Title: At last we meet again, for the first time, for the last time!
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 10/29/2015
Location: .
Show: Wrestleshow #48

The scene opens and we cannot see much of anything. In all honesty, it is a fuzzy gray blob with little change in its color. However, the viewer can hear the sounds that a wrestling fan will make out instantly as someone landing on a wrestling ring. We hear guys grunting and one guy yells "show us what you got!" just before another loud thud on the mat.

Eventually the fuzziness comes into focus and the gray blob was a UTA-style wrestling ring with an old-fashioned grayish canvas on it. Surrounding the ring is equipment of all sorts that seem to be watching and recording what is going on inside. In this particular squared circle, we see two men in the ring both wearing black body suits complete with tell-tale white bulbs on them. The face of one of them is visible and it is that of "Too Cool" Chris Hopper.

Director:  One more shot and then we break.

Hopper:  What do you want this time?

Director:  Let's do a double-underhook suplex. How you get there is up to you.

Hopper:  Alright.

Chris turns to the man working with him in the ring and after a moment's pause, kicks him in the gut and grabs his arms and lifts him for a very powerful suplex that causes yet another loud thud on the mat. A couple of the techs at ringside even yell out on the impact in an impressed way.

Director:  Let's break for a bit and then we'll finish up. Thanks Chris.

Hopper:  Anytime.

He looks over to the UTA camera and motions for them to come over. He pulls the head covering off revealing himself fully with a wide smile on his face.

Hopper:  Thanks for coming out. I had so many things I wanted to say, but time is fleeting these days.

He leans forward on the top rope with his forearms pressed against it.

Hopper:  UTA is expanding pretty fast again. Now they have us working on another set of video game projects, among other things. Just a very busy time these days, so I'm glad you could come out and let me record my thoughts.

He looks down at his own attire and chuckles.

Hopper:  Video games. I have always enjoyed them to a degree, but being in them is always a treat. The way that we participate in them is vastly different from when UEW did their game back in 1997. I had long hair back then and when I got hit in the game...

He takes his hand and waves it over his head like he still has long hair.

Hopper:  The hair stayed perfect! Of course it didn't move at all....but that isn't the point.

He chuckles again.

Hopper:  Everything is so much more detailed and advanced now. That means you have to work infinitely harder to stay up with the rest of the crowd.

He pulls at the be-bulbed, black uniform he is wearing, yanking it off his upper body and revealing his chiseled physique. He takes a deep breath and cocks his head form side to side in relief.

Hopper:  So glad to get out of that thing. It really doesn't breath at all. New things can really catch your breath at times. Believe me, I know.

He grins toward the camera.

Hopper:  And so do you Dan.

He grabs the top rope and leans forward as he speaks.

Hopper:  I've been in your place. Hell, you were here when I walked in and realized just how hard I was going to have to work in order to keep up with the young bucks of the ring these days.

He pauses, looking away, before returning his gaze and attention to the camera.

Hopper:  You know, I've always thought a lot of you, Dan. Respect in this business is not an easy thing to come by, but even though we never traveled in similar areas during our careers...

He takes a breath with a confident nod.

Hopper:  Let's just say the name Dan Benson was not a mystery.

Another wistful pause before snapping back.

Hopper:  I'm not sure if you know this, Dan; but you were one of the reasons I signed on for a run here in UTA more than a year ago. I looked at the roster and saw your name....another former World Champion is on this roster. It was exciting.

He grins again.

Hopper:  I remember seeing some WeWA action and how amazing you are in the ring. No, I am not always a fan of your attitude, your arrogance....but who are we kidding? Nobody is perfect. You were a fellow veteran champion holding your own here. And perhaps we could finally get matched up for a match years in the making.

He nods again, almost chuckling to himself before he continues.

Hopper:  And that very chance made me sign the dotted line. The chance to face off with men like you and test myself not only against the best of the current generation, but also those that came up in the time we did.

The grin disappears.

Hopper:  And then it happened. A match with our names attached to it. I was excited, but something was not as I planned.

A pause for effect.

Hopper:  It turned into a special match....a triple threat match with Yoshii....refereed by the spirit of demented yule tide fame...Santa Clause. He gave us all gifts and Yoshii and I decided to regift right in the center of the ring, allowing me to get a pair of brass knuckles and a major advantage to win the match. It was a potential dream match and...

He looks down for a second, then back up with a solemn expression in his eyes.

Hopper:  I ruined it.

Another pause to let that sink in.

Hopper:  I could have just ate the sandwich and let Yoshii go after you. I could have made the trade and tossed the weapon out of the ring. I could have done anything else but what I did and that was cheat the fans out of what should have been a fun match by using those knuckles on your head.

He has his fist balled up in front of his chest with his left hand covering it almost in shame.

Hopper:  I took the easy way out. I wanted a win. I look back now and know how wrong I was. Yes, you were a jackass and probably deserved to get colecocked in the head, but that is no excuse for acting like the very people I claim to fight against.

He looks away.

Hopper:  Dammit, I hate admitting when Haynes has a point.

He turns his head back.

Hopper:  So....I apologize, Dan. For all of it.

He has a very sullen look on his face as he speaks.

Hopper:  I want to make amends, especially for when I commit a terrible wrong like this. And then....

His face gets a faint smile again.

Hopper:  As if hearing my desires, the word comes that you had resigned with UTA. Then I see us matched against each other on Wrestleshow this Monday!

The smile widens to a full-on grin.

Hopper:  The chance to finally meet another veteran champion in the UTA ring....the one whom I wanted to face the moment I walked in the door. The man who I knew would be a great once-in-a-lifetime battle if we ever got that chance. I see the match listed with no special referee.....with no special is just you and me in the ring.

He reaches over with his left hand and rubs his right forearm.

Hopper:  You probably can't see it, but I am getting chills because I'm excited about this. I think....

He looks away with a curious look on his face.

Hopper:  Yes, I really think so....

He turns his head back.

Hopper:  I'm nervous!

His eyes widen.

Hopper:  Dan, it takes a lot to make me feel like this. I face off against people here in UTA and many times that isn't present. It could be because they aren't as well known in my memory or perhaps just not at their best, but for whatever reason....I often feel perfectly fine before a match.

He takes his left hand and points to the camera.

Hopper:  And then there is you...a test from someone with a vaunted resume like mine.

He nods confidently.

Hopper:  Oh, I am so looking forward to this match, Dan. The chance to test each other and see which old man can bring it the best. The fans will be able to see it in all its glory and when my arm is raised, it will be their victory as much as mine.

A deep breath, that grin still wide on his face.

Hopper:  At Wrestleshow, Dan....I can't wait.

He winks.

Hopper:  I'll see you in the ring.

He turns as the screen fades to black.


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