Title: Smile.
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 10/12/2015
Location: London
Show: Wrestleshow #47

“I need some help! Get a medic!”

I can hear the voices around me. Stan seemed to be near. I wanted to look at him but my eyes were not responding. Funny. Even my limbs were failing to move.

“What happened?”

“Its Fears. Blanca clocked her with his title and went on his merry way.”

Oh. So that was what happened. Did I really expect Blanca to be a good sport and shake my hand?

“Zhalia. Zhalia, can you hear me?”

Somebody hovering over my chest. I can feel their breath on my face. Iron. Why do I smell iron? Blood? My blood?

“We’ll take it from here Davis.”

Cold touches on my skin. Must be the medics. Wait. What is tha- OW! What kind of medic puts holes in you without doing any work first? That smell, stronger now. My eyes still will not respond but I can feel it.

Something is being dragged over the base of my skull. Did he crack me open? Are they prepping for stiches? Staples even?

“Is it in place?”

In place? What is in place? Hey wait! What is with the increased pressure on my cranium. Is someone trying to squeeze my head until the eyes pop out? Come on guys! Stop!


Why is my voice not working?

“Make sure she is secure and the straps are tightened down.”

The UTA medical procedures sure have changed. It must have been bad. OW! Another prick? What are they trying to put in my body? I already can not move as it is.

“Should we sedate her?”

Sedation? Wait a second here doc.

“No. No.”

Hey! Could someone just tell me what is going on here?

“She needs her ECT. Secure those clamps on her cranium and ready the electrodes.”

ECT? Wait. I know that word. No, those initials. No. Damnit eyes, come on open. Come onnnnnn.

I can feel my fingers moving. There we go, progress. Wait. Why can I not move my wrist?

“Doctor, she’s regaining consciousness.”

“Good. Ms. Fears, can you hear me?”

Sure I can hear you. What is- no wait. I know that voice. There is no way-

“Wonderful then! Then, shall we begin your treatment Ms. Fears?”


My eyes snapped open.

My heart racing and covered in sweat. I immediately grabbed at my head and went to yank off the electrodes and clamps. Nothing there. I raised my arms up in the air and gave them the once over. No straps.

A dream. A nightmare rather. Looking to the left I could see April was there fast asleep with her back to me.

There is nothing attached to me. I am not back there. Never again will I be subject to that barbaric torture. It was all a nightmare. I am safe here in the hotel. Tomorrow we will go home, then I head off to Dublin in a few days.


A firm reminder of what awaits me.

The UTA World Championship. La Flama Blanca.


But for now, sleep.


Few hours later.


“Morning,” April stated as she rolled out of bed and stretched her arms out, “Mind if I take a shower first?”

“Sure,” I replied while watching her head into the bathroom, “already took mine thirty minutes ago.” As the water started up I looked at the laptop in front of me while taking a sip of my morning OJ. I laughed while reading over the tweets on my twitter feed. Apparently people questioned why I was at Victory. In London. Funny that. Given unlike Cayle Murray as example, London IS my hometown, after all.

Blanca really did a number on me though. Ruined what was going to be a fun night. I never even got to go out there in front of my fans.

Those fans. Quite possibly the reason I even have an opportunity at the UTA World Championship next week. Some forty, forty five or so percent of the total votes. That was killing Eric Dane inside. Sean could care less as he has his shot whenever he pleases.

Here I am though. The underdog set to go up against the former underdog. I could never call him that today. LFB had proven himself more times over than any of his Dynasty playmates. Since the start of the year he has been at the top with UTA gold. And unlike his fellow members and former champions, exception being CBR, he has been a defending champion without the shenanigans for the most part.

This is not the first time we will have faced each other. It probably will not be the last either. I know though, he knows I plan to come at him with everything I have. But he probably hopes that the fact that I am alone again will play to his favor. Keep me off my game. Distracted. But not this time.

He thinks that he is already in my head. And true I am thinking about our match and him at this moment, but that is another ballgame. If anything, I am in his head. He knows that I am not Marie Van Claudio. I am not Lew Smith. And for sure not Alex Beckman.

They were credible opponents for him. They came to the table with a plan and stuck to it. Me? Oh sure I will have a plan, but beyond that? I think my win/loss record tells that tale. There is no rhyme or reason to my match outcomes. It is not a case of always losing the big ones, and winning the small ones. It is not as simple as getting a cheap victory or loss.

With me… nothing has ever been simple.

As much as I would like it to be. And I think La Flama Blanca knows this fact. I am the first ever Prodigy Champion. I could very well still be that champion if not for All or Nothing, as it is. Not to say guys like LAR were not credible at all. That title however is gone. The tag titles are gone. The Legacy Championship is held by John Sektor, although I did get a few counts of it for the record books, but just holding it and winning it are two different things altogether.

I look back down at the laptop screen. Pulling up the preview for our next big event. International Affair.

“Colton Thorpe versus Cayle Murray for the Wildfire. CBR versus John Sektor for the Legacy. Eric Dane versus La Flama Blanca for the UTA WOrld Championship.”

I sighed. Sure Eric won his gauntlet match last night. For some reason his shot will be at the pay per view instead of on Victory. But surely the web crew could have made mention that it might not be LFB? Am I supposed to just write this off as a expected loss and look onwards to my next match?

What kind of person would have a mindset like that!

I set the cup down to the side and clicked on over to the preview of Victory I could only laugh while I read it out loud.

“Eric Dane and La Flama Blanca also meet to sign their contract for International Affair.”

Great. My arm swiped from the keyboard, nearly knocking my mug off the table.

So, not even the uppers or the web crew expect that I could beat LFB Monday. I may have to call up Lauren Smith and ask about that, if she has control over those parts of the site and if nothing else, at least the dang adverts for the pay per view itself.

Wrestleshow it all comes to a head for me. A year long journey to the top of the mountain. And nobody expects that I can accomplish my goal.

I am truly the underdog.

And yet, what will happen when I prove them all wrong? What will become of La Flama Blanca? What of Dynasty as their top grasp to the UTA is taken from them? Will Michael or the UTA’s management want to market this woman as their face of the company? Not like I do not already go out of my way to make it to signings, interviews, and other media ventures.

Since my first day in the UTA I have always done so. The fans are everything to me, and to all the guys and gals. It is thanks to them in part that I even have this chance.

So what then? If nobody has any confidence in my ability to do what I have said I would do, what happens when that unthinkable thing does happen?

What happens when this underdog stands up in the center of the ring, arms raised high, UTA World Championship shining from the lights hitting it.

Oh, I know what will happen. There will be complaints. There will be chaos. There may even be blood… hopefully not my own. And yet through it all, you will have one happy woman clutching the title close to her chest. Knowing, all too well, she did it.

I will have done what they all have failed to do.

The door to the bathroom clicked open as April walked out with her hair wrapped in a towel, and another draped over her curvy frame. She smiled at me, “All done. Let me get dressed and we’ll hit the cafe for breakfast.”

I smiled back at her and nodded in agreement, famished, as it were.

In just under a week, everything I have been fighting for, and working for, comes to the ultimate test. A test I am ready for. That UTA World Championship is at the end of the rainbow that I have been chasing. Come Dublin, I plan to get lucky and retrieve that pot of gold.

And quite frankly, I do not care who says I can not do it. Who says I can never be THE champion.

To all of them, I will simply hold the title high.

Listening to the fans cheer the roof off the Aviva Stadium.

And smile.

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