Title: Showing Jesse The Way
Featuring: Sean Jackson
Date: October 29, 2015
Location: Aboard Dynasty One
Show: Wrestleshow #48

It was bound to happen, the beaten path leading to a member of Dynasty. He just never thought the first victim would be Jesse Fredericks Kendrix.

"Don't make me do it Jesse."

Very uncharacteristic of the Mental Rapist, he is giving the young upstart an opportunity at saving face.

"My beef is with Blanca, has been since Black Horizon. So the way I see it, you can either concentrate on beating Chris Hopper..."

Aboard Dynasty One, a table is set before Mr. Ace In The Hole. On a fine China plate in front of him is a gorgeous omelet, sprinkled nicely with parsley. Another plate off to the side has a thin stack of pancakes with butter and syrup oozing down the sides. Off to the side of that is a glass of water, another glass of orange juice with a dressed waiter standing behind him.

"In Tokyo, or slaughtered in Melbourne."

As the former Dynasty member reaches for the glass of water, he gives a subtle shake of his head.

"I know, you have a tough choice to make. Do you become your own man by walking away, or continue being a bender with blind allegiance to Eduardo Sanchez?"

He takes a sip of water before setting the glass back on the table.

"Listen bruv, why not admit he's better than you? It's obvious you are without the god damned sense to question his words or actions, so just admit it so the Ungratefuls can continue laughing."

Of course, Sean had little room to criticize. He too fell victim to the Luchador's rhetoric, not seeing Blanca for the lying and conniving thief he was. But there was a slight difference between the two, Sean didn't have the advanced warning JFK was receiving.

"Tell me bruv, when Eduardo tells you to jump, do you ask him how high?"

He exhales sharply, as if knowing the answer.

"Of course you do, how else will you stay with the most dominant group in UTA history? Marshall showed his loyalty, and got fired for his troubles. He honestly thought by straddling the fence, the rift could be mended..."

But of course, some expect that from someone drunk with power. Before La Flama Blanca, Dynasty was all about the group. Now it was all about him, and him alone.

"And Dynasty could be whole again. But truth be told, Eduardo fired Marshall because being a prick made it easier to take his frustrations out on someone incapable of fighting back. But that is your leader Jesse, a man who will stab anyone in the back to get what he wants..."

The Mental Rapist extends his arms outward.

"Don't believe me, ask him for a title shot. You are the next big thing, tasked with keeping Dynasty at the top for years to come..."

Now comes that million dollar smirk. Sure Kendrix is young, but he isn't stupid. The young man has to wonder why two men, who considered themselves brothers, are now at odds with one another?

"So step into your master's office and ask for a title shot. Waltz up to him with a beverage in one hand, a cigar in the other, and ask for your opportunity. Who knows, if you have his slippers in your mouth..."

Now he was pouring it on thick. Sean seriously thought about playing the coward card, but decided against it. No, he had another direction to go.

"Then maybe Lucha Linda will think about it. But with International Affair just around the corner, you had better ask quick because the Tokyo Dome would be a perfect venue for the cash in."

The former Dynasty member wasn't hiding anything. He all but called his shot for the UTA World Championship, in Tokyo no less. However, that wasn't the only thing going on in Sean's head as a flurry of thoughts flooded through his brain like water in downtown Corsicana, Texas. Earlier he contemplated calling Jesse a coward, to question his manhood, but it didn't seem to be the right time.

"Hell, who am I trying to kid? you don't have the nutsack to ask for a shot, slippers in your mouth or not."

Mr. Ace In The Hole was wrong, it was definitely the time to question JFK's manhood.

"All this time, I thought you were the future. A man destined for greatness, to be the best in the world. Instead, you are just another follower, content with being Blanca's vaseline whore."

He turns his face away from the food, away from everything and stands from the table. The waiter, not understanding why, begins to move towards the table but stops with the wave of Sean's hand. The waiter then moves back against the railing.

"Are you even a man?"

A look of defeat now covers his face. Sean remembered what Dynasty was before Blanca, when the roster trembled before them, when other stables strived to mimic them. As Dynasty went, so did a wrestling landscape starved for power players. Now with Blanca, it resembled broken shells and has-beens. All that so-called talent, reduced to La Flama Blanca and the also-rans.

"Claude held the Legacy Championship for two hundred and thirty-seven days, never once stabbing Perfection or me in the back...."

Still clearly disgusted, Mr. Ace In The Hole steps into the glass elevator and it begins to move downward.

"Because he was a true brother. But now he's nothing more than Blanca's lackey, a has-been who is nothing like the Canadian Superstar I remember."

As the elevator comes to a stop, the door slides open and the former world champion makes his way towards his room.

"The Claude I knew would have broken that lucha prick in half, reforming the original vision of Dynasty. He would have laid down the law for you and Mikey, setting everyone straight on our expectations."

As Sean opens the door, a sliver of light creeps into the room, revealing Pamela to still be in bed. The brunette bombshell looks peaceful, enjoying the beautiful sound of the waves against the luxury yacht. Backing out, he quietly shuts the door and makes his way towards a study that seconds as an office.

"But since he's been neutered by Lucha Linda, I guess it is my job now. So here's the deal Jesse, with or without you, I'm going to fix Dynasty. Since you seem to hang on Blanca's every word, since you seem to love his jock, I'm going to beat the man out of you."

Entering into the study, the Mental Rapist sits down at a desk, a picture of Dynasty hanging on the wall.

"I guess it is all my fault. Instead of slapping the shit out of Eddie, I sat back and let him become a virus to the greatest stable ever assembled. In one moment of weakness, I allowed him to step into the forefront of our industry..."

The former Dynasty member has to stop, desperately trying to keep his face from turning beet red. It was his fuck-up, no way he could blame anybody but himself. However, there was a way to stop the bleeding and that would take place in Melbourne.

"And it created a shit storm. Right now we should be dominating the entire wrestling landscape. Instead of facing me in Australia, you could be setting the stage for Hopper's destruction..."

The frustration continues to mount, mainly due to the former world champion's fondness of JFK. He doesn't want to injure the kid, but if he's stupid enough to stand in the path to Blanca...

"Damn it Jesse, what in the hell are you trying to prove? that you can take a beating? how good will you be in Tokyo if I drill my knee into the back of your skull?"

There, he said it. Before the words even left his lips, Sean hoped it would jolt his former teammate into reality. The former Dynasty member hoped it would wake Jesse up, forcing him to realize that maybe this was a fight he couldn't win against Mr. Ace In The Hole.

"And believe me, to get to Blanca..."

Sean wasn't dancing around with his words, nor was he leaving any doubt to their meaning. He liked Kendrix, even rejoiced the kid taking that giant step into certain immortality, into Dynasty. But just like another JFK in the history of November...

"I have no problem ending you."

Indeed he doesn't.

"Much like John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the cross hairs are now on the back of your skull. Because believe me, that self-proclaimed king needs to be brought down a peg or two, and if beating a pawn like you accomplishes that, then so be it...."

His idea was simple, eliminate the pawns and the king wilts under the intense pressure. Then it would be Blanca weathering the storm of challengers alone, starting with Eric Dane and ending with Mr. Ace In The Hole.

"And yes Jesse, you are a pawn in a game where you don't even realize the rules. You have doubted my words, questioned my actions, and diminished every evil thing Eduardo has done. To you he has done no wrong, because you protect his weak character with closed eyes and covered ears."

But it isn't just Kendrix giving Blanca the free pass, Claude and Mikey Unlikely were just as guilty. The question then becomes after putting Jesse down, what to do with Mikey and CBR?

"Well after Wrestleshow 48, you will be nothing more than a powerless pawn. A broken tool, no longer effective in the backwards spun world of La Flama Blanca. Not even Claude and Mikey will be able to stop the carnage..."

If he has to, Mr. Ace In The Hole will do what no other person, no other group has been able to do, and that is strip away Dynasty one layer at a time until only one remains...

"Because no one knows Dynasty better than me. I have you guys scouted better than anyone else on the planet, which means I know exactly what you are going to do...."

Thanks for the explanation Captain Obvious. If there was anyone who could expose Dynasty, it would be Sean Jackson.

"Before you even do it."

There's that million dollar smirk.

"Which leads me to ask, have you ever heard the term en prise?"

The Mental Rapist shakes his head.


Mr. Ace In The Hole reaches into his pocket and takes out a black pawn. Grabbing it with both hands, his eyes narrow and his nostrils flare.

"It means sacrificing the pawn to your enemy...."

Sean breaks the pawn in half, and after falling to the floor, the pieces bounce several times before coming to a rest.

"And if being your enemy ends the year of Lucha Linda, then so be it. But Jesse in this war, I don't take prisoners. In this war, I create a world devoid of Eduardo Sanchez as the UTA World Champion...."

It will be a war, it will be a struggle and Mr. Ace In The Hole will show Jesse the way. Whether he wants to see it or not.

"And his version of Dynasty."



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