Title: My Adoptive Home
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: October 20th, 2015
Location: Paris, France
Show: Victory XL

Paris, France. The city that everyone wants to visit. The city where everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower. The city where love happens. You can describe this city with plenty of words, but if there was a slogan or motto to describe Paris, it would be the City that Marie Van Claudio snaps her long losing.


Why does Marie want to snap her losing streak so much? She wants to get back on track and finally show everyone that she’s still here. Not to mention that this is the same town that her father got his career started three decades ago. She’s familiar with this place because her family would come here when he was wrestling. Call this a “homecoming” in way and she plans on doing her homecoming, the correct way.


The scene starts with Marie sitting on the steps of the place where she called “home” when her father was wrestling. The small place brought back memories while she was sitting down. Marie put her knees to her chest while rocking back and forth.


Van Claudio:  This place brings back a lot of memories to me….


She stops rocking back and forth and moves her legs out, taking some time to think about what she could say next.


Van Claudio: This town that we are in for Victory, became my adoptive home when my father was wrestling. My father made his mark here despite not winning any major titles. He was called a “hero” and everyone loved him for it.


She stands up as she looks around.


Van Claudio: Some years later, the company that I wrestle for is in town and it’s time to make some new memories. The last show, I made Cayle’s match in the town he called “home” a memorable one despite me losing.


She smirks a bit while flipping her blonde hair.


Van Claudio: Thanks Cayle. Thanks for finally waking me up and showing the light. Until we meet again.


She keeps on smirk.


Van Claudio: Back on topic for this week’s Victory instead of talking about the last one. Memories are about to be made. My father made memories in this town and now I plan on making memories in France, but in a different way.


Marie keeps her eyes forward as she looks to the right. Not having any titles around or anything. Sucks that she doesn’t have one to bring in.


Van Claudio: There won’t be any titles, in which I wish I did have one with me, there won’t be any “friend” to cost me anything, and there won’t be yoga at all. This town is going to see Jacques Van Claudio Sr.’s daughter make a name for herself! My opponent won’t have a clue what will happen.


She stands up and flips her hair.


Van Claudio: My opponent this week happens to be BR Ellis. While he’s a “traveler” in the wrestling circuit, he hasn’t done ANYTHING that’s memorable thus far! I cannot even think of one thing besides him being in the gauntlet match last week!


She shrugs her shoulders.


Van Claudio: I mean, while watching the match when he was with Eric Dane, and considering that it was a submission match, it looked like he got his ass handed to him the whole entire time! One move, LOCKED and put away. As much as I HATE to say it, Amy gave him the better shot and SHE was hit right in the head!


She rolls her eyes.


Van Claudio: BR Ellis seems to be the biggest joke since he’s been in the UTA. I cannot think of one good match that he has done compared to my matches and that list is WAY too long to go over!


She holds out her fingers before putting them back in.


Van Claudio: You only had one “decent” match and it was against SkyMont out of ALL people! The one that freaking dreams and eats hardcore for breakfast!  Wouldn’t surprise me if he even eats barbwire because he looks so damn dirty!


She gets the hives and shakes at the mentioned


Van Claudio: That’s the only decent match and you won that one with ease.. Another one I can think of and I felt like you were fed to him was against Greer. Don’t get me wrong, he’s the toughest people that I’ve went again, but you couldn’t even stand a chance!


She puts her finger out and waves it.


Van Claudio: You have a lot of nerve calling yourself “Texas’ Best” when you haven’t done anything that’s “best” ,and what makes YOU think you’re going to come in MY adoptive home and get this win?


She shakes her head again.


Van Claudio: I will not let this happen….I will not let him come in…..this is MY LAND!


She opens her eyes.


Van Claudio: It is said that once the enemy walks in town, you have to fight that enemy and make sure he doesn’t get away!


She keeps her eyes focused.


Van Claudio: You are walking on grounds that you don’t even belong in! Once you come to our match, you will hear a sound that will shatter your ears! The French will tell you off and they WILL make sure of it!


She smirks as she takes a look at herself.


Van Claudio: However, when they see me, they’ll be happy that a hero came to save them from the enemy! Everyone that’s in the arena, the same arena that I grew up watching my dad wrestle, will see his daughter in the ring and show that she has wrestling in her blood!


She keeps on smirking.


Van Claudio: Not to mention while looking beautiful the whole entire time doing it!


She winks with a smirk on her face.


Van Claudio:  Trust me when I say this BR, trust me on it. You’re going to be in for one rude awaken when you come to Paris, France on Monday. If you show up, you better be prepared and when I mean prepared, I mean a battle.


She flips her battle.


Van Claudio: I’m ready for this, it’s YOU that needs to be ready for what’s about to happen. Time to face the place that adopted me during the years!


Marie snaps her fingers as she goes to walk away. Coming into this match, she’s ready to snap her losing streak in front of everyone and make a memory by doing it.

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