Title: The Words Of Lisil: Saying Goodbye
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 10/9/2015
Location: England
Show: Victory XXXIX

The scene opens late at night along one of England's most beautiful beaches. On the beach a bond fire is burning brightly illuminating the waves in the distance. The camera focuses showing Lisil Jackson standing in front of the fire. He is dressed in a pair of black track pants however on his body it appears to be white paint of a skeleton going up to his face with the paint of a skull. In his hand is a branch with leaves of white sage on it. Lisil smiles a sinister smile. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon!!! Open ya ears fo dese are dee words of Lisil Jackson!" 

Jackson says walking around the fire with his long branch in hand. 

"Ma bruddas... At Victory I'm afraid dat it is time ta say goodbye... It is time dat we say fair well ta dee team known as Tee Dee! Ya see I look at ya Greer... I see dat same look dat Eric Dane had when I faced im..." 

The Jamaican Inspiration lets out an amusing chuckle as the camera zooms out showing Lisil Jackson's 2 tiki statues of Loa and Bondye sitting on wooden pedestals on each side of the fire. 

"Greer I see a lost soul... A mon wit no direction! But most o' all... I see a nightmare... A nightmare dat ya neva anticipated... Ya be livin a terrible dream right now Greer... Dee nightmare o' bein alone..." 

The Voodoo Specialist rises his branch above his head and laughs. 

"Look at ya own partna Greer.... Ya need im Greer.... Ya needed dee support ya friend brings.... And yet ya friend chose business ova friendship... He decided dat ya friendship isn't as valuable as dee all American dolla!" 

Lisil Jackson sighs shaking his head disgusted. 

"Tis quite sad really Greer... Is quite possible dat nightmare finally got ta Tyrone Walka? Dee spirits Tell me dat nightmare got his brudda's ear and left ya ta ya own devices! Ya own devices... O' addiction!" 

The Jamaican smiles sinisterly as those last words come out. 

"Ya see what kinda friend would just up and ditch ya like dat Greer? Is it possible dat dee reason is yaself? Look at yaself in dee mirror mon! Ya have become nothin mo dan a avatar o' Eric Dane!"

Lisil looks seriously into the camera. A look of more focus than ever before. 

"Ya see mon... As far as I am concerned Tee Dee is dead cuz Eric Dane he won't help ya! Dat bumbaclot only cares bout imself! Who do ya got ta lean on den Greer?" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior laughs tilting his head to the side. 

"Greer I tink it may be time ta say good bye... Time fo ya ta call it... Time ta pull dat plug mon! Cuz Tee Dee was all ya had... And witout Tee Dee.... Ya be just be a minnow in a pool o' sharks!"

Lisil Jackson extends the branch into the fire setting the leaves over his head. 

"And now brudda... I shall chant ta dee spirits... Ta say good bye ta Tee Dee!" 

The Brother of Voodoo starts to do a tribal dance around the fire swinging the branch around skillfully as he chants. 


Lisil chants out as he continues to dance around the fire almost like it's a celebration. 


He chants before he stops and tosses the branch into the fire and raises his arms up. 

"And now Greer ya step inta dee ring wit dee only dark skinned brudda left in dee UTA... Dee only one who has stuck round dis place even doe no one had any faith in me and I proved each and every one o' dem wrong!" 

Lisil says falling to his knees bowing down to the tiki statues. 

"Dis Victory... Dee spirits will carry ya too dee afta life Greer..." 
He says with a cold tone raising his head up. 

"Rest in peace Stephen Greer.... I will be kind enough ta deliva eulogy..." 

Jackson says before he stands up and looks back at the camera. 

"Brigitte will take ya hand and deliva ya to a new destination... Whetha it be dee afta life or ya realize dee UTA isn't ya cup o' tea afta Tyrone Walka left! But eitha way Greer.... Good bye brudda. Ya had a very fulfillin career!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration lets out a laugh as he grabs his bottle of rum and takes a sip of it and spits the rum into the fire causing a massive flame to shoot up into the sky. 

"Today is one day but tomorrow is anotta! Betta must come! I am cuz we are!" 

And with those last words said Lisil Jackson proceeds to pour rum into each of the wooden cups in front of the tiki statues as the scene fades to black. 

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