Title: I'm Back
Featuring: Dan Benson
Date: 10/28/2015
Location: Minneapolis MN
Show: Wrestleshow #48

(We open up in a neighborhood outside of Minneapolis MN. First thing we notice is the wind blowing in the background. The leaves rustle as they blow about the pavement. First thing we see is flurries of snow blowing across the camera lens. One flake sticks them immediately melt on the lens leaving a small droplet of water. As you watch you can almost feel the cold Minnesota air as winter makes it’s first entrance. The camera pans about and stops at a nice two level suburb home. We notice a man stepping out the front door walking down the side walk to a black Cadillac XT5. When he notices the camera crew a half smile forms on his face.)


Dan: December 6th 2014… The day I decided to hang up my boots for good.


Why? Did I take my ball and go home?


No I didn’t take my ball and go home. I was content, I was pleased with what I had managed to accomplish with my career. I was smart with my earnings and invested properly, not squandered it away like so many others.


I have been successful in numerous wrestling promotions. Ranging from local mom and pop operation, all the way up to national grade promotions and winning titles on four continents, owner of championships I NEVER lost to anybody. Made a bundle of money in the NeWA, WfWA payed a fortune and placed me in top notch main events, and I can go on and on, but will stop at that. Yes, I did it, I had a wonderful career, and looking forward to a wonderful retirement while my body is still able.


However, two weeks ago I got a call from UTA president himself. He had a proposition for me, and told him I wasn’t interested. He said he would pay me money. I kindly informed him I have money. He said I can have shots at UTA championships. I told him I have a room in my home cluttered with them. Then he told me he has a job for me at International Affair. Intrigued I asked for details and we came to an understanding and came to a deal.


What kind of job does he have for me? Well, that I will reveal at Wrestleshow.


(Grins..) And that my friends is going to be one hell of a ‘Shocker’


Now speaking of Wrestleshow, I am signed up to stretch my muscles knock out the ring rust against one Chris Hopper.


(Camera moves in for a close up. Dan’s smile quickly disappears.)


Dan: Chris, I really don’t give a damn about you at this time. You offer me nothing of substance that can add a WOW moment in my career.


Yeah for have been in the good ol RSPWF top list a few times. RSPWF, the old Twitter of wrestling. Eric Dane made that list. Stephen Greer, he made that list.. Tyrone Walker, he too even made the list. Any one of those guys would have something to offer me. What do you have for me?


(Dan opens the door to his car as he gets ready to take off.)


Dan: Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are a bad athlete, hell your pedigree speaks for itself. Perhaps there would have been a time where we could have raised the roof. We could have battled tooth and nail for the top prizes this sport has to offer. Perhaps fames would have gathered from around the country to see us. What does it matter now?


We are old.  We are battered.  We are scared. We are slowing.  We are weakening.




I do have one thing that gives me the advantage.


(Dan takes one finger and taps on the side of his head.)


Dan: Everything is still running as sharp as can be up here. Can you say the same?


(Dan jumps in his car and slams the door. Last thing we see is the tail lights as it drives off down the road.)

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