Title: Raw Meat
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: October 22nd, 2015
Location: Meathouse in Paris
Show: Victory XL

Paris doesn’t really produce the best meat there is in Europe. Sure, it was one of things people need to eat to stay alive, but the shops to get the meat are disgusting. Marie’s father would come here and use them as punching bags to get warmed up for his matchs. This place really doesn’t have the best looking gyms like they do in the states, but Marie had to make the best of it.


The scene starts with Marie looking at the place as she has a disgusted look on her face. The smell of the meat was disgusting and the scent was bothering her, but in order to get ready for this match, she had to beat them down. Tying her hands up in tape, Marie took a look at the raw meat that was hanging.


Van Claudio: This happens to be the most disgusting tactic that I’ve ever done when it comes to gett ready for my match.


She takes a hit of the meat and begins to punch at her. Frustrations building up inside her from her constant losing streaks and the bitterness from it.


Van Claudio: Every punch that I take into this meat, I let out anger and frustrations of every loss that I’ve been on the end of, but I treat it like ithe opponent’s face that I’m going against in the ring.


She takes a step back before looking at the tape that’s beginning to be covered in red.


Van Claudio: That piece of meat? You know the one that’s currently hanging? That has your name on it, BR.


She goes back to punching it around again. Taking out her frustrations.


Van Claudio: Every punch that I give this, I pretend this is your face that I’m pounding it. Every time the piece of meat swings around from the haymakers I throw, it’s you becoming dizzy and falling to the ground.


Marie grabs at it and holds it for a good moment while the juices are getting on her. She lets go and she’s covered.


Van Claudio: I know that this may sound twisted and gnarly, but I have to dig down to this side. My brother Jacques Jr. likes to have sick minds. It runs in the family.


Marie looks at her clothes, but she doesn’t mind. They are old anyways.


Van Claudio: BR, I’ve been waiting for a long time to end up this way. Loss after loss after loss it drives me crazy that I cannot even win the matches I have to win. It drives me nuts that I see people like you ruin these opportunities that are  given to you.


She looks at the piece of meat and hits it again.


Van Claudio: That’s one punch to for you being stupid for NOT taking the chances when you have to take risks to get what you want!


She strikes the piece of meat again and looks at it.


Van Claudio: Another thing that I should mention. I’m far from being any types of opponents that you’ve faced off against in the past. I’m far from being a dirtbag like Skymont! Skymont just cares about hardcore and ONLY that type of nonsense while I give it my all. For the past couple of MONTHS that you’ve been here. You haven’t SHOWN ANYTHING that you wanted to accomplish!


She grabs something from a side of her as she holds it, pounding down the ground.


Van Claudio: Every chance you’re in that ring, BR, nothing happens. You are someone that only comes and goes to grab his paycheck and runs away with it, and you don’t get called out for it like I do when I lose my matches.


She takes a deep breath and picks up the stick that she was holding. With one swing, she CRACKS the piece of meat in places as the juices go all over her.


Van Claudio: That’s what I think about everyone when they don’t confront about you and your future. I feel like taking a stick, broom or bat to the people that say bullshit and most importantly taking you out with one hard SWING!


She doesn’t even look for a towel as she’s covered red.


Van Claudio: The French like to get down and dirty. We have no problem using our bare hands to beat down scum like you. We have no problem showing how well we love to fight. I already said that you are going to be the enemy when you come against a hero like me, but not only am I the hero….


She moves her blonde hair that’s turning orange back.


Van Claudio: I plan on being your worst nightmare!


She rolls it behind her hair and looks at the broken pieces that are on the ground.


Van Claudio: I feel like the girl that gets red stuff poured down her when she won the prom queen and you have everyone laughing at her. She would then get rid of the ones that stood in her way. I feel like The Bride from Kill Bill that ends up slicing everyone that pisses off.


She keeps on running her hands through her head.


Van Claudio: That’s why I plan on becoming the hero to the people in Paris, France and that’s why I plan on becoming your worst nightmare. Losing for this long has made me bat shit crazy and being on this long dreaded streak makes you insane knowing that you won’t go far. I feel sorry for you, Ellis because you are on my war path, which will lead to the path of your destruction!


She flips her hair one more time.


Van Claudio: May 18th, 2015 was I had my first win back in this promotion. October 26th will be the day that the losing streak ends where I start a brand new one of winning. It will also be the day that BR Ellis becomes embarrassed in Paris!


She smirks before translating to her native French Language.


Van Claudio: BR, très peur pour lundi.

(BR, be very afraid for Monday.)


Marie finally gets done as she grabs a towel to wipe off the stuff that’s on her body and walks away.

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