Title: Emotions
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: October 8th, 2015
Location: London
Show: Victory XXXIX

It was twenty-one minutes after seven in London and Marie just got done her press work for UTA. A lot of questions were being asked to her and she had to be honest about a couple of them. Sure this was something Marie expected out of the press. Thank god that was over and she had to deal with the next problem…..Cayle Murray.


Two days ago, it was a rainy miserable day and it summed up how her career was going , but there was something that she had to stop doing. That was being so down on herself and being negative on her career. Was everyone saying true about her? Did she really have no direction? Could this be the end of the line if Marie can’t pull out a win? It was time to wake up and the waking up needs to start now.


She wasn’t sitting in a place where nobody would see her at. She wanted to be by herself for this one. No funny business. Nothing that would prevent her from being distracted. Just Marie and herself.


Van Claudio: I guess I was kind of harsh on you the other day, Cayle, but when you are upset and beating yourself up. There has to be a reason for this, right?


She shakes her head and moves her hair back.


Van Claudio: Everyone looks at everyone here in a different matter. They see Will Haynes being the face of the company, they see you being the next big star to follow him and they see Amy Harrison, yes, and my “old” friend become the next bitch!


She gets fired up inside. She has to let it go.


Van Claudio: Then there’s me. The one that had it all. The one that started off on the wrong note, able to get her shit together later in the year, took time off and then came back focused as ever , leading up to the biggest shot of my life and POOF! All gone in a heartbeat!


Marie’s eyes get glassy as a diamond.


Van Claudio: Was it because I didn’t care about getting the shot? Was it because I didn’t want to be champion? I wanted to be champion in this company for the longest time and it was a passion I had to be one! I care about my career , but you want to know why I’m so fed up and angry with myself these days?


Marie wipes something away.


Van Claudio: It’s people like YOU that don’t have any faith in me. God forbid if I became the champion, half of you guys wouldn’t respect me for defeating La Flama Blanca. God forbid if I won the title, everyone here would be walking out, yet, you have the nerve and go out and say you respect me, Cayle?


Her glassy eyes turn into anger.


Van Claudio: Let me ask you something. When you saw the card go up  what were you thoughts about going against me? Did you hear anyone in the back mummer that you wanted to make a big deal out of me, knowing that it would be a waste of time? What were the real thoughts?


She keeps on having her angry, leading to a knot in her throat.


Van Claudio: I think I know what the thoughts were. You knew that you were going to come into this match and get that easy win. That’s what everyone here thinks when they go against me in the ring. They see me as someone that they can get away with and move to the next opponent. At least you were capable of seeing of what I could do in the ring, but I still don’t buy ANYTHING that you said. I don’t buy the nice guy act nor will I ever listen to someone like you!


She flips her hair back.


Van Claudio: That’s why I’m so negative because half of you bastards don’t believe in me. Half of you ingrates don’t believe in anything I do. You just see me as the Yogi-tini bitch that likes to jerk off to the DVDs! That’s what you see me as!


She calms down a little bit more.


Van Claudio: I cannot dwell in the past any longer. If I keep on dwelling, it’s not going to get me far. If I keep on whining like I’m doing, it’s not going to further my career  and it’s going to keep on bringing me down even more. This match is you and me and you and me ONLY!


She sits down on a chair, takes a sip of her water before speaking again.


Van Claudio: There’s no Colton, there’s no Dane, there’s no Amy and there is not going to be any other people coming in this match where they are going to cost us here. You want a good match from me? Then you got it! You want to show that you have the respect for me, then show it! You want me to prove myself then I will!


She recharges herself.


Van Claudio: But I think you should know how much I really to win this match. It would restart my career and it will help me get back to where I was going once before. Cayle, I will take back everything that I said about you and rethink otherwise. You don’t have anything to prove when you’ve been proving yourself and will take back everything I said before!


She thinks to herself.


Van Claudio: You will get everything coming towards you at Victory, but needless to say,

I need this win MORE than anything else. Don’t make me rethink, Cayle.


She takes a deep breath one more time before saying one final ones.


Van Claudio: I really mean that too. I want to think that you’re not like anyone else in this place like the ones that put me down ALL the time.

She takes a deep breath before ending her promo. Marie didn’t want her emotions to get the best of her in this match. It was go time for her.

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