Title: Hmmm...
Featuring: La Flama Blanca
Date: October 24th, 2015
Location: Paris, France
Show: Victory XL

We now bring you a message from La Flama Blanca.


I open the door to the bathroom, towel wrapped around my waist. I continue drying my hair as I walk into the bedroom of my Bristol, Paris hotel suite. The finest in the city. I know why I’m here, I know what tonight is leading to.

“We are just a few weeks away from International Affairs in the legendary Tokyo Dome. The GREATEST UTA World Champion of ALL TIME once again puts his title on the line. The UTA World Championship, the most coveted and contested title in all of sports entertainment.”

I toss the towel I used to dry my hair by the sink and drop the one around my waist to the floor. I put my duffle bag on the bed and pull out some necessities as I start to get dressed. My ride will be here shortly.  

“I’m going to stand across the ring from Eric Dane. Another one of these geezers who doesn’t know when to call it quits. All I’m going to say is… he lost to Will Haynes. That really does say it all, in my opinion.”

Facts are facts. But I soon get back on topic.

“Tonight is the contract signing in Paris. I’m showing up in the finest wares money can buy. I’m not going to walk out to the ring looking like a schlub. It’s a suit and tie affair. I got my brand new alligator loafers, a beautiful suit hand made while I was in Italy.”

I walk back into the bathroom and the steam opens up my airways. I take my dress shirt off a hook and give it a once over. No wrinkles.

“Eric is finally going to get his wish… a shot to win the UTA World title. He’s going to get the chance to headline his first UTA Pay Per View… riding my coattails in the process. But what else is new?”

I grab my chain off the nightstand and place it around my neck. It takes me a second to hook the clasp on to secure it.

“I’ll deal with Eric Dane in the ring at Tokyo but tonight my mind is on one thing. I’m more concerned with what kind of match I want to have inside the Tokyo Dome. Now, there’s been few matches I’ve wanted to have in my time in the UTA and was never able to have.”

I go into the closet near the bathroom and open the door. I pull out my brand new suit made by master suit maker Antonio Genovese.

“I have a few in mind. Match stipulations to test myself and my opponent.”

A Hardcore Match

No Disqualification. Weapons. Falls Count Anywhere. Extreme Rules...

“Call it whatever you want… It will be LEGAL to do really whatever I can think up. Chairs and tables… that’s kid stuff. No, barbed wire, baseball bats, four foot compact fluorescent bulbs… getting extreme. Maybe I’ll take that trusty fork out of Eric’s boot.”

I look at myself in the mirror as I button up my shirt. I have one of those shit-eating grins usually hidden by my mask. The thought of beating Eric senseless pleases me. The thought of taking his eye… excites me more.

“I’d love to pop his fucking eye out and keep it in my trophy case.”

Getting a little too into the eye poking. Getting a little too hot. I snap myself out of it and re-think the match idea.

“That would make Eric too at home. I’m sure the fans inside the arena and watching at home would love to see the two of us maim each other for their entertainment. Now that I think of it… the UTA is already having a Hardcore Championship match so scratch that.”

I pull my right pant leg up, getting it to my knee. Then my left. Pushing my shirt into my pants. I button them and turn back towards the bed. I grab my belt, pushing it through each loop of my suit pants. I look at them from every angle, making sure they are perfect.  

A Ladder Match

“There have only been a few of them in the two years I’ve been in the UTA. I’d love to bash Eric Dane’s face in with a ladder. In front of Fifty-Five Thousand screaming fans, I want to climb up to the top of a Fourteen Foot ladder and hit a Four-Fifty Splash.”

I close my eyes and imagine the carnage. I’m going to step it up like I always do. Eric underestimates me… good.

“I’ll use every ladder in the arena as a weapon. I’ll even chuck a four footer at Eric Dane, hopefully giving him a concussion in the process. I know I will take my share of abuse in this or any kind of match but I don’t care. Eric Dane pisses me off and I want to end him.”

Socks and shoes. My first pair of alligators. I could get used to wearing these.

“I can see it now… Climbing rung after rung. Getting almost to the top of that ladder, having MY UTA World Championship right in front of my face. I rip it from the hook that suspends it Sixteen or so feet above the ring, holding it in my arms and finally high above my head... in front of a sold out crowd.”

I grab my toothbrush and head back into the bathroom. I turn on the water faucet and wet my brush.

“That sounds terrific, doesn’t it?”

Add some toothpaste and I get to work.

It does to me but… Sadly the forgotten but returning Prodigy title is up for grabs in a Ladder Match… BORING. So can’t have that. I need something more, something really brutal. Something that I’ve conquered time and time again.

I gag a little from brushing my tongue. I fucking hate brushing my tongue.

A Steel Cage Match

There’s nowhere to hide in a steel cage. It’s just going to be me and him. I think about my record in Steel Cage matches and how perfect it is.

I’m the KING of the Steel Cage. I defeated the UNDEFEATED Spectre inside a Steel Cage. I put an end to the legend. I beat the man that Sean Jackson never could in the UTA.

I continue brushing my teeth as I think about that night. It was UTA history.

I bet that pisses Sean off… that I was victorious against the man who constantly seemed to laugh in his face. Speaking of Sean Jackson not being able to beat people… Will Haynes. I took Will Haynes’ Legacy title from him inside a steel cage.

I slurp some water and quickly swish it around my mouth, spitting it into the sink. I bend my body upwards and see my face in the mirror. I smirk at myself.

“I brutalized both Haynes and The Spectre. No one gave me a shot against The Spectre and everyone, EVERYONE knew I was going to beat Will Haynes”

I pace around my hotel room until I stop by a full length mirror. Damn, I look good. Too bad that mask is going to cover up this beautiful face.

“So Will Haynes defeated Eric Dane. I defeated Will Haynes. Simple math. I bet Eric would love to face me one on one inside a steel cage. Smash my face into the hardened steel. Pick me up over his head and throw me into the cage.”

The thought of that doesn’t make me happy. I’ll destroy myself to keep the title with me. I’ll do whatever I have to, to leave Tokyo with it.

“He can do whatever he wants but at the end of the night… I’m still going to be UTA World Champion. I’m going to knock his teeth down his throat, split his head WIDE open in front of the UTA Universe and of course LIVE on Pay Per View.”

“That’s been done. Think, think…“Maybe one steel cage isn’t enough. Hmmm…”

I got it.

“Maybe one steel cage isn’t enough. Hmmm… What if we did something even more ridiculous… what if we have a Steel Hell match?”

Beautiful. Don’t remember that? Here’s a history lesson.

“Abdul bin Hussain, Sean Jackson, and Madman Szalinski fought for the UTA Championship inside a Steel Hell match. It went down at Black Horizon… the first one back after the UTA’s hiatus. My first UTA Pay Per View.”

I go back to my duffle and pull out a black tie that matches my suit. Quickly I begin to knot it, pulling it snug around my collar. I make sure the tie’s length reaches my belt buckle.

“It was a night that will live in infamy. The night Madman Szalinski won the title and had a heart attack. The night The Spectre made sure Sean Jackson would lose his title. The first time Sean Jackson lost the UTA title.”

That also started the feud that went on… and on… and on. Everyone was happy to see it end.

“Steel Hell… a steel cage inside a cell that surrounds the ring. One of the most barbaric matches in this industry. A true test to see who wants the UTA World Championship title more. I know Eric wants it. I know Eric would kill his own mother just to hold it for even a split second.”

I pull my mask open a little and slip it over my head. Adjusting it so now I can see properly. I begin to tighten the laces on the back, making sure to make them tight but not too tight.

“It’s going to be up to me because it’s ALWAYS is up to me. I’m the UTA World fucking Champion. I’m the best of the best and I do what I want, when I want. I go where I want, when I want. I call the shots. If I want something, I get it. I want to be an immortal so I’m going to do everything in my power to get it.”

Finished. I grab my suit jacket off the bed and glide each arm through. Fixing it, feeling the soft fabric on my fingers. Smooth as silk. Antonio did a fantastic job.

“Tonight in the middle of the ring, I’m going to put my alligator loafers on top of the desk and put on a smile. It will be the first victory in this battle. The war won’t be over But rest assured… I’m going to win at International Affairs.”

I spray some cologne and I look at myself in the mirror one last time. I get up close to it.

“The ‘Year of the Luchador’ continues, bitch. Whether Eric and the rest of the non believers like it or not.”

I grab the door key for my room and my duffle. I stop and look down in the bag, staring back at me is the UTA World title, the reason all this is happening. I look at it for a few seconds and get startled by the smart phone vibrating on the bed. Victory is just hours away and my limo is waiting.




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