Title: Embarrassment
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: October 21st, 2015
Location: France
Show: Victory XL

Amy can be seen in her hotel room, watching Jack Hunter's promo on her for the upcoming match. Once it ends, Amy looks away with a confused look on her face.


Harrison: What the hell did I just watch?


She tries to get her head across with the promo she finished watching.


Harrison: Alright, let me just wrap my head around this because that just confused the hell out of me. What exactly did you just say?


She’s still confused about this.


Harrison: First off, I have to ask you this: What country are you from? Are you even from this planet? I just heard a lot of gibberish here, making me think that English might be a second language to you or something.


She still has the look of confusion


Harrison: Street fightingestStreet fighted? What kind of stupid crap is that? If you want to come off tough, at least make it sound tough.


She rolls her eyes again.


Harrison: Since when did you end up becoming 5-0? Have you even had five matches in this place yet? Weren’t you in that gauntlet match with me? Who happened to win that match? I know that you didn’t, so how could you lose that match and still call yourself undefeated.


Amy face palms and shakes her head. Clearly she is about to have a headache.



Harrison: Then you become a idiot even more and say that you’re better at wrestling than me? Alright, let’s compare. What exactly have you done here? Apart from dumbing down the intelligence of everyone that listens to you speak?


She holds out her palms and shrugs her shoulders.


Harrison: I know how much you’ve done: NOTHING! I, however, probably have the best newcomer streak in UTA than anyone! After an admittedly slow start, I then started rolling and took out big name after big name.


She smirks, getting cocky about what she is saying.



Harrison: Alright fine, there might be other reasons why people might like seeing me in the ring, but at least I know that I can back up what I say. From what I can tell, I don’t think you were even able to apply for high school, let alone graduate from it!


Amy gives a twisted smirk.


Harrison: Oh, and then you decided to put the icing on the cake and go all women are only good at cooking BS. You should try getting into your thick head that I may be a woman, but I know that if I’m not some random woman that’s going to cry for help when someone grabs me and tries to take me away! I’ll take them down myself and beat them up for ever touching me!


She keeps on having that smirk on her face.


Harrison: Long story short, this is what I got from your promo. You can't even say your own fighting style right, you don't know your own win-loss record, you can't say my name right, and you have to be from another planet. Either that, or you've been hit so many times in your head that if I were to slap you, you'd probably get 25 concussions all at once.


The smirk remains in tact.


Harrison: I don't know why you're here, I don't get why you think you're so good when you probably wouldn't be able to spell your own name right, even if it was printed out in front of you like an exam question.


Amy holds out a paper and pretends it’s an exam.


Harrison: You think you're so good when you street fought, well I'm going to bring you back to reality.


She snaps her fingers.


Harrison: You don't belong in a wrestling ring, you belong in a mental home. Someone needs to control you, because it's obvious that you can't control yourself!


She goes to having that twisted smirk.


Harrison: As for me, I might be know for having big, enormous.............ego, but I know common sense when I see it, and common sense here would be me putting an end to this charade that you call a wrestling career.


Amy fixes herself before making an adjustment


Harrison: Jack, it's for your own good. Just step aside and let me win, otherwise I'm going to steamroll right through so bad that you won't know what hit you.


She cracks her neck.


Harrison: Then again, in your state, you probably don't even remember what happened to you ten minutes ago.


She shakes her head at the thought


Harrison: Jack Hunter may try to sound tough, but when I’m done with him, I’m going to make sure that that sixteen year old tattooed loser goes running back to hide in his basement, knowing that he got his ass kicked by a girl!


She lets out a smirk


Harrison: And then maybe he’ll go back onto his PlayStation and win some games of Street Fighter IV or something, because that’s the closest he’ll get to beating me.


Amy then winks at the camera as she gets up and walks out of the hotel room as the picture fades to black.

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