Title: The Words Of Lisil: Addiction
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 10/8/2015
Location: Stonehenge England
Show: Victory XXXIX

The scene opens In front of the stone artwork known as Stonehenge. The camera pans around showing off the gorgeous scenery of the English country side. It finally stops on Lisil Jackson who is seen sitting in the middle of the field in a meditative position. Sitting on each side of him are his 2 tiki statues and his bottle of Jamaican rum. He is dressed in a pair of black track pants with yellow and green stripes down the sides, and a black tank top. He opens his eyes and smiles. 

"Eyyyyyy mon! I know what ya be tinkin! Tings right now look kinda rough fo Lisil Jackson. I mean wow I got pinned by Bobby Dean! But ya know what dee funny ting is? I wanted dat guy ta beat me! I wanted ta bring dee best out of Bobby Dean! He did just dat and I applaud dee guy!" 

Lisil Jackson shrugs his shoulders sighing. 

"And o' course we still got dee Truth who tink dat dee games dey play will scare me... At Wrestleshow I shown dat monsta Brudda Judas dat Lisil Jackson will be mo den willin ta bring dee fight! And dat is sayin somethin considerin I went from South Africa ta Cairo! And now I'm sittin here in dee most peaceful place England has ta offa!" 

Lisil Jackson says with a bold smile raising his arms. 

"But now it is time dat I focus on dee task at hand... And dat task is a brudda dat goes by dee name of Stephen Greer... One half of Team Danga! One half of dee last tag team champions! A mon wit plent o' credentials!" 

Lisil Jackson says lighting the sprig of white sage in the tiki statue of Loa's hand letting it smoke. 

"Ya bee a respectable mon Greer... I know ya been round dat block plenty o' times! But dere is one ting I know bout ya! Ya got demons..." 

Lisil Jackson lets out a sly smile as he says those words. 

"Ya see mon I looked back at ya old matches... Datin back ta days ya were in dat NeWA company... Dee days where ya were fightin wit ya own tag team partna.... Ya see Greer dere is one ting I caught bout ya dat I am most certain of.... Ya be a very weak minded individual!" 

Lisil Jackson looks into the camera with a serious look. 

"Brudda I know bout ya demon.... Dat demon o' addiction dat constanly haunts ya! Dat feelin where all ya can turn ta are dem happy pills and ya be so drugged up ya don't even know who ya are anymo!" 

Lisil Jackson shivers thinking deeply to himself.

"Greer... I was in ya shoes once upon a time... I made a mistake of lettin dat demon consume me... I had no money.... I had no friends.... And ta be honest I had no family! I was out dere livin on dee streets mon!" 

Lisil Jackson slowly stands up stretching his legs. 

"It got ta dee point where I felt like I was betta off dead. And ya know what? I stood at dee edge o' dat cliff and looked down at dee rocks below... But ya know mon dis is where we diffa... I stepped away from dat cliff and I knew I had ta betta maself and ta get outta dat darkness dat demon consumed me in!" 

Lisil Jackson says his voice raising slightly. 

"Ya see Greer when I went out on dat retreat out ta South Africa I realized it wasn't what I didn't have.... It was what I did have.... And dat is what truly mattas... And Greer while ya have ya many championships unda ya belt and ya many credentials... Dee only ting dat mattas to ya are dem pills!" 

Lisil Jackson says bending down grabbing his bottle of Jamaican rum and opening the cap. 

"Mon I fough dat demon and I'm still standin... Yet ya still struggle wit dis demon... I feel sad fo ya Greer... But ya know it's neva too late ta make dat change! And ya know it does appear dat ya be openin a new chapta in ya life..." 

Lisil Jackson says before he pours the rum into the wooden cup sitting in front of the tiki statue of Loa. 

"But ya know I can't help but wonda why did Tyrone Walka decide ta leave... I mean o' course dee reason dat is known is dat office job... But ya know what I tink? I tink he's sick and tired o' bein round dat bumbaclot Eric Dane!" 

Lisil Jackson lets out an amusing laugh. 

"I mean really ya associate yaself wit a mon who couldn't beat me cleanly! A brudda who stabbed Sekta wit a fork! A mon wit no hona! So am I supposed ta assume dat I can expect dee same from ya den?"

Lisil Jackson crosses his arms after he sets the bottle of rum down. 

"Greer... I know ya got a nasty reputation and ya got dee scars ta prove it... But lemme tell ya somethin brudda. I may not win every fight... I may fall in battle... But ya dat pain... Dat pain is what pushes me on... Dat pain dat consumes ta dee point dat nothin will hurt me!" 

Lisil Jackson sits back down looking down at the two tiki statues... 

"Loa... Bondye.... Dee spirits will bring me Victory... And dey will be ya downfall Greer... Just rememba... I'm dee one who battled addiction and won... And ya still be fightin dat battle!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he grabs the bottle of rum and pours some into the wooden cup in front of the tiki statue of Bondye. 

"Today is one day... Tomorrow is anotta! Betta Must Come! I am cuz we are!" 

And with those words said the scene fades to black as Lisil Jackson closes his eyes and goes back into a meditative trance. 

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