Title: Sign A Contract.
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: October 22nd, 2015
Location: Who Knows.
Show: Victory XL

Paris, France the sight of the final Victory. The final Victory where… YOUR UTA World Champion meets Eric Dane face to face for the first time to… sign a contract.

Not the first time the UTA thought publicly covering a contract signing was a good idea.

To be honest, the only contract I’m looking to sign is the one to keep me here in the UTA. The contract I signed upon my arrival in this company two April’s ago is coming to an end. January First of next year, when the ball drops, puts an end to Twenty-Fifteen and my contract will the UTA will be over.

The UTA has done a tremendous amount for me and my career… I’ve also given this company everything I have and more. I’m the MAIN reason the UTA finally had a REAL international tour. Dynasty and your’s truly have kept this company out of having to file for Chapter Eleven.

We got this company into the green and that will NEVER change. No matter how hard the rest of the UTA tries.

Now… no one can argue my success. No one can argue that I should be the HIGHEST paid member of the UTA roster. James Wingate signed me almost two years ago not even thinking I would become what I have. I’ve been the steal of the century.

I’ve been keeping these negotiations out of the public unlike those who came before me. I gain nothing by doing so. If the two sides can’t agree on terms… MONEY... then I’ll test the market. I’m certain I wouldn’t be unemployed for long.

I’m glad my agent included incentive clauses, at the time James probably thought he would never have to honor them. Boy was he wrong. I’ve made thousands and thousands for the UTA and it’s about time I REALLY see my payday.

I’m tired of getting short changed. I’m the top dog around here and I deserve to be compensated like it.

I’m the BEST in the UTA and the BEST in the world. It’s only fair that I should be PAID the best. I’m the first man in the arena and the last one out. I’ve defended EVERY title I’ve ever won.

I’ve gone ALL of Twenty-Fifteen without a single loss on my record. Amazing isn’t it. Arguably one of the GREATEST years in the history of the sport.

I’ve beaten everyone I had to. I’ve beaten the green upstarts, I’ve beaten the old geezers who don’t know when enough is enough. I ended streak, after streak, after streak. I came out on top each and every time I was counted out.

Something Eric and the rest of the roster have loved every second. Constantly standing on top of the company, jealous that it’s not them. It’s time I get what I deserve and that’s the richest contract in the sport.

I want to be the first million dollar athlete in sports entertainment, professional wrestling, wrasslin’, whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Like I said, that’s the only contract I really want to sign my name on the dotted line for. This World Title match contract is just a formality. I don’t give a shit what Eric Dane wants or thinks he should get because he’s not the cash cow for the UTA, and he never will be.

He’s just washed up like Chris Hopper. He’s washed up like Sean Jackson… Dudes who used to be. You “earned” this match. Same way Lew Smith and Marie Van Claudio earned their title shots. You get to Main Event for the first time in the UTA, Eric.


International Affairs takes place LIVE in Tokyo, Japan at the legendary Tokyo Dome. Fifty-Five Thousand are going to pack out the arena. I’ve wrestled in Tokyo, briefly… but I never wrestled in the Tokyo Dome. It has always been a dream of mine.

That dream comes true November Fifteenth. The arena is already sold out and this could break the previous Pay per View subscription record set by Ring King. It’s going to be stellar.

I had the pleasure of watching my father headline the Tokyo Dome. It was wild. The Japanese wrestling fans are more die hard than the States. They make the UK fans look like a bunch of bitches. They even… they even make the fans in Mexico look like they don’t know a wristwatch from a wristlock.

I kid. I hate Japan.

I’ll tell you this… Japan loves, LOVES the sport of professional wrestling. It’s a spectacle, truly an event. For a country of people under five feet tall, they seem to do everything big. They sing songs in the stands. They make incredible amounts of noise.

They shoot streams all across the arena.It will take twenty minutes for them to clean the ring but it will be worth it. It’s a sight to behold.

It’s something I always wanted to experience. It’s something I will remember for the rest of my days on this earth. Some of greats of this game have headlined the Tokyo Dome… my name will be alongside all those greats.

The Japanese fans show their appreciation for the warriors who step inside the squared circle. They give each athlete a bouquet of flowers as a token of that appreciation. The real question is… do I accept them or do I throw them to the mat and grind them into the canvas?

They’ll be expecting something.

That seems weird as hell but it’s humbling. I remember thinking it was weird when I first saw it. It’s one of their many odd customs. These people are just… out there.

I do know they love to drink and sing karaoke. What else so I know about the Japanese?

They have vending machines that sell used panties. They put Pokemon monsters on condoms. Shit… they even sleep in tight confined spaces like coffins. Their porn is also fucking ridiculous. So it really doesn’t seem odd that they give sweaty, oily dudes flowers.


It will be a fitting stage for the year end Pay Per View. It will be a fitting platform for me to show not only Japan, but the rest of the world why it is I’m The Headliner, why I AM the Main Event here in the UTA.

Each match is another opportunity for some undeserving shit  to get their Fifteen minutes. Back to the contract signing...

I’m not going to be like Abdul bin Hussain and not show up to this contract signing. Even though I’d love to… I know how that will end. James would force me to hand over MY title. I will never… EVER hand over another title here in the UTA.

No one is going to take what is rightfully mine. No one. Not Sean Jackson, not Zhalia Fears, not Lew Smith and most definitely… not Eric Dane.

I remember that night in Colorado… It shocked the entire roster. No one saw any of that coming. It was my first few weeks in the company and it put everyone on notice. These signings should be, and need to be taken seriously.

So Abdul fucked himself and ultimately his poor life choices gave Sean Jackson the UTA Championship. Abdul’s… mistake gave Madman Szalinski relevance. I can’t and won’t have that. So I’m going to be there in Paris, whether I like it or not.

I’d love to sign my contract the way Perfection signed his against Ron Hall... with blood. Bust Eric open, be more vicious, show him I’m not someone he’s going to be able to push around. Push my hand into Eric’s open head wound and then put my hand on the contract.

That’s something people will remember. That’s making a fucking statement. There’s something about that, that I like. I’m sure Eric would appreciate that. I’m sure he’ll have a good laugh about it one day. I’d be taking a page out of his book.

No, no, no.

I have to to do this with class, the way I do everything. I’m making a stop over in Italy before arriving in France. I’m going to get a custom tailored suit, a new pair of shoes, even a new white gold chain. I’m going to look fucking spectacular.

I always do. I’m going to be fresh, smelling good, and looking good in my new suit and mask. I never wear the same mask twice. That’s why I need more money, James!  

After a short flight from Italy to France, I’ll be arriving in a limousine in style. I’ll have my boys with me, them all looking sharp… because we’re Dynasty. My music is going to hit, I’ll step on top of the entrance ramp in the Palais Omnisports and hold my UTA World title high.

The boos will follow me to the ring. I will eat it up, make them hate me even more.

Then I’m going to be face to face with Eric Dane. You’ll be able to feel the tension. The thousands of fans inside the arena and the millions watching all around the world are going to have goosebumps. I can feel it now myself.

Not quite like Alex Beckman but it will be close. Probably not.

I hope… I’m praying that Eric gives me that smug, pompous smile during this enormous waste of time. I’m going to smack the taste right out of his mouth.

Victory is only a few days away. I’m off to Italy.


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