Title: Word from the Hall of Famer
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 10/22
Location: Paris France
Show: Victory XL

Paris France. A city for love.  The most romantic city on earth and no one to share it with.  Such is my life on the road as a wrestler and a minority owner of the largest promotion on earth.  I'm married to my in ring career first and my roles as part of the corporate office second.  

Today's travels have lead to a local café..  The UTA's hype machine has taken over the city. There are some superstars doing pressers, some are doing appearances, some are out getting into trouble, others are doing charity and I'm sitting at a cafe doing grunt work.

It's just another day at a local café for Ron Hall, the Southern Rebel is quietly sitting at a table, his nose buried not in a great work of literature like he'd like, instead in his IPad going over emails, looking over notes from the offices in Orlando and Seattle back home.  His computer which had all of his files and material on it is with the IT crew and in need of some repairs.  Tech issues they said... That new company wide upgrade did more harm than good.  It's been over a week since it stopped powering up.

He’s trying to relax today if possible.  This means no second guessing himself, no looking over his shoulder for any unwanted “company” or who might have sent them. Instead today he's trying to think about his opponent for Monday night, Lisil Jackson. At this point to Ron, they’re all starting to sound the same; another new face looking to make a name for themselves at his expense.

"Lisil Jackson is waiting for me, Monday night on Victory. A smile crosses his face as he thinks of the promos.  Not out loud, he is out in public after all.  “Hey Mon, de Jamacian pastor Lisil Jackson here mon, here to tell you about dis week’s deadly zin mon.”

In a moment, Ron pulls up Lisil’s profile on the UTA website and reads about the “Jamacian Ninja Warrior”.  He stops and hits the lock button on his iPad so no one will see what he's snickering about.  Some things are too funny.  He knows Lisil’s talent in the ring can't be knocked, especially if he is good enough to be in the UTA. Other stuff however just screams to be fair game and right now, a good laugh is a good laugh no matter how It comes.

After regaining his composure, Ron unlocks his tablet and pulls the profile back up. He plugs in his headphones and hits play.  The latest sermon, er video of “The Words of Lisil” plays on his tablet.  The video plays out. Nothing really stands out to Hall about this new guy, but it's in the ring the best part of Jackson's work really comes through. That is what makes him so special even if his promos require a translator or sub titles to be understood.

A glance at his watch says he needs to be going and having already paid his check, he gathers his stuff and heads down the street. He passes a bookstore, his schedule says no but his mind and need for some privacy scream yes.  He sneaks inside, grateful to be away from the stresses and unwanted attention he's been getting for the last few weeks.

He finds a small bench and goes back into his IPad.  This week, none of the usual headaches from corporate, none of the usual aggravation from his “friend” at the office. No, this week has been remotely quiet, civil, almost like he can get some work done. Ron flips through the remaining emails he has to skim, I mean read and allows himself to get lost in the works of literature.  It would be easy to ask for something local like Victor Hugo, but he's feeling philosophical today so he ask for Voltaire instead.

An hour later….

Ron is quickly looking through a book of Volitare. There are several others in a pile off to the side. Oh to find the right words for his opponent. To properly convey his feelings about their pending first ever meeting on Monday. Then in a moment, two answers to two people arrive.  Oh to savor this.  The first quote is snapped and emailed as a message to his “friend” back home.  The message reads “Put this on your office door”.  The saying?.  “Common sense is not so common.”

A second saying?  It is best shared in a video.   Ron sets up his IPad and hits record.  The video last all of twenty seconds.  It starts as Ron looks into the camera, his eyes hidden behind his glasses, and his hair neatly gathered in a ball cap.  The shot is from his neck up.  A knowing smile brought by years of life and time doing research crosses his face.  

Hey Lisil, here's a word for Monday, think of this as Words from a Hall of Famer: (He holds the camera up to the text which reads: )
“Un mot d'esprit ne prouve rien.” Or in English “A witty saying proves nothing.”


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