Title: destructioned
Featuring: Jack Hunter
Date: 15 oct
Location: HOUSE SHOE
Show: Victory XL

The scene fades in to the uta live events house show in the uta wrestlingzone where fans are goin nuts because its time for Jack Hunter vs MADGUY SADLINSKI in a wrestlefight!!!

Jack hutner does some moves including his finisher THE REAL ATTACK except he does it through a steps because XTREME!!!! and the crowd is going nuts they are doing backflips and breakdances because they dont want to be street fighted by the GOAT!!!! not even the greatest of all time an actual goat lol

Jack beats the dude by doing a triple flip stunner off the top of the titan tron through twelve tables and into a pit of flames surrounded by acid with snakes and lots more snakes and rats until MADBOY SADGUY is beaten 1 2 3 and thats it its over maggle I love it.

After the match jack hunter gets the micraphone and raps for a while then speaks.

Jack Hunter: "HAHAHAHAHA!!! ! The last time you saw me i was 5-0 after winning the gauntlet but now I have beaten madboy sadzski to go 6-0 in the UTA wrestling and nobody can stop me now not even you amy harrisson!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Jack hunter: "You have not spoken yet so obviously your are scared of the street fighter and i cant blame you for that i am quite scary but let me remind you that i am going to beat you in the wrestling match because i am a better wrestling guy than you and also i street fighted which is much harder!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!""""

Jack Hunter: so Any Harrison I hope you have written a will because I am going to bring DESTRUCTION to you!!! I am going to destruction you in front of all the fans and all the little kids and moms will be crying because they have never seen someone be DESTRUCTIONED like this before!!!!!!!"

Jack HUNTER: "Seeing as you havent spoken and are scared and afraid of me im not going to give you little bruises I am going to give you MEDIUM BRUISES!!!!! MEDIUM IS BIGGER THAN LITTLE!!!! YOU ARE RUINED HAHAHAHAHAHA!"""""

Scene fades when james wingoat comes down for a beer bash with da hunter.

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