Title: Undivided Attention
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 20th October 2015
Location: Essex, England
Show: Wrestleshow #48

The scene opens to the night sky in the early hours of the morning. The shot moves bringing a bird’s eye view of a fine looking stately garden. Precisely speaking, we are in a quiet town in Essex, one of the surrounding counties of London. The night air is calm and surprisingly warm for this time of year.


However, as the shot switches to ground level, the calm is broken by a folding garden chair which is sent flying across the screen of the camera as it crashes to the ground. Panning over to the direction in which it came from, the shot picks out Kendrix, dressed casually in a black hoody and jeans, turn to face his friend Dave in similar attire and sat, on the opposite side of the garden table, littered with empty beer bottles around the parasol, with his arms held out in calming fashion towards a clearly incensed Kendrix, who decides to break the calm evening air in his own brash way;


Kendrix: Alriiiigggghhhhttt Maaattteee, JFK is calm innit?! Look at him yeah?!


With his hood up over his head and arms out wide presenting his demeanour, Kendrix, clearly not calm, dares Dave to argue to the contrary;


Kendrix: Cool as a fucking cucumber, yeah?!


Dave looks at Kendrix, and then at the rest of the garden furniture, hoping it all remains where it currently is and not half way across the garden;


Dave: Yeah, mate, I get ya. You’re calm, yeah. It’s just might wake up the neighbours, innit?!


Kendrix slams his hand down on the table;


Kendrix: JFK doesn’t give a flying fu…


Suddenly Kendrix is, somewhat conveniently, stopped in his tracks as the lights from the neighbour’s garden switch on. Jumping out of his seat, Dave looks over at Kendrix who in turn gives him the same nervous look before both turn their attention to the neighbour’s garden as an elderly woman appears dressed in her nightgown. Peering over the fence she notices the chair in a heap on the garden porch before looking over at Dave and Kendrix, both of whom have apologetic, albeit, guilty…looks on their faces;


Elderly Neighbour: Why in God’s name are you two making such a racket at this time in the morning, it's 3am for crying out loud!


Dave: Sorry Mrs Cumberdale...we didn’t realise it was so late…


Mrs Cumberdale: Which one of you idiots threw that chair over there and woke half the street up?


Kendrix sticks his lower lip out and points his index finger out over at Dave who in turn is shakes his head at the false accusation;


Mrs Cumberdale: Pack it in will ya Dave. When are you gonna move out of your parents’ house, you’re a grown man now for Christ’s sake!


Kendrix covers his mouth as he lets out a slight chuckle, amused at Mrs Cumberdale’s latest rant;


Kendrix: Mrs Cumberdale, let JFK be the first to apologise for Dave’s behaviour this evening. He’s just frustrated at still living at home with mummy and daddy while his best mate, JFK...


He points both his thumbs toward his chest, accompanied by a cheeky grin;


Kendrix: Is not only a devilishly handsome looking beast…he has become a huge, sensational, wrestling superstar, travelling the world with the United Toughness Alliance!


Dave hangs his head and shakes it slightly as Mrs Cumberdale eyes Kendrix with a less than impressed look on her face. Holding her hand up with her fingers pressed together while motioning them up and down over her thumb;


Mrs Cumberdale: Oh give it a rest Jesse, what on earth are you talking about? United Toughness Alliance? You think I know what that is? You two just keep it down or I’ll come over there and beat you with my cane!


She raises her cane up by her side;


Mrs Cumberdale: And for heaven’s sake stop talking in the third person, Jesse! Who on earth do you think you are? Elmo?!!


Both men look at each other, their eyes widened in pure fear, before simultaneously looking back over in the direction of Mrs Cumberdale;


Kendrix and Dave: Sorry Mrs Cumberdale.


Mrs Cumberdale dismisses both men with a shake of her hand as she storms back into her house. As she disappears out of sight, Kendrix slaps the back of Dave’s head;


Kendrix: That was your fault!


Dave cowers;


Dave: What? You threw the chair!


Kendrix motions his hand towards the kitchen;


Kendrix: Get inside.


The two leave the garden area and enter the kitchen. Kendrix opens the fridge and pulls two beers out throwing one to Dave who catches it. Pulling a bottle opener out of his pocket, Kendrix unscrews his cap which falls to the floor and chucks the bottle opener over to Dave;


Kendrix: You know what’s funny Dave? JFK has taken on the very best in the wrestling industry, he’s joined the greatest stable in wrestling history and is the future of the business. No one in the UTA phases him…


He points out to the garden;


Kendrix: But ever since we’ve grown up together, that old witch next door...scares the shit out of me bruv, even to this day!


He dismissively lets out a resigned chuckle before taking a swig of his beer. Dave laughs along in agreement;


Dave: I’ll drink to that bruv!


As Dave takes a swig of his beer, Kendrix looks over to him;


Kendrix: Look, bout the chair know how it is, can’t be seen to be bringing the UTA’s reputation into disrepute. Last thing JFK needs is that old bag mouthing off to the press about how I disturbed her sleep...JFK is already out on bail with the filth due to that tiny incident on the way back to Heathrow, remember?


Dave grits his teeth and nods his head;


Dave: Oh yeah, good call bruv. But I gotta ask, yeah? Why you taking it out on my furniture?!


Kendrix’s eyes become stern, a little taken aback by the gall of his feeble friend’s direct approach;


Kendrix: You’re asking JFK why he threw your furniture? JFK threw your furniture cos he’s pissed off bruv, that’s why!


Kendrix slams his bottle down on the kitchen unit as he walks towards the other side of the table from Dave pointing at him;


Kendrix: You saw what happened in Dublin. First off, not only did JFK and CBR get kicked in their huge balls by two inbred American hicks...


He pauses momentarily to check if his genitalia is still attached;


Kendrix: They’re a blessing, but they’re an occupational hazard in the ring I can tell ya! Those Dibbens couldn’t miss them, that’s for sure!


Raising his head up at Dave he quickly gets back to the point;


Kendrix: But Quinlan manages to somehow LOSE…his match against that old has been, Chris Hopper, even though JFK had laid Hopper out on a plate for him.


Shaking his head in disgust he plants both hands down flat on the edge of the table, leaning in slightly;


Kendrix: Now JFK understands that those Dibbins brothers did what they had to out of complete and utter desperation...either that or it was through stupidity…and let's face it…it was probably the latter. Afterall, JFK and Claude were in complete control the entire match and could have won whenever we wanted to as we systematically took those two inbreds apart…what else would you expect from a Dynasty team?


He chuckles at the thought of anyone expecting anything less before his face loses its amused expression;


Kendrix: At the end of the day bruv...a wins a win...even if it was against pathetic opposition! But seriously, Hopper could hardly move and Sanctus, Quinlan...whatever that attention seeking, weak excuse of a man’s name is...couldn’t get the job done. Bloody spoilt JFK’s night!


Throwing his hood off of his head and standing back up straight he returns to the kitchen unit to collect his beer and turns round to face Dave, gesturing towards him with the beer bottle;


Kendrix: But, you know how the old saying goes bruv...if you want something done proper, do it yourself, innit?! And that is exactly what JFK will do in Tokyo, Japan, at International Affair.


Looking up and away from Dave, Kendrix’s closes his eyes as he envisages himself, arm raised in victory with his foot upon the fallen Hopper in the aftermath of their eagerly anticipated match;


Kendrix: But...International Affair can wait bruv;


He takes a swig of his beer before focussing his eyes across the room at Dave who has taken a seat, his feet up on the table;


Kendrix: The good news is, Kendrix gets to put that very old saying into practice at Wrestleshow Forty Eight in Melbourne, Australia…JFK’s going Down Under!


A huge grin comes across his face;


Kendrix: At Wrestleshow Forty Eight...THE FUTURE...of the UTA...faces none other than that BELLEND...Mr ARSE…in the hole himself…Sean Jackson!


Kendrix slams his bottle down on the table, this time spilling some beer onto the woodwork. Dave quickly jumps out of his seat and grabs some paper towels to throw over the spillage;


Kendrix: Dave, chill out maaattteee;


He chuckles at Dave’s OCD;


Dave: I will, just need to keep the place tidy otherwise my parents will kill me...


Kendrix shakes his head, slapping his hand to his forehead as he takes Dave’s seat, laying his feet up on the table top, deep in thought, as Dave rushes about around him;


Kendrix: JFK will be honest with you, he’s got a bit of a dilemma on his hands.


He opens his hands up out in front of him. Lifting his left hand out wide, he looks down at it;


Kendrix: On one hand, JFK wants to inflict more physical and mental beatings on Hopper before International Affair...


He closes his fist tightly before raising his right hand up and looking at it;


Kendrix: On the other hand...JFK and Dynasty have some unfinished business to attend to with Sean Jackson…


Closing his fist he looks out in front of him at no one in particular. Dave, having finished cleaning up looks back at him;


Dave: That’s definitely a bit of a pickle. Surely you should just save your energy for the pay per know, won’t it mean more in the long run for your career?!


Kendrix looks up at Dave with a smile, wagging his finger towards him;


Kendrix: Classic Dave, that's exactly the response JFK expected from you. It's what any normal person would think. It's certainly what those average hicks from the states would do. Put their eggs in one basket and sacrifice this match for the good of their careers…


He sits up and leans into the table, resting his arms and clasping his hands together on top of it;


Kendrix: Thing is sunshine, JFK ain’t NORMAL and he certainly ain’t AVERAGE either! Nah, let’s look at the facts. JFK started from the bottom of the UTA and now he’s main eventing the 'A show.


Piercing his lips together he shakes his head with a smug look on his face;


Kendrix: That’s no accident. That doesn’t happen overnight. JFK came in as a rookie and has beaten the very best that this company has to offer. Week after week. From the likes of Lew and Pin Smith through to Zhalia Fears, Bronson Box and Chris Hopper himself!


He counts the names off his fingers as Dave takes a seat at the opposite side of the table;


Dave: Bruv, but wasn't your win over Lew and Hopper a tag victory?


Kendrix eyes narrow as he bites his lip, puffing his cheeks out at Dave, looking like he's about to let off some steam. However, it hasn't got to him as he quickly smiles and throws a wink his way;


Kendrix: What did JFK say earlier bruv? Wins a win. And It’s no surprise that JFK’s skills have been invested in by the greatest group of men that this industry has ever seen. Dynasty...know talent when they see it. When they laid their eyes on JFK they knew that the kid was the future.


He takes a swig of his beer before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand;


Kendrix: Since joining Dynasty...JFK has gone from strength to strength. Hell, what other man or woman started from the bottom and progressed to main event status, not just in the first ten months in the UTA, but of their career?


Dave is wracking his brains for an answer;


Dave: Uh, I guess I can’t think of anyone off the top of my hea…


Kendrix holds the palm of his hand out in front of Dave, stopping him mid-sentence;


Kendrix: No need to answer that bruv! It was a rhetorical question, innit?! NO ONE...has had the impact in the space of ten months...that JFK has had.


Slamming his fists down on the table, he continues;


Kendrix: Yet, no matter how many times JFK PROVES..he's the future of this company...he's horrendously booked time and time again. From beating Fears and Ahad in one match and being screwed from taking on the Legacy Champion...JFK is booked to take on those Dibbins jokes…


He leans back into his seat and runs his hands through his dark locks in frustration before wagging his index finger at Dave;


Kendrix: But you know...JFK will give the UTA it's due. They have FINALLY...seen sense and put him into a match WORTHY...of his pedigree. And yet, somewhat ironically, make a huge error in judgement!


Chuckling away to himself he slowly and sarcastically claps his hands together;


Kendrix: Because you see, the UTA have decided to put Sean Jackson, the mental rapist, one of the most dangerous, conniving and greatest wrestlers of all time. A former UTA Champion, multi-time champion throughout the industry...a legend...the Ace in the hole winner...


Getting up off of his seat he carefully places the palms of his hands down on the table and leans in Dave's direction. Looking away momentarily he takes a moment to gather his thoughts before looking Dave dead in his eyes;


Kendrix: A brother…A BROTHER...who did the worst thing anyone could do to their family…stabbing them in the back.


Pressing his lips together and shaking his head in disgust he grabs his beer and walks away from the table before turning to face Dave, continuing to walk backwards toward the garden doors;


Kendrix: The UTA are putting this JUDAS…in a match with one of the men who he screwed over after Ring King.


Pointing at himself, he lets out a dismissive chuckle before downing his drink;


Kendrix: Sean Jackson may well be Mr Ace in the Hole. But unfortunately for him and the UTA...that briefcase he’s carrying around with him...becomes redundant after Wrestleshow.


Stopping at the doors he turns, leaning his arm on the top of it as he looks out at the garden through the double glazing;


Kendrix: Because after our match at Wrestleshow...Sean Jackson isn’t going to be able to cash in a cheque at the BANK...let alone that briefcase on LFB after JFK is done with him. Because while that part timer has gathered ring rust by coming and going whenever he pleases over the past few weeks...JFK has been winning match after match, night after night, week in and week out ever since Ring King!


He turns around to face Dave sat at the table, gesturing towards him with his empty bottle;


Kendrix: JFK is unstoppable right now, he's in the form of his life. The only way Sean Jackson WALKS...out of Wrestleshow, let alone somehow getting a win over the future of this business…is if JFK’s mind is elsewhere...


Bringing the bottle up to his face he intently peers through it, as if methodically inspecting it from top to bottom;


Kendrix: But…unfortunately for Sean, JFK will be putting his little tiff with Hopper aside on Monday night in Melbourne, for one night and for one night only. Sean Jackson…as of now...has JFK’s COMPLETE...AND UNDIVIDED...attention. Mark JFK’s words…Sean will finally pay for what he did.




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