Title: The Rise And Fall Of The Machine Part 1
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: October 13, 2015
Location: Somewhere In The UK
Show: Wrestleshow #47

In the beginning, you had the rise of the Machine. On March 8th, at the All Or Nothing Pay Per View, it was John Sektor who stepped out from behind the curtain, causing the entire UTAverse to go nuts.

He was after all, the Gold Standard. The man who held just about every HOW championship in existence, and on that night stepped between the ropes for the United Toughness Alliance.

After a very strong showing, Sektor showed that not even a cold start in a highly touted pay per view could tarnish his Gold Standard reputation. But it was that same pay per view which eventually opened the door for Mike Best and Alex Beckman...

Which eventually opened the door for Cecilworth Farthington, and the Machine's rise was finally complete. But much like the Roman Empire, what rises...must also fall.


October 13, 2015

somewhere in the United Kingdom


"It took seven months, but here you are Sektor."

Ever since the crowd erupted into cheers at the All Or Nothing Pay Per View, Sean Jackson had wanted a piece of the Gold Standard. He took the cheers for Sektor as an insult, as someone who hadn't earned that kind of adulation from the Ungratefuls.

"Your running is over, and now we see if you deserve that Legacy Championship."

Maybe that did sound a bit cocky, but this is what the former World Champion had become. As a member of Dynasty, he felt limited, like he no longer belonged. But with one well placed briefcase attack, that was no longer an issue.

"Of course, I already know you are going to raise that championship up and spout names of everyone who has fallen before you..."

Mr. Ace In The Hole knew there were some who sported that deer in the headlights look, who felt completely outclassed by the Gold Standard himself. However, it was going to take a lot more than hype and commercials to scare the Mental Rapist.

"Because that is your way."

He smiles, having the benefit of completely understanding someone of Sektor's caliber. Sure seven months ago Sektor had everything going his way, he was a surprise entrant at All Or Nothing and had a game plan in motion....

Now he stood alone, as the Legacy Champion.

"But make no mistake about it John, I've had seven months to prepare for you."

The whole time the Machine thought Dynasty was on ignore mode, the Mental Rapist was taking notes. He knew one day their paths would cross and he would need to be ready. He didn't know when, and he didn't know where, he just knew that eventually it would happen.

"I still remember the first interview you gave after All Or Nothing. You called me out by name..."

That million dollar smile gets a tad larger.

"Even addressing me as champ."

And for the first time publicly, Sean acknowledges him with a slight nod. After all, he is no longer a member of Dynasty and could care less about the feud.

"You stood in the middle of that ring, right there in Indianapolis and for a moment, humbled yourself in front of greatness. You understood that your accomplishments in HOW was nothing compared to mine here in UTA..."

But now, this wasn't about Dynasty and the Machine. This was about a misconception on Sektor's part. A misconception that definitely needed correcting.

"That is until you channeled your inner Mike Best and completed a one hundred and eighty degree turn. Instead of accepting the truth, you pushed your luck by proclaiming your legacy would be cemented by becoming the UTA World Champion..."

And in a landscape of egos, you just knew that the biggest ego of them all would take offense.

"As if taking it from me would be easy..."

And obviously, he did take offense.

"Like I was a nobody."

It was a long road just to get to this point. He wasn't known as the Gold Standard, or even luchador of the year. He was never considered as the Only Star, or even as the Superstar. He was known simply as the Mental Rapist, that is until he won the Ace in the hole contract at Ring King.

"But you learned otherwise, didn't you John? Even backed by the Machine, you learned that you were no match for me. Alex Beckman, with all the hype in the world behind her, would have fallen to me just as she did to Blanca..."

His voice, so matter of factly. His face, defiant. Mr. Ace In The Hole was completely serious, not even the slightest doubt in his mind. Yes he had come a long way, a more difficult road than most, but now it was his time to shine and no one was going to take the spotlight from him.

"Which is the reason you tucked tail and ran to the Chamber match. You convinced Captain Goofball that he stood a chance against me, just so you could avoid the embarrassment..."

There was a lot of strategy taking place in the days before Ring King. Dynasty, the Machine, and even Team Danger were all jockeying for position to determine the first ever UTA draft.

"Just so I couldn't tarnish the Gold Standard crap you spewed towards the thousands and thousands of drunken Ungratefuls who hung on your every word."

It was a game the former Dynasty member didn't have time to play. The Machine had taken his company by storm, demanded air time to spew their own slanted views, and then expected the doors to be held open for them.

"Well the plan backfired John, just as it was destined to. Not only did the plan cost you the Chamber, but it caused the fall of the Machine where you now stand alone..."

The Mental Rapist smiles.

"Just like me."

Well almost.

"Oh wait, there is a difference between us. I'm alone because I choose to be, you stand alone because an important gear was ripped from your Machine."

Now that was an interesting metaphor to use. At Ring King, it was La Flama Blanca and Dynasty who broke Alex Beckman's arm, thus sending another much hyped stable into oblivion.

"The moment Alex was lost, so was Mike Best. For you see John, it wasn't a secret that Ms. Beckman was Mike's real meal ticket. You and Cecilworth were just a couple of stooges charged with keeping the heat off her..."

The former world champion puts his index finger in the air, wagging it back and forth.

"And you couldn't even do that right job right. Or maybe, just maybe..."

The Mental Rapist suddenly has an epiphany. For such a tight knit group, it fell apart just as quickly as it formed

"That was your plan all along. You were the Gold Standard, the man who held all the gold in HOW. But yet it was a female who got all the attention. So I wonder John..."

Black Horizon had done something to Sean Jackson. He had always been arrogant and egotistical, but nothing to this level.

"Was it done out of jealousy?"

And now he was questioning Sektor's manhood. Purely because it fit his agenda.

"Did you sacrifice her for your own selfish purposes?"

Mr. Ace In The Hole was now playing Mr. Psychiatrist.

"Of course you did Johnny, that's the reason you sat in the back and watched little Orphan Annie get her arm broken before coming to the rescue..."

The Mental Rapist shakes his head.

"Some hero you turned out to be. We knew Mike Best was a coward, we even knew that Cecilworth wouldn't have the guts to save her on his own. But you, we expected more from you..."

He corrects himself.

"I expected more."

The tone from the former world champion is insulting.

"But then again, you did run from me. You had the opportunity to prove your Gold Standard status at Ring King, and you chose the Chamber instead. So maybe the reason Mike Best left and Cecilworth became General Manager of UTAH..."

He chuckles.

"Is because the Machine started to fall way before it ever went oh and three at Ring King."

It was genius, pure genius. The very tactic used to attack Dynasty, now brought about the destruction of the Machine. It was only fitting that the Mental Rapist was using it to his advantage.

"And since you claim to be the Machine on your own..."

A new plan comes into fruition. If Sektor was all that remained of the Machine, then he could finish it once and for all. Right there in Dublin, Ireland.

"I get to finally destroy it, just as I was meant to do."



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