a martial artist who tries to entertain and tries to wrestle.

J: Whilst going against my own point, back in EWA and VCW, your karate never held you back before.

L: True. Titles, massive wins. I got a lot back in the times. Maybe the karate is just wearing thin.

H: No! It's what makes Lew Smith 'The Ominous Angel'! Don't change a single thing about you or your style! You're just being bested in matches where you work just as hard as the opponent! Like Monday night! It was fate that Unlikely beat you. Will Haynes returned. So the spotlight changed onto that sweet moment because of you losing. What happens if you won that one? What would Will have done instead of burst out from the crowd? He would've looked at bit strange just walking out of the crowd clapping at your victory and just hanging about. Right? You lose for reasons out of your control. No matter how hard you work.

L: A very incredible point to raise. I would've never thought of that.

J: Same. But that still doesn't hide the fact that Lew is losing. He basically a plane which is crashing and burning on a huge flight of metaphorical stairs. A never ending stairs case, I might add.

L: Ah, he's right. I need to find a way to truely become a wrestler.

H: But you are a wrestler!

L: Not by UTA standards of course. So far, I've won a few matches and a hand full of key matches that was a make or break situaton. But to the people who I spent time with, I'm just a great personality. To everyone else however...I'm just not a great wrestler. Not a bad one but...not great.

J: So, before we go to England for the next upcoming Victory...shall we discuss how we can break this habit? Become more of a wrestler by using your martial arts? Instead of being a martial artist using wrestling moves?

L: Ha! Absolutely that for the plane journey, keeps us occupied and something to go on. A brain storm in the sky.

H: It'll be great with upcoming Victory taking place in England!

L: Yeah, London is only a hour or so away from my home town. I'll be able to visit my old dojo again and get more advice.

J: Homeside advantage is always a good positive aura to have. No doubt you'll clear whatever omens surround you.

H: Is that why you're so giddy, Lew? Going home?

L: Ah, it's not JUST that. Although, being adored by so many back shows that I'm bringing the feeling of home to the UTA...and it will overpower me.

H: So, what else is it?

L: Just being around people I know from home again. It'll keep me grounded. My last trip to England scored me a few wins when I got back because I was able to do what I needed. Now that I'm here, I can do what I need, whenever I need it, to overcome my next opponent at Victory. Speaking of which, who is it?

J: Hazard a guess.

H: The clue is that he made a come back.

L: ...Will Haynes?

Hayley and Jordan both shake their heads.

L: Well the only other person who 'came back' to the UTA last Victory was...

Lew ponders and stops packing.

L: Perfection.

Hayley and Jordan both nod.

L: Ex-Dynasty...well...not through his own means of course...

J: No, Lew. This is one man who will not be wanting to be a part of the anti-Dynasty team.

L: I would have thought that it would be a fifty-fifty chance. Stand by and watch what he created continue to degrade into what it's become and disgust him that he decides to either take it back over or take it down. Sean Jackson left so...maybe there is hope that he intends to damage it.

H: And the other fifty?

L: That he does indeed join and destroy what he created...

J: Thinking WAY too ahead mate. This guy is Dynasty-born. Recently came back from suspension. This guy has it out for everyone. Including you.

L: It'll be the first time encountering such a legend. I remember when I first joined and his name stuck out to me and-

J: No, Lew. You don't get it. Don't go do a softie 'explain-a-story' like you did with Blanca and him introducing you to UTA. Perfection is a demon. He bloody created Dynasty. The very thing that CBR, Blanca, Kendrix and Unlikely are formed of. There is no 'inspiration' story to be told here.

Lew goes to butt in.

J: Regardless of there actually being one!

Lew gets put down.

H: Look, we still got a bit of packing to do. How about we save the chat for Perfection for the flight tomorrow?

L: Sounds like a plan to me. Plan of progressing my style and discussing my opponent? Sounds like an eventful journey home.

H: Alright. Let's finish packing and scoot on outta here.

Jordan moves into the next room, Hayley budges over to Lew and nudges him.

H: You can tell me the story if you'd like, Lew?

Lew smiles and cuddles Hayley.

L: If you're wanting to listen?

H: Absolutely. Tell me about your thoughts of Perfection.

L: Well, it's not really a thought as most of that will be spewed in the flight tomorrow but...

Lew sits down.

L: Just being new to the UTA scene...Perfection was a name that stuck out to me. I have no reason why it just stuck. I always liked following him and his adventures, being completely oblivious to the fact of the whole Dynasty thing. Being a newbie the other wrestlers would go on and ON about Dyansty and I'd sit there being all like 'alright so, Dynasty is a thing, do I need to know? Do I need to do my research?' You know, that sort of thoughts and feelings. I learned about Dynasty naturally. Just by proxy of being in the UTA, you learn things about people when you start to pay attention and get more involved.

H: Do you think that's why you've lost touch? You not spending the time to dive in deeper?

Lew sighs and cuddles Hayley with one arm and looks at the ceiling.

L: It might very well be...I need to get more involved again. It's like, my lost touch with the rest of the UTA has a direct coalition with my performance.

Lew looks back at Hayley and smiles.

L: When we get to England, mind spending some time with me organising a few things?

H: Absolutely!

L: You see, I don't want to talk about it on the plane as Mr. J will hear about it.

H: You got it. Don't worry.

L: Thanks. I really do hope that the feeling of home showers me with good luck for the rest of the global tour. Maybe even at the Pay Per View, Lew will get his shot once more.

Hayley giggles.

H: You sound like Dick Fury...talking in the third person.

Lew giggles back and holds Hayley.

L: Ha! Yeah...yeah I do.

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