Title: At the Pub
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 10/13/2015
Location: Ireland
Show: Victory XL

Haynes: "If I had t' call my trip t' London with the UTA anythin', I'd call it disappointing."

The THRILL-O-MATIC is seated at a bar in Ireland. It's early morning. All sorts of characters are drinking. Whiskey drinks, vodka drinks, cider drinks, lager drinks. All sorts of things. Haynes has a tumbler full of a dark amber in front of him, a few cubes of ice inside. The condensation gathers on the outside of the glass. He rolls his hands on either side of the tumbler, getting them wet in the process. 

He's wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and black trainers. His hair is short. No one has recognized him. Not many wrestling fans here in this part of town. That's why he had UTA book him here. He needed a little time away. Wrestleshow was about a week away. He figured he'd watch backstage. Make sure nothing funny happened. Sign some autographs, take some pictures with fans. These people deserved it.

Haynes: "Disappointing that Madmen was paraded around like a donkey in front a' the cameras. Allowed t' spout off the worst catchphrase in all a' sports n' then disappear int' the wind once more. Hey, at least that's somethin' he's good at.

"Disappointing that the girl a' my dreams ended up with another man. A man I let into my home, let eat at my table. A man that I helped make. Like it or not, Mikey, I was part a' your success. Like it or not the two a' us will always be linked. For better. For worse. Till death do us part."

Haynes smiles at the wedding joke he made. Truth be told, he almost left the O2 Arena right after the opening part of the show. It was painful to see that unfold right in front of him. He had to hide it away though. Had to focus on the match that night - even if it wasn't Mikey.

Haynes: "Disappointing because I didn't get my hands on that piece a' crap Mikey Unlikely. I should'a known that he'd find a way to slim his way out a' our match. But sooner or later he's gonna have t' answer for what he's done. Karma ain't that nice t' folks like him. I'm gonna get my hands on him n' soon - rest assured."

Haynes looks down at his glass, anxious to take a sip but doesn't.

Haynes: "T' me it seems like some a' the most colorful characters the UTA has ever had come from the prison system. N' I gotta give the brass some props here, too many people look at convicts with disgust. Hard for them t' get jobs, let alone a job where they can legally kick the livin' crap outta someone. But hey - whatever makes ya money, right? Whatever puts butts in them seats.

"Don't matter if it's Conrad Teller, Apollo Cain, or my opponent for the next edition of the international tour - Miquel Sanchez."

The bell on the door of the pub rings out as yet another townie walks in. He orders a pint and sits at the end of the bar. Haynes nods at him, the man raises his pint in a toast and takes a drink.

Haynes: "I mean I been in the ring with murderers before, with evil people before - hell I saw one sick, twisted individual light a man on fire. Watched him die right before my very eyes. It ain't exactly nothin' new to me - death, destruction, despair. It's very common, very common in this industry. Don't mean you gotta celebrate it. Don't mean you gotta wear it like a bade a' honor. Soak it in that sympathy. 

"You could chose to go 'bout your life, keep buildin'. You could say t' the world - hey look at me, I'm revitalized. I did my time. I deserve my place in society back. Instead some folks like to come in here from the nuthouse, hiding under a mask, scared to show their face, n' perform. Hey, if that helps them sort their issues out, if that helps them with whatever demons are creeping at their door, more power to 'em. But it don't seem the safest course a' action. Nah what I mean?"

Haynes shakes his head. He's replaying rumors he's heard about his opponent on the Paris edition of Victory. Apparently there's a UTA staffer missing and they're afraid that Miquel kidnapped her.

Haynes: "Fear, I ain't got none a' that. Lost my sense a' fear a long time ago. But intensity, I got that in droves. Got it by the barrel full. Tell you what Miquel, turn off the snuff films, get outside, n' look up some footage of my run through the Ring King tournament. Watch me defeat the Number One Contender for the World Title, Eric Dane in a Strap Match. Watch me destroy Sean Jackson, AGAIN, in the middle a' Madison Square Garden. Look up my grueling match with Alex Beckman, watch in shock as I made her tap out in the middle of the ring."

Haynes nods his head in confidence. It's still one of his largest regrets. Not keeping that hold locked in, not advancing in the Ring King tournament. Not getting his shot at the World Title that so wrongfully slipped through his fingertips months and months ago.

Haynes: "Miguel, she's a machine, raised t' fight, t' destroy her opponents. T' beat them into submission. All a' that without the head case problems that you've endured in your life. So what does that say, Miquel? What does it say that I could make her submit? It says that my odds a' beatin' you are sky high. Through the roof even."

Haynes is once again confident. He's out for blood. If Mikey Unlikely is going to duck him, going to make him jump through hoops he's going to use every opponent he's against to build his skills. He's going to make sure that when him and Mikey finally square off he's a hundred percent.

Haynes: "Miquel, I don't expect you t' be scared a' me. I don't expect t' put that fear into your belly, make them eyes go wide as saucers behind that mask. All I expect is t' gain your respect in that ring.

"All that flippin', all that dodgin', all them moves that you seem t' be fond of, they ain't gonna matter t' me. I've faced every type a' wrestler this planet has t' offer. Heavyweights, technical superstars, even guys who like to flip flop all over the place like yourself. N' I match up well with each n' everyone a' them.

"You'll be no different. No different at all. I'll stand toe t' toe with you, eye t' eye, n' when I'm done Miquel, when I'm done n' I pin them shoulders a' yours t' the mat for the three I'm gonna stick out my hand n' I hope that you'll take it."

Haynes nods his head. He wants to help, Miquel. Wants him to see that not all people are evil. Not all people are prison wardens. 

Haynes: "I hope that you'll see the people here in the UTA ain't all full a' piss n' vinegar. There's people here that can help you. Get you counselin' if you want it. A place t' stay if you need it. You're in the family now, Miquel. N' we can't help you less you let us. Got that? Understand me, Miquel. I mean it.

"In Paris, in front a' sold out crowd, I'm gonna show you what the UTA is all about. It ain't about beatin' our chests n' calling ourselves greats. It's about showin' the world how great we are. I do that in the ring, Miquel. I'm gonna do that in the ring against you. I want you t' bring everything YOU got. I don't wanna hear from your friends, your manager, anyone. I wanna hear from YOU. I wanna fight YOU. 

"Show me after all this time, after all you been through, Miquel, that you didn't lose yourself. Show me that you still got YOU behind that mask. Bring it in Paris, Miquel. Or you won't know what hit you."

Haynes throws down cash for the drink but leaves it on the bar, without drinking a sip. 

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