Title: girls get fighted too
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 13th october
Location: the streets (where the fightings happen!!!!!!)
Show: Victory XL



The camera fades in and it is jack hunter once again in the streets!!!! because that is where the FIGHTEDS happen and he is in a back alley where there is lots of rain and garbage and rats and trash and rats and homelesses and drugs and rats.

Jack hunter: "hahahaha! once again it is me jack hunter the street fightingest street fighter in the whole worldwide wrestling unified Toughness Alliance!!! well uta i told you i would win and once againt the STREET FIGHTER has proven himself correct by beatin eric dean skylar mountgoomy amy furryson and brellis four opponents in one match so now I AM 5-0 AND YOU HAVE ALL BEEN STREET FIGHTED!!!! haha"

Jack HUNTER: "now im the number contender to la blanka flame at the international affairs in Japanese and soon I will be the UTA champion of the world i bet you were wishing for an easy winner like ernie dane werent you lfb but no you got the street fighter, and now am i going to street fight you so say your prayers because im going to win you HAHAHAHA!!!!!11"

jack Hunter: "but first i have to deal with you again amy harison and why because i already beat you in the gauntlet but its okay i will beat you AGAIN BECAUSE I AM BETTER AT THE WRESTLING THAN YOU!!!"

jack hunter: "u might think because you have breastis that i will not give u the little buirses but you are wrong army harryson!!! me and women i do not discirminate i am going to put bruises inside you n there is nothing you can do!!!!"

Jack hunter: "amy here's a mettyfor for you!!!! the ring is my house and when you are in my house I am going to abuse you which means i am going to domestically abuse you which is what happens when women try to wrestle the STREET FIGHTER so go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich!!!! because i am going to be hungry after I STREET FIGHTED YOU!!!! and then you can do my ironing and washing because thats what women do!!!!!"

Jack Hunter: "ps can we bang after?"

Da camera starts fading out when jack hunter does some flips over the garbage and tells you hes really XTREME.

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