Title: The Luck of the Eight Ball
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: October 13th, 2015
Location: Ireland
Show: Wrestleshow #47

Dublin, Ireland. It was one of the places that Sabrina liked to come to because of the things that Ireland had to offer. Food, tourism, drinking and plenty of more. This was the place that she was looking forward to come to during  the tour. They say that there could be a “Luck of the Irish” happening and that’s what she needed. Luck and she needed this luck for her match coming up against Abdul Ahad.


The scene starts with Sabrina carrying a magic eight ball in her hands. We don’t know why she’s carrying it around, but maybe it would mean something to her. Magic Eight balls could predict things and hopefully she would predict right for her. She sat down with her legs crossed and began to speak.


Baker: Ok, I’m sure that a lot of you want to know why I’m holding this ball in my hand. What does it have to deal with my match this week in Ireland, which by the way, is one of the coolest countries to wrestle in!


She smirks a bit while having the eight ball on her lap with a smirk on her face as she goes back speaking.


Baker: Back to the topic of this eight ball. Why am I holding it? What purpose does it have to deal with this match? Well, it’s going to tell me about the future of this match that I’m about to have at Wrestleshow.


She lifts it up and takes a look at it.


Baker: I haven’t had  the best of luck with my matches as of late and I’m looking to see if I will have luck on my side. Let’s see what the ball would say when I shake this.


Sabrina licks her lips while shaking it. It lands on something.


Baker: For the question about me having luck, the ball said yes. I will have luck on my side and I need it. I know there is a saying that there is the Luck of the Irish and that’s what needs to happen. We are in Ireland out of all places, and no, I don’t expect Rainbows with gold popping out. That’s the last thing I would expect, but let me ask the magic eight ball another question regarding my match.


She takes a look at it as she has it in her hands.


Baker: Will my opponent be lucky in winning this match this week against me?


She shakes it again and it once again gives another answer.


Baker: My opponent this week happens to be Abdul Ahad, who seemed to be in some type of big match last week where he didn’t even win the match. I’m not someone to talk due to my record, but if he wants to make a comeback, like I want to make a big impact then he needs to have something on his side like luck. I shook the eight ball and it seems to have gave me an answer about you being lucky this week.


She takes one good look at it.


Baker: The balls says no. You will not have luck this week when you are facing off against me in the ring. You see, I don’t know what you came back to this place for, nor do I want to even know, but when it comes back to a match like this that’s important for us. One of us have to win and the person that needs to end up winning this match, is me!


She puts the ball down on the desk.


Baker: I haven’t been “lucky” since I was signed here. I haven’t had any type of luck in my matches and the closest I came to winning last week where Quinlan took me to the limit and really proved himself! What do you have to prove that you belong here once more? What do you need to show that you want to be back on top? If you think that beating me down is one thing….then you have another thing coming.


She flips her hair again and pushes it back.


Baker: Out of my four matches that I had, I’ve been embarrassed, praised and had questions on if I want to be here. Hell, a lot of people  think MVC and I are the same people, but at the same time, we both have a mission of being successful and wanting to be on the top and at least like her, she has had accomplished more than I have thus far, but the focus is on you and I.


She tosses her eight ball in the air before having some type of catch with it.


Baker: What are you really back here for, Ahad? What do you want to be back in the UTA for? Do you want to have the taste of glory like you had once before or are you here to take up space? I know there are plenty of stars in the back that faced off against you in the past and still here, but imagine me defeating you in the ring. Imagine me getting a win over you, imagine me putting me out of your misery and imagine me retiring you once and for all!


She smirks a little bit before cocking her head.


Baker: What? I can’t say anything like that or will it piss off more people? Anyways, I should say this. I hope everyone here is watching in the back. Last time I was in the ring, I put my doubts of competing against tough people to rest and now I plan on finally getting that win against the one that doesn’t have any set mind of why he’s back here. To me, I just feel like he’s wasting space and taking up MY TIME!


She rolls her eyes again before grabbing her eight ball.


Baker: Wrestleshow, I plan on getting rid of you for good. I hope the magic eight ball doesn’t fail me!


She walks away and takes the ball with her. She hopes the ball doesn’t fail her this time around because she really needs to win this match.

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