Title: The Rise And Fall Of The Machine Part 2
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: October 16, 2015
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Show: Wrestleshow #47

All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

When John Sektor entered the United Toughness Alliance, he did so with huge fanfare. The fans cheered, they roared with approval as the Gold Standard stood before them. Little did anyone know, he was just the beginning. His stepping through the door, opened it wider for Mike Best, Alex Beckman and Cecilworth Farthington.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renewed shall be blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.

Once the Machine was in full swing, there was little doubt as to who the targets would be. The Machine wanted to take down Dynasty and Sektor had his sights set on the UTA World Championship. In his first interview after All Or Nothing, he made reference to the world championship which at the time, was held by Sean Jackson. In that interview, he set the stage for a match seven months in the making...

In Dublin, Ireland.


October 16, 2015

In Dublin, Ireland


Jackson: It took seven months John, but finally, here we are. When you first came into this company, you made it known to everyone that it was to cement your legacy, to prove your dominance, your Gold Standard if you will....

But what John neglected to say in that interview was his intent to hook up with Mike Best and crew, to target the top stable in the company and make it Chicago two.point.oh.

Well, that wasn't what the Mental Rapist signed up for.

Jackson: And to a degree, you did that. But John, the moment you and the Chicago blowhards with little Orphan Annie decided to turn my life upside down...

It was at that moment the Machine made it's fatal mistake.

Jackson: It became personal. You stepped into my company with a golden pedigree, propped up by talentless hacks who couldn't have beaten me on their best day. Fools gold sprinkled on a tin bust, held up by Beckman's broken wing...

Because now John Sektor finds himself standing alone, facing a war on two fronts now, instead of one. Sean may not be with Dynasty any longer, but the goal is the same, to rid UTA of the remaining Machine piece.

Jackson: And Farthington's broken mind.

Mr. Ace In The Hole smiles. After all, he is the cock of the walk with that briefcase in hand. The symbol of who the next UTA World Champion is going to be, with just three slaps of a referee's hand.

Jackson: Why can't you see John? why can't you see the obvious? Mike Best, your own architect saw what was coming, and he bailed. He finally saw Cecilworth as the weak link, as the man who couldn't be trusted when the chips were on the line.

Now that Sektor was alone, it was time to paint a picture that even the most die-hard Machine fan could comprehend.

Jackson: He finally saw Beckman for what she truly was, a by-product of hype which could no longer hide the glaring weaknesses. She was a woman John, a woman who reaped the benefits of the male ego.

The former Dynasty member was pouring it on thick, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. Had it not been for the Machine, things might have been different with Dynasty, with HIS World Championship.

Jackson: And then there's you. The so-called Gold Standard who watched the way be paved, not with gold, but by that same woman's glaring weakness.

He shakes his head, not feeling the least bit sorry about the Machine's demise.

Jackson: You just sat back and watched as your gold status turned to rust, infected by the bacterial swarm of a brutal fork attack. Oh yes John, while Mike Best was playing human pinball between the Chamber and Ace in the hole, little Orphan Annie was given all the perks....

The former Dynasty member wasn't holding anything back. Seven months ago John Sektor set himself up for this, and now Mr. Jackson was unloading the venom with both barrels.

Jackson: All because she had tits and no brains.

It wasn't just the notion of attacking Sektor's skill set, he was attacking Sektor's manhood.

Jackson: But what can be said about gold that doesn't glitter, a fool led into the wolves den, following a broken promise to his destruction?

Once again, he alludes to the broken arm of Alex Beckman. It always goes back to that.

Jackson: Come on John, do I have to spell it out for you? in the eyes of Mike Best, you were fools gold, pyrite. Your job was to keep the heat off of Mike's brain dead squeeze, and nothing else. Her rise to the world championship was going to be on Cecilworth's sweat and your blood...

The more uncomfortable he could make it sound, the better Mr. Jackson liked it. Seven months ago, this time of monologue wouldn't have been possible. But now, it was solid gold for the Mental Rapist, who was enjoying himself.

Jackson: Yes John, Mike Best saw you and Farthington as idiots, willing to trade in everything just to allow him the hook up with Becks.

Definitely enjoying himself.

Jackson: He made you worthless John, pure and simple. The Gold Standard, now hanging on by a thread, with his very career in the palm of my hand. His insatiable greed kept you from cementing that legacy you harped so much about. Yes Mr. Gold Standard, what was between little Orphan Annie's legs was more important than what was in your heart, or in your dreams....

The rise of the Machine was meteoric, it's fall...catastrophic.

Jackson: And now you are a shell of your former self, completely worthless. Your drunken followers, those never say die Ungratefuls are finally going to see that they too, had been robbed. Your better days are behind you, forgotten gems of yesterday that no longer make a difference.

With every spoken word, the former Dynasty member imagines that final nail driven deeper and deeper into the Machine's coffin.

Jackson: But I can free you, I can take you away from every bad memory Mike Best has cursed you with. For in that ring, all you will have to do is kneel, while facing away from me.

A simple solution.

Jackson: Spread your arms wide before me, and accept my knee as the gift it is meant to be. It will be freedom John, golden silence that will be yours to keep, devoid of the mistakes made by allowing Mr. Best to castrate you in front of those who expected better. With what I offer, no longer will your soul be poisoned...

An end to the disease.

Jackson: By a snake oil salesman hell bent on drowning you in favor of his meal ticket.

Now the bait and switch occurs.

Jackson: Come on, you are better than that. You are better than just being a lacky for people like Beckman and Best. Sure, you haven't lived up to the hype, but who outside of Mr. Ace In The Hole can?

Again, that million dollar smirk.

Jackson: Now I know you allowed his charm to cloud your judgement, to force you down this path of destruction. But damn it, you are the Gold Standard and can be fixed.

The former world champion winks.

Jackson: Just like little Orphan Beckman.



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