Title: The War
Featuring: Stephen Greer
Date: 10-08-15
Location: Somewhere
Show: Victory XXXIX

It's been a strange few weeks for me. It has felt like the war is over and I've been searching for purpose.

First the UTA decides that we're too awesome to have to actually defend the straps so they just retire the belts with the bad boys of TeeDee as the forever Tag Team Champions of the World.

Then, in a perfect storm of timing and coincidence, Ty takes a pretty important office gig with KelKel up in the New Orleans territory that is definitely going to keep us in the lifestyle we've grown accustomed to. Plus, when the boss has your immediate sexual future in the palm of her hand, those decisions are made just a little bit easier.

Combine all that with the ridiculous hoops they're making Eric jump through just to take what is rightfully his and my sudden plunge back into single competition and I guess "strange" is an understatement.

We all have our roles to play. Ty is the guy who everyone will always wonder about. Tag wrestler turned singles star turned Tag Team Specialist. "Should he have just stayed the course and stayed on his own?"

Eric is the guy no one ever has to wonder about. The Only Star. Eric Dane has been and always will be the very best in our business. And God damn it if it doesn't just dig a little to have to say that. Heh.

Me? I'm the guy that people only remember for my last match. I've never been as spectacular as Ty and never as much of a star as Dane. Unless I'm bleeding buckets or just straight murder-fucking someone into oblivion,

I'm always the doubted one.

That has been the role I have been given by the outside. I am old enough and arguably wise enough to be able to not only accept my role, but to thrive in it. I embrace what I have become, because behind it all...

I'm still the same bastard I've always been.

I will hurt people. Quite frankly, I enjoy that part of my job. When I'm given a further purpose, I enjoy it that much more. Right now, I have that purpose.

Ty and I conquered the UTA's Tag Team scene and forced everyone else to disband, give up or just surrender.

That battle is over. The war has begun.

I have been tasked with keeping the rest from sneaking their way into a position that they are not worthy of. To keep the field unobstructed and the clear champion visible for all to see.

Consider me the gatekeeper to Eric Dane, the throne and the UTA World Heavyweight Championship.

And that's where I am going to thrive. BR Ellis tried to storm the castle and I quickly turned him away, forced him into a humbled retreat and back into oblivion. Now Lisil Jackson will attempt to cross the same battlefield. An unfocused campaign, just barely significant enough to register, he will face the same fate. I will bloody him, enjoy his suffering and release his corpse to The Truth to do with what they please.

The battles will continue until there are none left to challenge the throne.

And the war will be over.

And a new war will begin.

And I will leave no doubt.


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