Title: In the Gym - HELP
Featuring: Will Haynes
Date: 10/21/2015
Location: Athens, Georgia, USA
Show: Victory XL

Will Haynes is on a treadmill. He hates the treadmill, but it's part of his warm up. Needs to get the blood flowing first thing in the morning, needs to wake up his system. There's static stretches, dynamic stretches and they help, but Haynes needs something a little bit more. Especially as he ages. 

When they first recommended the treadmill to him he was hesitant. He had never been the running type. What was his saying, oh right - "This is God Given." Then he'd kiss his small biceps. He took what people said about him and turned it into something he owned. Wore it like a crown. 

Haynes: "Miguel, I hope you're doin' alright. Hope that your silence so far about this upcomin' match don't mean the worst has happened t' ya. Hope it don't mean that you gone int' your own head, disappeared inside a' the vision you got goin' on. Too much time alone ain't good, Miguel.

"I should know. I've been there."

Haynes indeed had been there. As a matter of fact, as he looks around the gym right now he releases that he's right there NOW. No Coleslaw, still recovering, and unable to accompny him on the International Tour even if he wanted. The purse was tightening up a bit across the globe, understandable, especially with the company growing. 

Haynes: "Miguel, I meant what I said about askin' for help. We're all a family, you know that. There's people that can help you, you just need to let them."

Haynes is sincere here. He glances down at the program he's running, he's keeping pace. He's doing a little better than yesterday, than the day before that, and so on. He nods his head impressed with his work.

Haynes: "I wish ya would. I wish ya would let these UTA folks help you Miguel, cause without that help I'm wonderin' just how far you expect t' make it around here. There's people who are in PEAK physical condition, who have dedicated their LIFE to this, Miguel.

"You know what routinely happens t' em?"

Haynes asks increasing his pace. Going harder and harder.

Haynes: "They lose. They get blown out. They find themselves lookin' for work other places. This business is cruel. It'll chew you right on up n' spit you right back out. In order to make it, you need t' impress, you need t' not rock the boat. You need t' perform in the ring.

"Miguel, I gotta tell you - watchin' you on that last Victory was somethin' else. Miguel, you've got the talent to make it. You've got the tools, for sure. You could be the next up n' comer. You could make some noise in the UTA RIGHT AWAY, but there's somethin' holdin' you back, Miguel."

The pace again increases, Haynes struggles a bit at first to keep up but then hits his groove. 

Haynes: "You're holdin' yourself back. You are Miguel. The company you are allegedly keepin', the company you're allegedly keepin'. That's only gonna do you in. Only gonna collapse in on ya, Miguel. Let us help you."

Haynes nods his head, positively. 

Haynes: "I've had family members go t' prision, Miguel. Hell, my Uncle is still there. N' when they got out, when they came back it was hard for them t' fit back in. Things was different. T' be expected honestly. Some a' them turned to their old ways. Made some more mistakes n' got sent back. Some a' them struggled at first but fit in real nice. Wanna know the difference 'tween the two?

"Support system."

The pace of the treadmill program plateaus out for a bit here. Haynes is approaching the cool down, he notes in his head.

Haynes: "The folks that made more mistakes n' went back had themselves no support. They ran with the same crews, people who were new but maybe like minded, it lead them down a road t' more jail time. Bigger heartbreak for the folks round them. The people who struggled but straightened out, the people like Coleslaw, the people like Mary Jane, the people like my Momma, they had a support system. Bunch'a people who cared 'bout them, helped them out. 

"Miguel that's what you need. Let us help you. We can do it. You just gotta give us a chance."

The program declines a level as Haynes slows his speed.

Haynes: "If this helps you, Miguel, if wrestlin' helps you - then by all means let's go. Let's take this thing t' the next level. Show 'em all what it's about. Have them Frenchies saying "Wee Wee" n' what not. Ya know?

"If you wanna show me how much this helps you, Miguel, if you wanna show me what this Lucha stuff means t' you - I respect that. I really do, Miguel. But if this is someone else puttin' noise in your head, someone else tryin' t' further their own agenda, someone pullin' your strings - I want no part of it.

"I wanna see you get better, n' that wouldn't help that end game. You hear me, Miguel? This is about YOU. What YOU need. So Miguel, what is it gonna be?"

The program slows now to a light job.

Haynes: "You gonna take my help or not?"

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