Title: little bruises
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 9th october
Location: wrestling uta hq
Show: Victory XXXIX

The scene opens up with Jack Hunter backstage in the uta wrestlingzone in London England and he is dressed like guile from street fighter because he is also a street fighter just like guile.

Jack Hunter: “Well well well just like I told you all Jack Hunter is here in wrestling uta and he cannot be stopped!!! At victory I fighted one of the most best wrestlers in the uta skylar mountgoomy and he fighted me well but in the end he was no match for the hunter hahahaha”

“already in my 2nd match I have a chance 2 become uta champion because uta has seen that I am very strong and very good at wrestling matches and eric dane and all you other losers I suggest you don’t even show up because your walking into an epic beatingdown of epic proportions”

“My life has been hard and when I was being street fighted when I was 15 all my family is dead!!!!! And my dog and cat too!!!! My life is pain and misery and especially pain but at victory I am going to unleash the pain on all of you. I will bring pain to you that never existed before!!!11 im bringing the pain and im going to put my pain inside of you until it becomes your pain!!!”

“what do you think of that eric dane and amy harrison and you other jabronis!!?? Hahaha!!! you cant stop jack hunter and you are going to get STREET FIGHTED at victory!!!! And if you have any balls u will agree to make this match into a street fight so that I can cover you all in LITTLE BRUISES”

Jack hunter puts some slipknot musics on and starts moshing as the scene fades out.

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