Title: Zhalia, Zhalia, Zhalia...
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: October 16th, 2015
Location: Who Knows.
Show: Wrestleshow #47

We now bring you a message from La Flama Blanca.


Zhalia, Zhalia, Zhalia…

Sometimes I think you are Dynasty’s biggest fan. I know you are my biggest fan.

Speaking of fans… I’ll be a part of a fan meet and greet at the Convention Centre Dublin on Saturday night. It’s nice to know my hard work is appreciated. It’s nice to know there are some fans who appreciate talent and greatness.

As much as people want to deny it, they see the La Flama Blanca shirts in the stands at tapings and house shows. It’s nice to see there are a few remaining intelligent individuals in this world of mouth breathers.

AND speaking of mouth breathers… back to Zhalia Fears. Zhalia Fears is no slouch, but she’s also NO La Flama Blanca. No one is and no one ever will be.

You just never seem to go away can you Zhalia? You have been the most vocal when it comes to Dynasty. You’ve been fighting the good fight. It makes me laugh that you think you can defeat us, that you can defeat me. Good luck. It would be the upset of the century.

You have always been outspoken about US. You get up on your soapbox, but no one seems to listen. You and many others have tried but never succeeded. So many want to stop us, but they never come together as a unit. Everyone wants to do it on their own, to be the ONE who ended Dynasty.

We all know haters are going to hate. But they don’t realize, we love it. Four of the hottest Superstars in the UTA.

Kendrix, the breakout star of Twenty-Sixteen, bet on it. Claude, the next UTA Legacy Champion, a future fucking Hall Of Famer. Mikey Money… the man who turns everything he touches into gold.

NEWS FLASH: Dynasty ends when we say it ends. Claude’s vision is stronger than ever. We have the best talent in the business. Talent that no one can compete with. Not when Dynasty started and certainly not now.

Zhalia did have some backup at one time. Kush, The Second Coming, and her attempted to stop the juggernaut... she failed.  Zhalia soon found herself on an island all by herself. I ended Kush’s career and The Second Coming became preoccupied with Crimson Lord.

You were just free-floating with no direction and then you got involved with your “sister's” drama. You both got involved with a psychopath.

Your own "sister" left you high and dry when that maniac, mongoloid Crimson Lord kidnapped you, tortured you, and god only knows what else happened in that dingy cellar. She watched on the big screen as Crimson had you bound and gagged.

She could have ran out of the ring to try to save you… fuck, just made an attempt. She didn’t though. Her mind was on more important things--the UTA Tag Team titles.

She lost me my tag titles, but it was all for the better. My back hurt from carrying her sorry ass.

You’ve faced Dynasty in one way or another many times and never were able to get one over on us. There was that one time… You ‘BEAT’ Sean Jackson, if you can really call that a real victory. I know a win's a win, Sean had to grab that chair. Sean knew he couldn’t beat you that night or any night.

I’m no Sean Jackson. I’m the UTA World fucking Champion, Zhalia. You know that though. You’ve been taking notes on Dynasty, taking notes on me. You know what I’ve done in my two years in the UTA.

You witnessed me make history last year in Mexico. I stopped letting other people tell me what I should be and did what I wanted to do. I put an end to the lies. I didn’t want to be the fake, happy face out there in front of the TV cameras.

I was sick of it, so I did something about it. I was tired of being held back, waiting for my time. I made one of the best decisions of my life and look what it got me...

Icon Status. You all know my credentials.   

Two time UTA Tag Team Champion, UTA Legacy Champion, the UTA World Champion… I held the Triple Crown all at the same time. You’ve sat and watched me beat the who’s-who here. You’ve watched me become a legend.

You’ve watched me become the greatest UTA Superstar of ALL TIME.

Your story? My eyes have seen you fail over and over again. So what you won the Prodigy Championship? SO what you won the Legacy championship a few times in the Scramble match… even Cecilworth won the Legacy title and he’s fucking awful.

No one remembers that about you though...

Everyone sees you as the little girl of the UTA. We’ve watch you play with figurines, playing dress up, and having friends over for a pajama party on UTA TV. This is why no one takes you seriously, Zhalia. Time to grow the fuck up.

I wear a mask for tradition. I wear it with honor. You wear a “mask” to hide your true self from the world. Hide what you really are...

You’re a fucking child. You were handed everything on a silver platter. Your wealthy family gave you every opportunity to do whatever it is you wanted in your life. You never had any expectations to be much of anything. So you lived out a dream and became a wrestler.

You worked hard much like we all have. You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into this business. We are no different in that aspect.

My father never wanted me to live this life. Living out of a suitcase. Spending hours traveling from city to city, dealing with the pain and injuries on a day to day basis. We kill ourselves in the ring, shorten our lifespans with each fall, every match.

My father used to tell me… You’ll have to suffer now so that one day you can live as a champion. It’s a tough life, it really is. It’s made for a special few.

If this was easy… everyone would do it.  But it’s not. We both gave everything we had and more to get to this point, to get to the United Toughness Alliance. We’ve both seen face after face walk in, and leave as quickly as they arrived.

The revolving door keeps on turning. Seems as though James Wingate has brought back a lot of these jag bags that I thought we were forever rid of. The UTA is the place to be… and a place that better pay when my contract is up. January First will be here before you know it, James.


You and I have have been constants. The fans know what to expect from us. They expect me to win because that’s just what I do, win. They want me to lose, they want me to break my neck each night. It’s sad. Those animals want my blood but… no.

They are going to try and get into my head. I know you are going to get a majority of the audience. Their boos will roar across Dublin. Your cheers will be intense. Most of those beat-nuts want to see me lose first hand. Lose the World title. But you see… I can’t have that.

I know they want you to win. You can hear it every time you step into the ring. They desperately want to see their favorite win the ultimate prize. They want to see the last remaining Bad Ass hold the UTA World Title.

What the fans want is far different from what is going to happen Monday night on Wrestleshow.

Oh, they are going to most definitely get their money’s worth. I’m in the match, it’s already worth the price of admission. They are going to see a classic. I expect you to put on your best performance to date. We are going to beat the shit out of each other.

That’s a fact, and we are going to leave it all in the ring.

This isn’t sunshine and rainbows… this is real, damn real. This match is for all the marbles. The winner takes on the number one contender at the International Affair Pay Per View. One of us is going to headline the Tokyo Dome and… I AM The Headliner.

Just when you and the rest of the world think I’m out, that the match is over… Zhalia Fears is going to become the NEW UTA World Champion… I’m going to kick out.

Chris Hopper, Lew Smith, Marie Van Claudio… they all thought they could best The Luchador. Sorry to disappoint.

The fans inside the Aviva Arena will be counting along with you and the referee. One, two, and then a KICK OUT. One, two, and another KICK OUT… you get the idea.

I don’t care what I have to do, Zhalia… I’m not letting you take my title from me. No matter how much you want it… I want it more. Because of that we are going to give the fans everything they want and more. Pulling out all the stops.

We’ve been in the ring a few times, we know each other way too well. After twenty minutes of “oohs and aahs” our match will end with me retaining MY championship. I WILL walk out with my title. I have to.. and I agree with you, Zhalia.

Wait? What? 

I’m positive there will be a Sean Jackson sighting at one point during our title match. Sean hates you and he sure as hell hates me. I mean… I took his UTA World from him and he’s acted like a bigger child than you. Sean knows better.

Sean Jackson knows each and every time he wants to cash in his briefcase, I will have something in store for him. I don’t know why I have to waste my time on this... Sean knows he can’t beat me. Sean knows his time has passed.

Sean knows he should just hand that briefcase over to Dynasty. Come out on Wrestleshow and put the briefcase in my hand.

I think the boys would love that. Each of us can walk around Wrestleshow and Victory... Rubbing that briefcase in the face of you, Sean. Rubbing that briefcase in the face of the UTA roster and the rest of the UTA Universe. I can’t wait.

Again… for those people who don’t have a firm grasp on the english language… I’m going to defeat Zhalia Fears, I’m going to Main Event one more UTA Pay Per View, and I’m going down as an all time great.    

See you Monday, Zhalia… I’ll be waiting.     



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