Title: Looking forward
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 10/20/2015 -Few hours after WS49
Location: Dublin
Show: Wrestleshow #48

“Every loss, builds you up for that next win, making it all that much sweeter.”

My Uncle. A man with a way with words that never quite makes sense if you knew him like I did. Like his friends did. The phrase itself. Well…  I suppose it had some truth. For the smaller wins, that is. The ones that do not have championships on the line.

I shrugged my shoulders letting the weight of the night slide off and onto the concrete below me. It had only been a few hours since my match and the ring crew were busy taking the ring apart and packing up. As with every week, at every stop of our world tour, we held a live event the next night at a place close by.

But here I am once again seated in the stands, legs up on the seats before me. Looking back at yet another loss when it counted most. The UTA World Heavyweight Championship. I failed.

“Failed.” I murmured to myself. There were no cameras on me this time. Nobody was going to see how unhappy this young woman was, except the crew but they were busy as it was. Tonight was the everything for my career. The Everything.

So what does one do after they make it to the top, and fail? Sit and complain?

I shrugged and flashed a smile. The first one that I have had since my match. This was not it. This was not the end and I was not going to complain to management or even Blanca. He won. Fair. Square.

No. I already have to get my mind set forward on two weeks, for the final Wrestleshow. Just a bit ago after taking a shower, and watching most of the guys and gals leave the arena, I found out that I was already booked against another new face, Sexton Hardon. Nobody I am familiar with but if they are not in the UTA, it is pretty much a given fact at this point.

Mister Lorenzo also informed me that I would be a part of a four way contenders match at International Affair. Each winner will be made the number one contender. Prodigy which is apparently back, Wildfire, Legacy and the UTA World Championship. He would not tell me the other competitors, and just said it would be up on the website later and blasted to our mobile devices.

Poor guy, hard working ever since Wingate. He probably found it odd that I was still here when everyone else left. But hey, it is what it is. This is my life and I am never in the hurry to leave it. Especially a night like tonight.

When we hit Melbourne in two weeks, at Wrestleshow, I need to get back on track. The fans.. yeah, the fans. They were the ones that got me to this point tonight. Maybe I had some bit of it by getting my name on the poll but they took it that step further and provided over fourty-seven or something percent of the votes for me. They got me this shot, which I had been chasing for ages now.

Now though, now I continue on my own path. This time I look forward and earn my shot again. This time, while any of the four titles contendership is possible at the pay per view, my goal is to be that last person standing and awarded the shot at La Flama Blanca again.

Laughing to myself, some of the crew looked over so I waived at them and let them get back to their business.

I laughed though because Blanca is who I want that shot at. Not Eric Dane. Thanks to my loss tonight, we are once again faced with the better of two evils. So either you want the enemy you know to continue, or you face a enemy just as bad. Neither is fitting. Add to that that Sean Jackson can cash in whenever he pleases, we basically have three prongs of a fork, Dane’s fork even I suppose. Does not matter who wins, UTA will still suffer.

That is why I need to focus on Wrestleshow first and foremost. Sexton Hardon, surely a guy that has heard the jokes and obvious references of his name, but that is not my style. I want to continue to prove that I belong in the UTa. That I belong at the TOP of the ladder and can be the face of the company if they are willing to give a woman that position over the guys.

Curiously I reached over to my duffel and pulled my tablet out. Bringing up the browser and loading up the UTA’s website, I headed on over to the Superstars page and clicked on Sexton Hardon. A quick glance over his biography information that was provided and I palmed my face.

“Well then,” I said softly to myself with a smirk. Apparently the guy had been around for sometime and those jokes and references to his name, maybe they were valid. Working with Vivid Entertainment for three years. Championships in some place called GCW. An apparent sex magnet.

Sounds like an alright guy if you get past the adult entertainment industry portion. Most companies scout ahead and check the past to prevent scandals and the like but seems that Sexton is clear of that or at least managed to get a contract. I can not help but wonder if he was involved in any of those UTA parodied flicks. I do find myself curious though as to how he wrestles vertically as opposed to horizontally, in front of the thousands of people filling the arena.

He has the blood. He has the history. All well before my time, but as I say, the past is the past. You look forward. Always looking forward. The moment you let the past run your life, you already lost your next battle.

In UTA… I want to win. It took me a long time to realize that, but the UTA is my first and only wrestling promotion. I am but a tadpole out of the pond that is London, thrusted into this ocean. It is where I want to be. But I realize I want to do more. I do not want to only be that person that the parents take to the shows to see before and after the show, while cheering on during.

No. I want to be the person that the parents take their entire family to the show. The father and mother, the grandparents, the uncles and aunts, the great grandparents, the son in laws, and of course the kids. All to watch and be entertained as the Champion lifts their spirits. And to do that, I need to change. I need to focus and stay focused.

Even when it seems I am. I have a long way to go. This is but my first year, but come International Affair, I will have finished that year up. So Wrestleshow, with Sexton Hardon, I plan to put on a great match and the two of us blow the roof off the building before heading into the pay per view.

Pulling my boots off the top of the chair in front of me, I stretched out my arms and slid the duffel strap over my shoulder. Smiling and waving to the crew I made my way back up the steps and through the curtains. I headed on through the mostly clean floor and stopped at security and thanked him for his part in the night before heading out those large doors.

Looking up at the moon as it lit the nearly empty parking lot, I smiled. Stretching my arms out and reaching up. Like a little kid I placed that moon between my hands, clutching it.

“This is my life. I will reach the summit again. Take it into my hands and make it-” I laughed, regardless if anyone was around to hear, and slammed my hands together. “Mine.”

That UTA World Heavyweight Championship. It will be mine. The Better of two evils, is the one shining star in the sky. Me.

Count on it.


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