Title: Take A Look
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: October 8th, 2015
Location: London
Show: Victory XXXIX

The scene starts with Amy sitting in the lobby reading a magazine as her father comes up to see her. Her heart’s racing as she sees him.


Harrison: What are you doing here?


He comes up and sits near her as Amy puts the magazine away.


Craig: Since when I can't see my own daughter? Besides, you're only near the other side of the Irish Sea, so you're not too far away from home.


He keeps his eyes on her, Amy looking intimated.


Harrison: I know. Just a bit mad that the other show has to be the one going to Ireland and not this one.


Craig sighs.


Craig: Don't you worry about that. You'll have plenty of time to get back home for a day or two after the show is over. Besides, you've got more important things to focus on here.


Amy eyes him up and down.


Harrison: Exactly! It's my time here to prove that I can be the best this place has right now, and this is my chance to shove it in the faces of those that tried to keep me down!


Her father listens in and puts his hands on the table.


Craig: That's why I wanted to come here and talk to you.


They both sit down on nearby chairs and start talking.


Craig: Listen, I know that you're going to be in high spirits because you've gotten your first winning streak in this place, but just because you have that and that you're in this gauntlet match doesn't mean that you have a right to dismiss it as an automatic win.


Amy’s eyes pop out.


Harrison: How could I not? If I'm the last person to go into that gauntlet, I could have the best shot to get the win.


She smirks.


Craig: Amy, that doesn't mean that you can go into the match half-assed.


She rolls her eyes at her father, but he keeps that stern look on.

Craig: You're on the right path after beating Marie in the last show, but don't let it all get to your head. You're going good, and I'm glad to hear it, but don't go in thinking you're invincible.


Amy shrugs her shoulders.


Harrison: Oh come on!  Is it wrong to be confident in my abilities? Is it wrong to actually want to go into the match, and actually wanting to win it?


Craig shakes his head “no”


Craig: Of course not! I can tell from the way you're acting now that you think that you can't lose, and that you already have this whole thing wrapped up. You don't.


She rolls her eyes again at him.


Harrison: Did you just come in here and  tell me to tone it down? If that's the case, do you really know who I am?


She stands up, facing her father.


Harrison: Listen, Daddy, I’ve  never toned myself down in my life! I'm always up front about everything that I do, and I mean everything. I tell everyone right to their faces what they need to hear, and what I'm doing to do.


She keeps on eying him.


Harrison: I've done that my whole life, and I think it sounds like someone that might be familiar to you. Oh, who would that be again? Oh right, it was YOU!


Craig’s in shock with this.


Harrison: You were always like that when you were wrestling. People thought you were cocky,  arrogant and all of that stuff, but you proved it in the ring that you could back up your words, and you did that your whole life. Sound familiar?


He slowly nods his head.


Harrison: Maybe it's because you've been retired and you're from "a different age" or whatever you want to call it, but I'm pretty much doing the exact same stuff that you were known for, what the Harrison name is known to be, and now you're coming out here and saying that I have to tone it down?


He shakes his head again at her.


Craig: Amy, I'm not telling you to tone it down.


Harrison: Then what are you telling me then, huh? Why are you here?


He need to look at Amy.


Craig: I'm here to tell you to shape up, and to tell you that you need to focus.


She keeps on rolling her eyes at him.


Craig: You're letting out all of this frustration on me, what you should be doing is letting all those people in that match, even the ones that might be going in before you and that you’re going to go into this match like rapid wildfire.


He stops.


Craig: I’ve heard what you’ve said before, that you’re more than just looks, that you’ve had enough of people holding you down. You’ve been proving that the last few matches, you told Bobby Dean that you could take him out and you did, and you told Marie that she’s been holding you down, and you beat her.


He keeps the eyes on her.


Craig: I know who you are, I know what you’re capable of, so don’t tell me about all of this stuff, tell them!


Harrison: I’ve heard loud and clear what that guy has been saying about me. He’s one of the people here who thinks that I’m all talk and no action, and trying to find any way to try to get at me.


Harrison: I mean, why the hell would he say something about me trying to “yoga him to death”, whatever the hell that means. And besides, that’s all Marie’s stuff, and I want nothing to do with her now.


Harrison: Eric thinks that he’s so high and mighty, thinking that he deserves to jump the cue for the title shot. What gives him the right to go “Hey, I want a title shot”?


Harrison: You know, I’m glad that he’s been put in this match, I’m glad that they’ve put him in this gauntlet match, because now he has a chance to show everyone what he can do. And if it was anyone else in the match, I’m sure he’d be able to do that. But I’m not just anyone.


Harrison: I’ve got my own point to prove here. I tell the truth about what I can do, and let no one decides to listen. I told Bobby Dean what I was going to do against him, and he didn’t listen. I told Marie Van Claudio what I was going to do against him, and she didn’t listen, and what happened? I beat them BOTH!


Harrison: Oh, and don’t think that I’ve forgotten about the others in this match. Even against someone like Eric Dane, they don’t have a chance in this match, and if somehow they were able to beat Dane and then had to go against me? Forget about it.


Harrison: Honestly, Eric Dane might have a chance to go through the others and go all the way through the match, and if it was just those three, than that would have been fine, but he doesn’t stand a chance if he has to go against me.


Craig: Amy, I was in your spot many a time, and all of this experience and wisdom has its uses.


Craig: If you keep this motivation for the match, nobody, not even this Dane guy, is going to stand a chance against you. Just stay focused.


Harrison: You got it, Dad.


Amy and Craig then part ways as Amy goes back to her magazine.


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