Title: You Belong In A Mental Home!
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: October 23rd, 2015
Location: France
Show: Victory XL

Amy Harrison can be seen in her hotel room with her head in her hands. After hearing what Jack Hunter had to say, she's not happy.


Harrison: Can someone explain to me why someone like Jack Hunter is on the roster?


Amy shakes her head.


Harrison: Alright, I have no idea why I decided to sit down and actually listen to what you had to say, because after listening to you, I feel like my IQ has dropped 100 points. Even if I did, I’d still have a high IQ than you would have.


She points to her head to motion that she’s smarter.


Harrison: I just have to ask one simple question: What kind of parallel universe do you live in? I know I’ve said this before, but there cannot be a logical explanation why you would be from this planet, there just isn’t any!


Her face turns angry.


Harrison: So, let’s get some things cleared up here. For one, do you really think that I would be afraid of you? Why would I be scared of someone like you?


Amy shrugs her shoulders again with her face staying angry.


Harrison: Is it because you have a fictitious 6-0 record, for no good reason or the fact you can’t even speak in a first grade level? Or you’re a man and I’m a woman?


Amy has a bewildered look on her face.


Harrison: I am starting to think that you don’t even have a brain in your head and you’re just saying random words to disguise yourself that you’re good for nothing!


She begins to pace back and forth before stopping in her tracks.


Harrison: It's great for you to use the argument that I’m scared because I haven’t spoken yet. Well, maybe if you actually give me a chance to speak before you go back to whatever hole you live in, then maybe I could say something. Either that or you’re just deaf and can’t hear anyone else speaking.


Amy goes to a chair and sit in it while folding her legs like a lady.


Harrison: Let’s just get this out of the way. This illusion that you’re better than me is exactly that: an illusion.


She folds her arms in the chair and goes back to speak.


Harrison: You say that you have a 6-0 record here; I know that I don’t have an undefeated record, but at least I know that I’ve actually gone against some real competition. And when I say real competition, I meant in terms of strength and the fact that they actually exist.

She stands up from the chair and pulls out her phone.


Harrison: I know it’s easy for you to just shake me off because you say that I should be in the kitchen, not in a wrestling ring, but I know that you don’t belong in a wrestling ring!


She smirks as she finds something on her phone.


Harrison: You belong in a mental home!

She lets out a loud laugh. The mean side of her is coming out.


Harrison: I know I’m not going to allow one of the inmates run this asylum. I’ll make sure that this fantasy of you being an undefeated street fighter, or whatever the hell you wanted to call it, comes to an end, as I bring you back to reality. The reality is that you are nothing but a joke.


She moves her hands out of the way.


Harrison: Keep trying to try me down or even try to dumb me down, it’s not going to work!  By the time I’m done with you, I’ll make you wish that you didn’t leave school when you were six.


She once again pulls out her phone and calls a place up.


Harrison: Hello? Paris Mental Health Institute? Have you got a bed free? I’ve got one nut job I want you to take care of in a few days.


Amy walks off out of picture as the picture fades

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