Title: The Words Of Lisil: Rough Times
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 10/23/2015
Location: An Abandoned Gym
Show: Victory XL

The scene opens inside of an old beat up martial arts gym. The camera pans around showing the paint peeling off the wall and the amount of dust that covers the floor. The outlines of where the ring and other pieces of equipment stood are still on the floor. Sitting by himself against a wall is Lisil Jackson dressed in a black tank top, and a pair of black track pants. He looks at the camera and cracks a smile. 

"Ron Hall.... At Victory we meet in dee art o' combat! Brudda ya said some very interestin tings..." 

Jackson says crossing his arms across his knees relaxing. 

"Ya see Ron ya I see what ya tryin ta do... Ya tryin ta get in ma head... Tryin ta say I sound desperate and dat I be a mon who will do anyting fo a win!" 

Lisil shakes his head. 

"Naw brudda... I don't be like dat! I'm not a sorry excuse fo a human bein like Eric Dane! I fight fo hona! But ya see mon... Good luck gettin inta ma head... I'm already gettin inta ma own head dee way it tis lately!" 

The Jamaican Inspiration says shaking his head disgusted. 

"Ya see Hall... Ya wanna talk about havin it rough.... Brudda don't compare anyting in ya life ta mine..." 

He says shivering a little. 

"Brudda ya be in dee hall o' fame! In fact ya can retire right now and be set fo dee rest of ya life!" 

Jackson says still shaking his head trying to block out the memories. 

"Ya see mon... Ya neva lived on dee streets o' Kingston Jamaica! Ya neva had ta wonda if ya would even see tomorra! But most o' all Hall.... Ya neva had ta question ya own existence!" 

The Jamaican says with a look of pain in his eyes. 

"Rough is livin in a cloud... A shroud o' darkness witout a light ta lead dee way! Rough is dealin wit dee scariest o' demons dat dee depths o' hell can possibly conjure up!"

Lisil Jackson closes his eyes taking a slow meditating breath. 

"Rough is lettin ya life be ruled by a substance." 

Jackson opens his eyes and takes a deep breath. 

"I lived in pain... I lived a life not wort livin... I even consida'd just puttin a bullet in ma own skull mon! But ya know... Dat pain consumed me.... And consumed me.... And consumed me..." 

Lisil smiles a little as he continues. 

"Until dat pain pushed me ta fight back. Dey say ya kick a dog fo so long till dat dog turns round and bites dee foot dat kicked im! Ron people questionin ya ability isn't rough time... In fact othas question ma talent and come up wit all sorts o' goofy names!" 

Jackson lets out an amusing laugh. 

"Like I said Black Guy Jackson? So many people call me dat I might as well print it on a shirt mon! But I don't let it botha me! Cuz I know I got dee ability!" 

Jackson stands up brushing some dust off of his pants. 

"Now I want ya ta take dem negative thoughts and flush dem down dee toilet mon! I don't want a Ron Hall who is dealin wit self esteem issues! Naw mon! I want dee real Ron Hall! I want dee Ron Hall dat earned dat spot in dee UTA's hall o' fame!" 

The Jamaican kicks some dust under his feet as he continues to talk.

"Spirits guide me ta victory! Fo dis will be a battle o' hona!" 

The Jamaican Ninja Warrior says before he closes his eyes and goes back to meditating as the scene fades to black. 

"Loa.... Bondye... Brigitte.... Don't let dis fight be ma last...."  

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