Title: A Toast
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: October 15th, 2015
Location: Irish Pub
Show: Wrestleshow #47

This was one of the places nobody wants to leave. Dublin, Ireland was one of the towns that had a lot of magic and luck in it. The country may have some type of trouble with the economy, but it won’t stop every wrestler from exploring.That’s what Sabrina has been doing for the past couple of days before her match. She’s been exploring and seeing some of the things Ireland has to offer. She was happy, but would be happier if she got her first win in Ireland.


Of course being in Ireland, there was a stereotypical that once you step in the country, you have to go to the Irish pub to get a drink and get drunk. While Sabrina was all for getting drinks, she wasn’t going to end up getting drunk before her match. She was there to salute her match and hoping for the best regarding what could go down.


The scene starts with her sitting at the bar. One of the bartenders there was attractive as she kept her eye on him, but didn’t want to have any type of flirting because she was in a strong relationship with her boyfriend. The cute bartender served her a drink as she took a sip of it.


Baker: I guess I had to come here to get a drink from a local bar. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be getting wasted and ending up drunk on the job.


She shook her head as she took a whiff of the drink. She wondered what it was before taking a sip of it as she went back to speak.


Baker: While that beer does taste good, the reason why I’m at a bar is I want to toast for our match, Abdul. I want to toast for the best.


She smirks a bit one more time as she raises it up.


Baker: Not to mention I want to drink down the tears of sorrow that you will be shedding in our match this week.


She puts a smirk on her face as she grabs the cup. Someone that’s behind her looks at her and he shakes his head before she takes a look at it.


Baker: What? I’m drinking a beer and talking about my match? Got a problem?


The person looks at her while shaking his head. He goes back to drinking his beer, leading to Sabrina rolling her eyes.


Baker: …..I thought Irish people were nicer than this!


She takes another sip of her beer and goes back to talking.


Baker: So where was I? Oh yes, I was about to talk about our match. Ahad, I took the time out of my busy day and sat down to study your matches to see how you were in the ring. You were pretty impressive, I have to say, but it looks like you were struggling half of the time. One of the matches I noticed was you going against CBR.


She downs the drink, knowing that she’s talking about a Dynasty star. Shaking her head, she goes back to talking knowing that she needs to talk about this match that she saw.


Baker: While watching the match, I noticed that you were having some type of trouble against him. It looked like you didn’t know how to contain someone like CBR in the ring. Hell, it looked like you weren’t all there. Take it from me, going against a Dynasty member is tough, but you have to be in the right set of mind. Trust me, I went against Kendrix…..


She takes another sip of the beer before licking her lips.


Baker: I’m here to do a toast. A toast for you and I. That sounds a little bit…corny. From the kindness of my heart I want everyone that’s around me to stand up.


She looks behind her as nobody is paying attention. She clears her throat and stands on the bar as everyone here looks around her.


Baker: I said to everyone to stand up because I want everyone here to lead in a toast for my match coming up!


Everyone looks at her takes a second before cheering. It was odd for a non-Irish person to do something like this as she stood up raising her glass.


Baker: I would like to make a toast. I would like everyone to raise their glasses and here what I have to say.


Everyone raises their glasses while looking at her. Sabrina smiles at all of them as she keeps on holding her cup in the air.


Baker: I would like to make a toast to everyone that’s going to Wrestleshow 47 this week! We are going to tear down to house! I would like to make a toast to the fans that will be seeing me in ring, vying for my first win and showing everyone that I could be like everyone!


Everyone cheers as they go for their drink, but she’s not done with her toast.


Baker: Wait guys, I’m not finished yet with this. Give me one more moment.


She raises her voice as she looks at everyone in the bar. With a smirk on her face, she goes back to making her toast.


Baker: Here’s a toast to Abdul Ahad. The one that I will be facing off against this week and the one that I will put out of misery once and for all. He’s been back here for a while and he’s done nothing to get his name out there once more. The other Abdul did better than him, unlike this one. I want everyone to take a drink for him, and when I mean to take a drink, it’s signaling the taste of tears.


The people in the bar take a drink as she smirks.


Baker: Drink the beer. Taste the feelings. Taste his tears. Taste Defeat.


She drinks her beer as well, leading to everyone getting done with their drinks as they go back doing their stuff.


Baker: Ahad that was my toast to you. Now you better be prepared to taste defeat once again.

She gets done with her speech before walking out of the Dublin bar to head back home. She hoped that her opponent was ready for this match.

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