Title: Does anyone check anything?
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 10/8
Location: London England
Show: Victory XXXIX

London England. It's at London's Heathrow Airport we begin today. The busiest airport in London is home as the UTA's globe hopping tour has arrived.  The hustle, the bustle, the fans, the hype, the press and all that comes with it.  It's not a press conference but at one of the many international checkpoints we begin.  We look in and find another traveler, his hair hidden under a cap, his eyes hidden behind glasses.  

It's just another journeyman here to work, to find opportunity and make a pound... er buck. He would blend right in with his many travel bags and suitcases.  He would seem incognito to everyone with his headphones in his ears and the iPad in his face.  He would but he's a face too familiar.

Ron Hall, the Southern Rebel is quietly listening in on some audio files. It's not the newest, hottest podcast. It's not about the beloved national sport of soccer.  No instead it's some news from the office. Business updates of the latest comings and goings of the largest Wrestling promotion on earth.  It's not quite the wrestler, but more Ron the grown up with responsibilities of being a minority owner we find.  His face looking like he's swallowed sour milk as he hears the news.
Recording: (Office assistant sounding voice reading notes into a microphone). "Bronson Box's contract has expired, the two sides were unable to come to a satisfactory agreement.  Daylan Windsor's short term deal has also lapsed.  All other talent is still under contract at the moment.

Management has brought in new talent. Jason Cashe will be joining the tour for Wrestleshow immediately.  Duke and Luke Dibbins have both been finalized and will be joining Wrestleshow in 2 weeks. Perfection has rejoined the UTA, his contract has been finalized, he will be starting on Victory this week. Yeshua Pandemonium has been finalized. He will be starting on Victory this week. "

Recording ends.

Ron finds the email from James Wingate informing him that Ron will be facing the new comer Yeshua on Victory. He reads it again and all he can do is shake his head in disgust.  A beep breaks in and alerts Ron to a message from the UTA website.  He clicks on it and finds Yeshua's debut interview.  Ron sits through the nearly seven minutes of rambling, babbling and incoherence from a guy in a bad Halloween costume.  Mentally, Ron is running through his check list. No words emerge... Not yet at least.

"Insult... downplay me and my place in the UTA... How bad and tough he is...  Only thing missing is the jokes about my background or my family.  More babbling... Oh good grief.  I'm supposed to believe this guy is the best Lorenzo or Wingate could find?  He looks like he has a flower growing out of his head and who picked that mask color? It looks like someone shit grapes... I think that's what they were going for???"

Ron looks up from his IPad. A teenage fan is standing there with his girlfriend and a set of UTA trading cards in his hands. He's a typical teenage local. He walks up and hands Ron the card that has his picture on it.  Ron quietly pulls out a pen and signs it. 

The kid looks at the card, looks at Ron and sneers.  "Thanks old man.  It's a shame Wingate didn't retire you...  Hehehen maybe I could do it.  Looks at his girlfriend trying to impress her. "Hell I could kick your ass..."
Ron takes a moment and shakes the kid's hand, then with force and ease, he pulls the kid close to him and whispers
"How old are you?"  

The kid gasp from fright. He looks like he's about to wet himself, and then trying to act tough... "19... I'm a grown ass 19 year old man... You don't scare me..."

Ron knows beating the stuffing out of this kid, no matter how satisfying isn't going to solve anything so he whispers with clinched teeth. "Listen, unless you want to tell your girlfriend what it was like getting your ass kicked by this "Old Man", I suggest you walk away.  NOW."

The kid mumbles something unintelligible and scampers off with his girl who is now giggling at him.
Ron takes a moment. It would be so worth it... Does anyone check anything anymore? How the hell did that kid get back here?

He returns to his tablet and allows himself a look through Pandemonium's talent bio and background.  The confidential stuff that only management gets to look at.  His mind races as he processes what he's seeing.  Prison, unique orientations and a few issues that suggest this guy doesn't need a wrestling ring. He needs a shrink because the quacks who worked on him did him no favors.

Rather than let it all out in a primal scream that seems to be gripping his vocal chords, Ron quietly gathers his bags and after making sure he has everything starts towards the exit for a cab to a hotel.  He stops to sign a few autographs on the way out.  

The wait for the cab is short, as he travels to his hotel, his phone buzzes with messages. One of course is from Orlando and it brings new meaning to the phrase "Reach out and annoy the ever loving shit out of someone."

Orlando:  Got a new playmate for you.  Have fun.

Ron figures that yelling at the suit in charge isn't going to solve anything so he decides to take a moment and answer his good friend in Orlando.

"You know how to pick them don't you?  I would ask if you bother to check anything anymore but looking through your latest hires it's still obvious you don't. That or you're still that petty."

A few minutes later a return message comes "I'd be more worried about Monday if I was you."

Ron replies "I'm not worried about your goon for hire, I'll be happy to send you what's left of him home in a crate Tuesday morning. This will be another short and brief UTA career and it's going to be on your head."

Ron turns his phone off.  This banter can wait.  There's a conference call later today anyway.  It's a long ride to the hotel. It would help to think, to clear his head.... 

"There's also that other new guy Wingate brought in for Victory I might have to deal with. It would be a bit poetic, because after all, he's not Perfect. He just reminds me A LOT of him."

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