Title: Plain And Simple.
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: October 15th, 2015
Location: The Sky.
Show: Wrestleshow #47

We now bring you a message from La Flama Blanca.



I take a sip of my seltzer water, feeling the cool refreshment quench my thirst.

I’m not on some flight with the rest of the roster or really anyone else for that matter. It’s just one flight attendant, the pilot, and myself. I travel in style because I’m the fucking World Champion.

I turn my head slightly and look down at the seat next to me. The sunlight shines greatly off the diamonds of the UTA World Championship title. I pick it up and hold it in my hands.

The UTA World Championship… THE most prestigious title in our business. I say it all the time, and each day it grows more and more true.

I put the title up to my lips and kiss it. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. I put it back on the seat to my left.

I’m the one holds it. I’m the one that everyone in the industry looks to as the standard. Zhalia Fears knows everything there is to know about La Flama Blanca. Zhalia has seen me rise above the rest of the roster. Zhalia has been a victim, forced into the shadows.

Those shadows have been cast by many. Some people are content to sit back… but not me.

She seems to be comfortable there. The low expectations make her failures less visible.

I check my watch; not too long left until we land in Dublin. Ireland, a sight of many wars, that still wage on today. A perfect setting for Wrestleshow.

Zhalia Fears has been in the shadows for her entire UTA career. She was forced to hang back while her FRIENDS Kush and… The Second Coming--

I curl my lip up when that name crosses my mind. I still can’t believe I was forced to carry that sack of shit for nearly four months.

Those two seemed to steal the spotlight, the shine, away from anything and everything Zhalia did. She was never good enough. Zhalia was the Prodigy, the first Prodigy Champion and it soon got lost in the shuffle. Becky won the Wildfire Championship from The Second Coming.

Funny, when those “friends” fought each other no one complained… but when it was Dynasty, the world lost it’s mind.

Zhalia was fine with being one of the crowd and letting her “sisters” steal the show. Zhalia just wants to exist; she never wanted to put her mark on the wrestling business. When the heat gets to it’s hottest, she just melts.

I look to the almost nonexistent ice cubes in my seltzer. Almost time for a refill.

Most people forget that Zhalia Fears was the FIRST UTA Prodigy Champion. When they hear that, they have to go check the UTA website to see it for themselves. The UTA Universe never took the Prodigy Championship seriously, no matter who held it.

A fact. The Prodigy title didn’t do much in the landscape of the UTA. No one of any ilk held it, I was happy to see it go.

Ron Hall, Lamond Robertson, even Alex Beckman. The company saw that the title was a flop so they did the right thing and put that title in it’s rightful place… the trash. She got eliminated early during All Or Nothing. Much like everything else in the life of Zhalia Fears, she couldn’t get the big win.

I raise my empty glass so the flight attendant can see. She goes over to the fridge by the cockpit and bends to open the door. I’ve seen better.

Kush came out of All Or Nothing with the Prodigy title. The Second Coming walked out as one half of the UTA Tag Team Champions and… Zhalia Fears left All Or Nothing with nothing. Ever since All Or Nothing, Zhalia Fears has done nothing.

This redheaded butter face tops me off, and I give her a wink. I probably just made her day.

One of the most promising stars in the UTA just could never piece it all together. All the talent in the world, but her troubled personal life, the mental issues keep her from being a great.

She spent years in and out of mental health centers. Institutionalized after the tragic passing of her parents. Zhalia couldn’t rise above it. She wasn’t strong enough to deal with her loss.

We hit some turbulence. I hate turbulence. Something about it makes me feel like death is around the corner.

Since I was in England… I thought it would be nice of me to pay my respects. I went to the grave site of her parents, Katherine and Andrew. I brought flowers for both gravesites. When I arrived, it looked as though someone had the same idea.

I don’t know if it was Zhalia or not. It really doesn’t matter.

I’ve went through my own personal pain. One day I woke up and got a phone call from my father, saying he had cancer. I didn’t want to believe it. That started a downward spiral because he knew... we knew there wasn’t much hope.

I lay my head back on the headrest, and looking up I say a little prayer. I do the sign of the cross.

I lost my best friend a few years later. I saw my father slowly decline, getting so sick that even eating a piece of bread would make him puke. I watched my father die a little bit every day. The cancer eating away at the once strong man, who I looked at as a god.

My eyes begin to water. A tear rolls down my cheek.

When he finally passed away, there was nothing anyone could do for me. Not my mother, my sister, my brother, aunts, uncles… no one. I could have went down the same path as Zhalia, become so destroyed that I gave up.

I never give up. I never quit and I never will.

I kept my head up high. My father would have wanted me to keep wrestling. I’m glad I did. It was the only thing that kept me sane. The only thing that held me together. I strived to do the best I could and become the best. I needed to make my father proud.

I get tense just thinking about it. I’ve had people call me brave for going on with my life. What was I supposed to do? He would have wanted me to be strong and keep fighting. I still feel like he’s around.

I stop thinking about my father, so I don’t upset myself. I go back to my opponent, who is vying for MY World Championship.

Zhalia has always shown the world that she just can’t get the job done. Most of the time it seems like she’d rather catch butterflies and look at shiny things than compete.

I let out an audible laugh just thinking about it. I’m one funny fuck.

All Or Nothing, Number One Contendership for the World Title, Ring King, Ace In The Hole, and most recently the Legacy Number One Contendership. She is a multiple time Legacy Champion but ultimately she never really WON it during the scramble match. As quick as it was hers… it was gone.

The Legacy title was mine, but my greatness forced me to hand it over when I won the top title. I’d still be Legacy champion and that is a fact.

How many chances is she going to get before James Wingate says enough? When are the fans going to say enough is enough with Zhalia Fears? We’ve seen time and time again, Zhalia Fears crumbles under the pressure.

The skys over wherever the fuck I am are blue.  We cut through the clouds like I cut through the competition.

Zhalia Fears is already counting herself out of this, I know it. She is rather smart for being a woman. She knows that I’m the greatest champion in the HISTORY of the UTA. She has fallen to me before and it WILL happen again. She has seen me defeat all those she couldn’t.

She has had to sit backstage and watch all my greatest moments on a little television set. While Zhalia was opening up Wrestleshow and Victory… I was Main Eventing and winning match after match after match. I bet she dreams about becoming the UTA World Champion.

Her FINALLY winning the big one. Defeating the man that no one can. The roster will make their way to the ring, put her up on their shoulders and celebrate the new champion.

I can see it now and it makes me sick.

That sounds like a great story. But that’s not how life works. Life sucks and then you die. Plain and simple.

Zhalia Fears is going to have to put One Hundred-Twenty percent into this. She is going to have to do the impossible… defeat me in the center of the ring.

I take another long look at my UTA World Championship. I know I have the Champion’s Advantage. Zhalia HAS to pin me or make me submit to become champion. If she wants it bad enough to start with.

I know it eats away at her. Deep down, she knows she’s not as good as me, now or ever. This is her biggest test since joining the UTA about a year ago. She came on hot when she arrived. I saw her and her sisters growing in popularity and I hated it.

I pushed myself even harder. I pushed myself to be better than them, and I succeeded. Nobody outshines The Headliner. Nobody pushes me out of my spot. I earned my place here in the UTA. I show the world that I’m the icon, the franchise.

Do you have it in you Zhalia? Can you put this company on your back? The travel schedule, the scrutiny, the magnifying glass right behind your head? The UTA World Title isn’t for everyone. I’m the longest reigning World champion for a reason… because I’m the best. Because I’m the MAN.

Every day of Twenty-Fifteen I’ve been holding a UTA title. When the world counted me out, I threw it back in their faces. Forcing them to eat every negative fucking word they’ve muttered about me. I made James Wingate more money than any other member of the roster in its entire history.

I still get zero respect… from the fans, the roster, and the execs. They’ll miss me when I’m gone. You can bet on that.

I’ve headlined every Pay Per View the UTA has had since the end of Twenty-Fourteen. La Flama Blanca has been on top of the UTA for a year and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve done it all on my own.

Very, very true.

I didn’t need help winning the Legacy Championship. I didn’t need help winning the UTA World Championship. I did all that by myself. I’m not like Sean Jackson, who needed Dynasty to beat out Will Haynes. I didn’t need help escaping the cage. I didn’t need help making Sean Jackson bleed.

I will have eyes in the back of my head for you, Sean. You and Zhalia have a past. You want what I took from you. You, like Zhalia Fears are ALL ALONE. Neither of you have a friend in the world. Dynasty WILL NOT let either of you take what belongs to us.

When you back a scared animal into a corner, that’s when they are their most vicious. Am I overlooking Zhalia Fears… not at all. I’ve seen Zhalia win matches I had zero confidence she would win.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

She almost won the Ace In The Hole briefcase… almost. Always close but no cigar. It’s disheartening isn’t it? I know I’d be discouraged. You put your best effort out there and it’s just not good enough. You give it all that you got and it still doesn’t matter.

Zhalia, I’m going to show you and the rest of the UTA… it doesn’t matter WHO I have to face. La Flama Blanca is the reigning, defending, and undisputed UTA World Champion. The names change but the result is always the same.

I can see it now. An unconscious Zhalia Fears on the mat. I place my boot on her chest as the referee counts the one, two, three. The fans throw trash into the ring in anger.

My hand will be held high in victory.



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